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You are a space marine sent to assist in the defense of the Imperial Hive World of Nolus in Segmentum Ultima, under siege from a WAAAGH! emanating from the Ork empire of Charadon, lead by Warboss Numskul in an attempt to establish his own empire. One billion Orks are laying siege to this world, absolutely driven by their Warboss to conquer a world from which they can attack Warlord Snagrod from.
The PDF of the world has desperately tried to hold off the invasion, withdrawing to the Hives and abandoning the countryside to the Orks as they wait for Imperial reinforcements. You are a member of the 1st Company of the Emperor's Hand, and are to hold off the attack while a Liberation Fleet is en route. However, all that changes when a fleet of a thousand vessels, none of which are of known design and typically smaller than Imperial vessels, appear just outside the system, weeks before the Liberation Fleet was due to arrive. Has a new enemy arrived? This answer remains to be seen as the fleet sweeps into the system and closer to the planet.

(Additional note, the Emperor's Hands in this, as they are not well developed, shall be developed as we go along. But to start, important info is that they are a Codex-Compliant chapter is most regards, except they differ in that their Terminators are not solely from the 1st Company. The squad leaders of companies 1-5 are lead by Terminators, with the 1st company instead being an elite combined arms unit, where each squad is a self-supporting entity of 1 terminator squad leader, 3 tactical marines, 3 devastator marines, and 3 assault marines.)
1: Obviously follow all site rules
2: Allow everyone else to post before you post; exceptions being conversations between two characters or posts that involve your character (however do try to involve the group)
3: Posts must be at least 1 paragraph in length
4: There will be permadeath for your character, and deaths can happen. However you will be allowed to create a new character (that is different from your old one) and continue on.
5: All your actions have consequences in the RP, keep that in mind
6: Obviously be respectful to everyone else and don't make the RP about how awesome your character is. OP characters will be killed off, and if you persist, you will be booted from the RP.

Character Sheet
Class: (tactical marine, devastator, or assault)
Equipment and Weaponry:

My Characters
Name: Domitian Ostrum
Age: 240

Personality: Cunning, but brash and ruthless in attack, but cool and thinking outside of combat.
Background: Domitian, like many on Paragon do in order to join the Emperor's Hand, undertook a lifetime of training by his family and mentors to have the honor of being a space marine. He has only ever known martial education (this makes him seem almost anti-social to those outside that know him), and followed the same Aspirant-Neophyte-Marine path as everyone else. Since then, he became anything but ordinary, wielding his chainsword and plasma gun as a tactical marine, he could eagerly rip his way through a line of Orks even faster than his comrades could, egging them ever onwards.
Within a few decades and several successful campaigns against heretics and orks, he was elevated to squad commander and granted the sacred rite to wear Terminator armor with his title. Befitting his style of combat, he wears his terminator armor in nearly all forms of combat.
Class: Terminator
Equipment and Weaponry: Cyclone Missile Launcher, storm bolter, power fist, Indominus pattern Terminator armor

Name: Casos Veronprodus
Age: 52
Appearance: 5ft 8 standard human, brown eyes, short brown hair (Will provide drawing soon)
Personality: Cool, calculating, and a natural leader. Highly xenophobic
Background: [CLASSIFIED UNTIL REVEALED IN RP] (plot related stuff)
Class: None of the above
Equipment and Weaponry: [CLASSIFIED UNTIL REVEALED IN RP] (plot related stuff)

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Tiberion, first off let me welcome you to the RP section of Heresy Online. It is always good to see new faces around here expecially someone who is willing to do some storytelling/GM'ing.

Secondly, before you go diving into the deep end I would suggest that you take a while and read some of the older roleplay threads that were successful (meaning they ran through to an 'ending'). Both Darkreever's rp's and Unxpekted22's rp's are good references.

Being new here it might be good for you to let people know about your roleplaying experiences and if you have gm'ed before so they can get a feel as to what they might be expecting from you.

Also, I see you have posted up 'characters' in your own roleplay. I would suggest against this because any character you play, as the GM, is by default an NPC (non-player character). The GM needs to, by necessity, be somewhat apart from the players or else it ends up just being the GM telling an epic story for their own character(s) and the 'players' just following along in their shadow.

Having NPC characters visible to the players can cause issues if you as the GM need to tweek things as the storyline evolves.
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