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The K.R.I.E.G. Project

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Hello all,

Well I have decided to throw myself on the grenade and seek motivation from all you out there to get my Krieg soldiers inline and ready for war. I have had abunch of my models just chilling in the closet with no real motivation to get them all painted up...I blame Warhammer Fantasy for that, LOL! Anyways, several months ago when I got my first 2 Krieg models, the two Grenadiers with Hvy stubbers, I painted them up as my test subjects. I think they turned out pretty damn good. I waited for a while before snagging a deal on Ebay for a Krieg army. (Everything you see painted brown, plus all the Grenadiers, Vendettas, and several tanks in the following pictures is from Ebay) I wish I could find that dude and smack him in the head! No seriously, He took all the models and just dumped them into a box and mailed them out to me. You can guess how they looked when they arrived..I was so Irrate! I spent days fixing them, green stuffing, trimming, the whole works.

Anyways, the time has come now to get these guys painted up. I have also entered into the 2011 painting comp to further motivate myself to get these guys done.

Look forward to hearing feedback form you all. I will keep you posted as I progress.
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Nice to see an all FW army here on Heresy! Your wallet must be drying up bloody tears by now? Will be interesting to see if you manage to paint the entire army you have on your shelves :)
There are many ways. At first I used imageshack but then suddenly my pictures started to disappear (very annoying!). So now I use the Picasa Webalbum (http://picasaweb.google.com/)

There I have a Plog specific album where I upload my pictures to after I've compiled them (and auto adjusted them in Adobe Photoshop) with the [ IMG ] [ /IMG ] commando. To get the link I go to the web album find the picture I uploaded right click it and copy the link adress.

One thing to beware with picasa is that they will shrink your images unless you tweak the links you put into the IMG:

See the s640? That makes the image go 640 pixels resolution at most. If you change it to:

See that I changed it to s0? That makes the code show the picture in the original picture resolution.

Hope that makes sense.
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I'll add my voice to the choir. The wood is to clean compared to the other parts of the scenery. Wood used in muddy condition with shells flying and gunpowder splashing will get heavily weathered in a matter of minutes. I envision these guys having been at it for quite som time (as they've had time to set up a fortified position) so you need to bear down on them more heavily.

If you're in to experimenting and have washes and pigments at hand I have a few suggestions. You mentioned you'd washed the wood with Gryphonne Sepia, it's a good choice for a start but I think you could achieve a nice effect by adding small amounts of watered (1:1 wash:water + a very tiny amount of soap or something else to break surface tension of the water) down Ogryn flesh wash. Go over the wood once or twice, don't cover it all with excessive amounts. Then repeat that process with watered down Devlan Mud. After that you could splash some watered down weathering powder and what not to give the planks a more weathered feel.

I'd also like to suggest some minor details on the artillery guns themselves for added realism. The moving parts (tubes that slide into tubes when fired) should have more metallic sheen to them than other parts. You can do this by scraping graphite of a pencil and rubbing the powder on the miniature. After you've done that add a wash or two of Badab black around the entry point (where the tubes slide into each other) to mimic oil build-up and finally add a gloss varnish to that area to finish of the oily effect. I think it would make these guns look even more awesome than they already are!

All in all very good work and I love the bases in so many ways - it's awesome to see people that give time for details such as these even if they might even hamper you when playing.
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Heres a list of the following waiting to be painted on my shelf/boxes/bags, minus this months entry.

[List of Doom]

Still missing a couple things here and there, but I will get them in due time.
Exactly what is missing from that list? :shok: I must admit I am jealous of the super power you evidently have to shit cash which you can use to buy more miniatures with :grin: I run into a mental block whenever I spend cash on Warhammer these days - not that I can't afford it (I just got a my first real job ever recently) but it's just a lot of money to spend on plastic/resin crack and I'm not a super fast painter. Then you come along and buy not only a DKoK army but a Reaver titan and a Marauder Super Heavy Flyer as well... :no: It's not right :biggrin:

Since I like your mini dioramas I have high hopes for these weapon teams :) I'll return to working on my terminators now, hehe.
Alright folks, time for another update!

So...my Death Rider Commissar has been sitting on the shelf long enough, I think he finally broke through my physic barrier and demanded to be painted.

I went with a more pale color for the skin on the horse since they are genetically engineered and have no fur. He ended up being my gene pig for the other 10 riders. The horse also has his identification number on his front left shoulder...thought that was a little cool feature to add since they had them in the Siege of Vraks books.

I also used a different base then what they come with; GW has the IG rough riders on the old school Calvary bases so I switched them up on to the new motorcycle bases. They are considered fast attack so I thought it suited them better then the silly round termi bases.

Anyways, here he is in all his glory…I also decided to take a picture of all the Commissars gathering around one another.

First of all, congrats on the little one, major change in your life but hopefully a bundle of joy and later on a person of joy to teach the values of life and what not. I'm sure you'll do a good job without even knowing you all that well!

Secondly, and more seriously (since warhammer is serious business) the 'Commie on the horsie'. I've read the discussion here and I think I'm going to have to lean towards Djinns point of view on the issue, sorry Midge :p

I can see where you're going with the idea but it doesn't come across like that to me. I'd like to see a hint of red in the skin and perhaps a pale white highlight on some of the more protruding parts. I'm not sure how I would achieve it but I'm leaning towards a watered down Baal Red mix carefully drawn from the shaded spots of the miniature onto the raised surfaces. It would have to be done carefully though and not on the entire miniature. I think it would make it look more 'alive' and naked rather then the somewhat... Stiff, look it has now.

It would also help differentiate the gas mask leather from the skin of the beast.

For reference have a look at some mole rats:

To summarize: Less brown, a hint of red/pink and possibly another highlight.

The commissar is superb, I don't feel there is anything to suggest on him.

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