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The K.R.I.E.G. Project

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Hello all,

Well I have decided to throw myself on the grenade and seek motivation from all you out there to get my Krieg soldiers inline and ready for war. I have had abunch of my models just chilling in the closet with no real motivation to get them all painted up...I blame Warhammer Fantasy for that, LOL! Anyways, several months ago when I got my first 2 Krieg models, the two Grenadiers with Hvy stubbers, I painted them up as my test subjects. I think they turned out pretty damn good. I waited for a while before snagging a deal on Ebay for a Krieg army. (Everything you see painted brown, plus all the Grenadiers, Vendettas, and several tanks in the following pictures is from Ebay) I wish I could find that dude and smack him in the head! No seriously, He took all the models and just dumped them into a box and mailed them out to me. You can guess how they looked when they arrived..I was so Irrate! I spent days fixing them, green stuffing, trimming, the whole works.

Anyways, the time has come now to get these guys painted up. I have also entered into the 2011 painting comp to further motivate myself to get these guys done.

Look forward to hearing feedback form you all. I will keep you posted as I progress.
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OK, I did see a couple small mold lines but I know things are a PITA to get but it did look like you cleaned them up.
Ya, I did run into a couple problems with some of my Krieg, some of them were not very well formed. By that I mean I had a couple cloaks that were very very thin and when I tried trimming the mold line it either snap or I cut through. I was very VERY careful. I also had a couple come in that had parts of their helmet visor missing, had to reform it the best I could with green stuff.

If you are going for a clean army you are doing good. If you want true in the trenches grab some MIG weathering powder and also hit the bottom of their coats and boots with your airbrush using mud. Also the Aquilla on the helmet looks odd with no color, not saying make it neon yellow but a shade different or a dark grey would be nice.

There was something in regard ro your airbrush I wanted to add but I am failing to remember now.
I hear ya. I do have the complete set of the Vallejo weathering pigments, just, I have never had any experience with that stuff and I am afaid I am going to screw all my shit up when I use it.

I was going for the exact look from the Siege of Vraks picture on page 17 Vol. 5. Thats why I didnt really make the emblem stand out on the helm. You think a shade lighter would work?

Thanks man! Oh and if you remember the airbrush question, just let me know!
Weathering powders are pretty forgiving because you just brush them off, until you seal the model its easy to remove.

Maybe making it a bit lighter, maybe one shade lighter with a light dry brush.
Heres a Picture of what I was going after.
Am liking these,nice one!! :grin:
Thanks alot mate, really appreicate the feedback and the Rep...Helps alot with the "Staying motivated"
Hmm I see what you are saying, maybe a bit of badob black to cause shadows on the aquilla would make it look more realistic or hell leave em be :).

MiG Weathering Powders, there are a lot of places that carry then in the US, they are about 8 bucks a jar but the best stuff around. Tamiya also makes a weathering compact but I have not had a ton of luck with them.
I think that your stuff looks fantastic! Most of what I would point out has already been said so I won't broken record it. Good stuff!
Ok folks, sorry for the long delay, but I have been busy trying to get squared away with a new semester for school, plus some crazy ass neck pain. I hope you all can forgive me and understand that R/L has to take priority and that this project log might not be a super fast passed log but it will be a finished log one day. Anyways, I was finally given a chance to lock myself away for several hours and paint up one of my five Krieg Commissars.

Let me know what you all think, C&C welcome…Thanks!
I think you have done a great job on this commisar. I like the way you made the chest on him. Looks a little like he just came from a parade :p
I like the way you made the chest on him. Looks a little like he just came from a parade :p
Thanks Meldon, I will probably weather him later once I practice a bit on something less fortunate....hehehehe, however, from what I have heard about Imperial Commissars is that they are neat/clean freaks anyways!

I think next up, I will probably either do anotehr squad of regular Kriegsmen or a squad of Grenadiers. Might be a little bit before I do a Krieg tank as I have learned several new tank painting techniques that I want to try on something I don't care to much about.

Here are a couple pics of an IG tank camo scheme I tried out but was not happy with so now it is just completly colored German grey at the moment till I figure out what I want to do with it. As far as clean tanks, heres a PIC of my Dark Angels Land Raider I painted up a while back, still needs some more work with highlighting and toning down the metal colors...oh, FYI the green stuff above the Dark Angel painting and lasscannon still needs to be worked out as I had to try repairing that part of the tank since some mice decided to build a home inside my landraider. This is because my so called friend that was watching my apartment while I was in Iraq for two years placed all my shit in a cheap garage...hence where the mice came from. Yes, I was pissed! Anyways, so going from a nice clean look to dirty I think might be a little rough...hehehehe!
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I'm thinking I'm going to throw in a couple full run platoons of these bloakes to support my Cadians... Definately inspiring!
I'm thinking I'm going to throw in a couple full run platoons of these bloakes to support my Cadians... Definately inspiring!
Hehehe, they are some sweet models. They do have the best basic IG stats a guardsmen can have due to the +1 WS, at least so I read.

Anyways, here is another squad of 10 Kriegsmen advancing getting rdy for some paint tonight. Hopefully I have them done by the end of the week.

Until then, thanks for the support!

P.S. I know two of the Kriegsmen lasguns have a curve to them, I tried placing that part in hot ass water to fix it like most of the other resin, yet for some ungodly reason those two parts would not bend back. One of the guns snaped! I think this is one of the squads I got from Ebay and I think they are not the true forgeworld resin. The rest of my stuff is true Forgeworld and I have not had any problems reshaping the parts that were warped.
Alright, an update for all you out there who were waiting so patiently. I painted up another squad for my Krieg, this time with a flamer. So now, 1st Platoon, squad 2 is finished…each platoon is going to have 6 squads per the Siege of Vraks.

Comments and Questions always welcome!
Also, I tried out the dings and scratches on the armour with a base of black then filing in with the boltgun metal rather than just hitting the armour with boltgun metal. I do have to say I like it a lot and I think they turned out really well.

Here is a closer pic of the scratches and dings on the armour of the flamer model.

What do you guys think?
And here is squad 2 with their brother squad, squad 1 of platoon 1. Led by a Commissar at the moment…lol!

I also noticed that the Commissar is like almost a head taller than the rest of the Krieg soldiers. Check it out, here’s a pic.
when browsing around for the armies i wanted to build, these guys were in the running...such great models...and you are doing them great justice...exellent job...this will definately be an army to be proud of...+rep is inevitable...

Nice Army man, I like it a lot if I were to have a Guard Army it would be KRIEG for sure! + rep
Bayonet, Troy, and FlayedOne...Thanks for the comments and Rep guys. Your words of encouragement are always welcome!

I had a friend of mine the other day tell me "Dude, why do you spend so long painting those guys? They are just you basic infantry and are going to die by the hand fulls." I told him several things. First, they are Krieg and every single one of them is like a special character to me. Second, when they are all painted and on the tabletop ready to sacrafice themselves for the Emperor, they are going to look badass. And finally, I said, Dude...Don't hate...LOL!

Here is whats up next, a 10 man squad of Grenadiers. This is what I will have painted for the Feb 2011 Painting Comp.
Alright ladies and gents, I present the 143rds first Krieg Grenadier squad!

Im very happy with how they turned out, I just need to to go back now and redo the two test grenadiers with the hvy stubbers to match up with these guys.

What do you guys think? All C&C welcome...Thanks!
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