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The inevitable Pre-chaos moan

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Damn if i'm not already fed up with the pre-chaos moan. Lash is broken...yet can be stopped by a free piece of wargear librarians have and other races can put the dampener on it too i.e. tyranids and eldar.
All armies can have 9 oblits, all armies can mix troops, they can have vindicators etc....

Then theres the other camp....you need 10 man squads to take heavy weapons, the wargear options are limited, daemons are generic.

Can't people wait till a few games have been played Before they start the codex bashing??
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Expect to see cultists and daemons getting their own codex printed here soon, so fret not.
I think one of the universal truths is that people always complain. There are always those folks who will whine at something. Doesn't matter how cool something is (a subjective assessment of course) there will be those that bemoan it.

Chaos could have jetbikes and daemons with 2d6 attacks, and I guarantee people would complain. :mrgreen:

Honestly, IMO the best answer is apathy. 8)
Seriously. The games we play change, and if we want to continue playing it, we need to evolve. Like it or lump it, we could always play Confrontation ;)

I like some of the changes, dislike some as well (IMO the BA dex could have been way better written), either way, I'm still playing the game, so I'm forced to warm up to the idea of things changing, or take up another hobby. :lol:

When the daemon codex comes out, I'm certain many of the complaints will be resolved, but I firmly believe that people will find something wrong with it. :roll:


I think it's kind of a human nature-thing. Not specifically a gamer thing, or even a 40k gamer or even powergamer thing really. People just complain. Every group has em. :roll:
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>> Threres always something wrong with everything, or so we are led to believe. Imo, its just peeps who cant handle having to change tactics or having to think about army lists. Adapt people, and all will be good. Moaning pricks.(Not peeps on here of course. :D )
Oh, no, don't get me wrong, I can be a moaning prick too. Believe me.
A questions on behalf of a friend. A good friend of mine played a World Eaters army. His army was based on some tricked out possessed (furious charge, mark of khorne, and rending claws) ina land raider and 2 units of bloodletters he could summon from any squad and charge you with daemonic nastiness.

Now that possessed cannot be relied on (since you have to roll to see how good they are) and his bloodletters are reduced to generic lesser demons, what would you suggest he does? He likes his chaos army to be a wild rush down the field as he feels that that is the right way to be khorne-like.
Get lots of Berserkers, and Chaos Space Marines with a Mark of Khorne, and charge em across the field of battle in wild abandon!
Maybe even close combat Termies and a Termie Lord w/ Lightning Claws and a symbol of Khorne.

Add a greater daemon (khornate) and maybe lesser daemons.

Skip the vehix, just a horde of axe wielding death!
Always fun to do that elch :lol: but yeah, lots of berserkers, they are still really nice, 3 PP a squad with ws 5 and furious charge, possesed with any of the abilities are good, just maybe not particularly for khorne, but they're still very usefull, khorne marked marines are very usefull now as well get the extra attack, 10 strong with the heavy weap, or 2 specials running around the field, power fisted champs, and lesser daemons may not be bloodletters, but they have almost the same stats and the same number attacks, -1 S power weap and 3+armor save, buuuuuut they're half as many points as bloodletters, meaning you may not have brutish daemons anymore, but you can overwhelm them with sheer numbers and overwhelming number of attacks!, as well you can still say they're bloodletters with the axes and all, just same statline as other daemons and greater daemon for 100 points, pretty broken imo even footslogging its a MC with great stats wondering around for 100 points!?
yeah beserkers in rhinos[or landraiders] raptors with MOK and termies are all viable options. Berserkers are pretty sweet, the only issue is how to get them into cc quickly
Don't forget Chosen!

8-10 infiltrating chosen with up to 5 special weapons, (or one and up to four special close combat weapons). Icon of Khorne, a flamer or melta and four sets of lightning claws, or four powerfists, or power weapons if you're cheap, or a mix and match thereof. Pure nasty.

Mounted berzerkers, as mentioned. Marked raptors. Havocs with flamers and meltas and a powerfist champ all crammed into a rhino.

The daemons aren't as great as bloodletters, but they're CHEAP. Buy a couple units of them and throw them at the enemy to soften them up for the zerks
I never really got why World Eaters couldn't get Raptors. Never really understood it.

The other advantage of the new deamons is that they don't take up FOC slots. Sure with Apoc that an't huge but for other games it is.
This is the Khorne army i'm building under the new dex:

DP - Khorne, wings,

8 x Beserkers inc champ - fist
Rhino - EA,

8 x Beserkers inc champ - fist
Rhino - EA,

8 x Raptors inc Champ - fist, Khorne,

2 x Spawn,

2 x Spawn,

Defiler - 2x CCW,

Defiler - 2x CCW,

Defiler - 2x CCW,

Choppy, choppy. choppy! Yarrrrr!
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Jacobite said:
I never really got why World Eaters couldn't get Raptors. Never really understood it.

The other advantage of the new deamons is that they don't take up FOC slots. Sure with Apoc that an't huge but for other games it is.
Old restrictions said cult armies could only field units that can bear their mark. Raptors were originally their own little group, not beholden to any god, hired mercs for the other armies. Like Obliterators.

Now they're just jump troops. Which I like better.
And now there's nothing that says culties can't take unmarked units. Which I also liked.

As to new daemons, the rules for them are a lot better too. No more instability, no more scatter. The icon is a teleport homer and the daemons are fearless. Rock it.
Strange thing is that the army which fluffwise would make use of the Raptors the most is the Night Lords - which orginally were affiliated with Khorne - little bit of random infomation I picked up somewhere.
What is the story with the whole demon codex coming out next year and what does it do to chaos any ideas?
All just rumours at the moment but heresay would have us believe that the daemon codex will be out early next year and would give rules for using daemonic legions or allies for csm similar to witchhunters etc.... All just random rumour though as all gw have said is that there will be a codex.
World Eaters are probably too crazy to work a jump pack properly.

My legion of the undead has now reached almost 4500 points, Nurgle shall rise again!

I even spent a fortune on that Greater Demon of Nurgle from FW. Lord Botchulaz will lead my army, I liked his style from Ragner's Claw.

What really gets me going is the sheer variety of the new dex'. Before, I had one list for my Nurgle hordes. Now, I have six. One for each army I'm likely to face at good old GW Orland Square. I have one for Chaos, weedy beakies, weedy fish eads', weedy tin eads', weedy bugz, and weedy pointy ead's.

AKA Chaos, SM, Tau, Necrons, Tyranids, and Pointy Headed Eldar.

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