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The K.R.I.E.G. Project

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Hello all,

Well I have decided to throw myself on the grenade and seek motivation from all you out there to get my Krieg soldiers inline and ready for war. I have had abunch of my models just chilling in the closet with no real motivation to get them all painted up...I blame Warhammer Fantasy for that, LOL! Anyways, several months ago when I got my first 2 Krieg models, the two Grenadiers with Hvy stubbers, I painted them up as my test subjects. I think they turned out pretty damn good. I waited for a while before snagging a deal on Ebay for a Krieg army. (Everything you see painted brown, plus all the Grenadiers, Vendettas, and several tanks in the following pictures is from Ebay) I wish I could find that dude and smack him in the head! No seriously, He took all the models and just dumped them into a box and mailed them out to me. You can guess how they looked when they arrived..I was so Irrate! I spent days fixing them, green stuffing, trimming, the whole works.

Anyways, the time has come now to get these guys painted up. I have also entered into the 2011 painting comp to further motivate myself to get these guys done.

Look forward to hearing feedback form you all. I will keep you posted as I progress.
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OK, I did see a couple small mold lines but I know things are a PITA to get but it did look like you cleaned them up. You battle damage could use a bit more work. Start with black and put the silver over it leaving a small outline, looks better and gives the scratch depth.

If you are going for a clean army you are doing good. If you want true in the trenches grab some MIG weathering powder and also hit the bottom of their coats and boots with your airbrush using mud. Also the Aquilla on the helmet looks odd with no color, not saying make it neon yellow but a shade different or a dark grey would be nice.

There was something in regard ro your airbrush I wanted to add but I am failing to remember now.

P3 makes armor wash, comes in a larger white bottle.

Order VGC Brassy Brass and it will match your Brazen Brass.
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Weathering powders are pretty forgiving because you just brush them off, until you seal the model its easy to remove.

Maybe making it a bit lighter, maybe one shade lighter with a light dry brush.
Hmm I see what you are saying, maybe a bit of badob black to cause shadows on the aquilla would make it look more realistic or hell leave em be :).

MiG Weathering Powders, there are a lot of places that carry then in the US, they are about 8 bucks a jar but the best stuff around. Tamiya also makes a weathering compact but I have not had a ton of luck with them.
Maybe a bit more weathering? Some dust on the bottom of the jacket or boots?

Be proud of me I didn't even look for moldlines.
Wife while she is asleep is nice....

Dude You know I think your army is tits! Do I need to go look for mold lines?
Good job on the weathering. I would try some powders for the edges and maybe a bit more in the edges.
Very nice and smooth paint and cool colors.

Weathering ends to abruptly on the side, there is a seam that runs down the bolters and main cannon. I would add some wear on the turret from moving and stuff (since you have some oil build up). Add a small dusting of weathering powder over the glass parts,, trust me its the first thing to get dirty LOL.
Yes but in ends evenly, dust doesn't normally do that, it is more random (higher in the back, jagged in the middle). What you did looks great, I am talking more realism.

Right on the turret it does not exists. I was saying as some paint chips from the turrent moving and roatating. That is where the paint is going to wear off of first. Once again realism.
Cheyne they look great, pics are a bit fuzzy but overall the effect looks good on them. I love the worn look on the commanders leather jacket.
I love this log, the DKoK are some great models.
If it is just coming out there would be dirt all over the thing. The drill looks good and the main body would need some more streaked on, but not layered on as deeply as the drill.
Fantastic model but two things caught my eye. On the top the dirt would not be streaked like it is on the side. It would be pooled, likely in the middle of the plates. Second you high lighted the hydro cylinder backwards. It would be shiny towards the part that it goes in and have grease residue on the other side.
I get you on the streaking and I can see that but that brings up a new deal but anywho the model looks awesome, I am just nitpicking.
Your greys and blacks are looking amazing. Your tan fades on the belt are a bit rough and the sword is boring compared to the rest of the mini.

But 1 day? FML.
Midge, I love the blue but it is almost too monochromatic for it being a power weapons. maybe a more intense fade or edged in white. Right now it looks like he is about to hit me with unflavored Popsicle.
Looking forward to seeing these done tomorrow. Since you such a fast painter.
Look awesome, except the sand looks like it needs something. Dunno what, maybe some greys like ash.
And put some weathering powers on the wheels, they are too new looking to have been rolled into place :). I know you have the skill now.
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