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The K.R.I.E.G. Project

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Hello all,

Well I have decided to throw myself on the grenade and seek motivation from all you out there to get my Krieg soldiers inline and ready for war. I have had abunch of my models just chilling in the closet with no real motivation to get them all painted up...I blame Warhammer Fantasy for that, LOL! Anyways, several months ago when I got my first 2 Krieg models, the two Grenadiers with Hvy stubbers, I painted them up as my test subjects. I think they turned out pretty damn good. I waited for a while before snagging a deal on Ebay for a Krieg army. (Everything you see painted brown, plus all the Grenadiers, Vendettas, and several tanks in the following pictures is from Ebay) I wish I could find that dude and smack him in the head! No seriously, He took all the models and just dumped them into a box and mailed them out to me. You can guess how they looked when they arrived..I was so Irrate! I spent days fixing them, green stuffing, trimming, the whole works.

Anyways, the time has come now to get these guys painted up. I have also entered into the 2011 painting comp to further motivate myself to get these guys done.

Look forward to hearing feedback form you all. I will keep you posted as I progress.
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The test models are outstanding. The skull masks remind me a bit of the enemy general in the movie willow, who pretty much strikes fear into small children and wee gamers. Well done.
I keep coming back to this log becuase your work is so excellant. Then I stay away depressed because you paint so fething fast...

Outstanding minis. Love the dark tones and general dirtyness. I agree with djinn, the wheels need dirtied up, other than that, wanna paint some Krieg for me? :grin: Reading dead men walking right now, that and this thread have given me the urge to make a huge Fw order.
Nice looking minis. Like api says, I see your painted models and want to buy some and make a try at it. Always nice to see your work.
Fresh from the factory paint. It almost seems a shame to dirty it up. Almost.
At least you have the skill to fix that resin. I don't get along that well with GS and my efforts show. I keep trying, though. 30 horses is going to look cool!
Good lookin' models. The pale looks good to me, sickly and rad-wasted, vat grown, and cavern-living quadrapeds from Krieg. Keep up the good work!
What magnets are you using DoE? When I get back to building 40K models I will go that route.

Thanks, I'll have to send off for some just to have them ready when i drop the hammer on some 40K goodness.
Another fantastic tank DoE. You are going to have a spectacular army when/if you ever get done. The great thing about the Guard is you are never really done. You have a whole regiment plus support as a goal!
I like that tank, probably my fav of the newer FW offerings. Can't wait to see it done DoE style.
DoE, have yopu talked about filters in this plog? If you did I missed it and need to reread your plog. I am curious about filters (just read some stuff I googled) and wondered what your technique was on your tanks.

A big +1 to the other comments, that tank is a standout. Nicely done!
I have stumbled across a product called AK. I swear these enamles are the mircale paints that I have been looking for for so long. They are a little tricky to use and do take a little bit of finesse, but once you figure it out, its all down hill from there. As for applying it to the model, I do apply it directly to the base coat.
Ok, now you have to spill the beans. Are you talking about these paints:

If so, how EXACTLY are you using them? :) I need all the help I can get when I get back to painting 40K tanks!
Congrats DoE on the new addition to the DoE Kriegers. The drill is nice, too.

Fatherhood is its own blessing. Hobbies do take a backseat for a while, then soon as you know it you are painting the lad's first army and rolling dice together. Congrats, he is a handsome champ.
For the price, you'ld figure the parts would fit...

The Hydra is on my list of must haves if I ever get back into painting 40K stuff. I'll be following this one DoE.
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