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The inevitable Pre-chaos moan

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Damn if i'm not already fed up with the pre-chaos moan. Lash is broken...yet can be stopped by a free piece of wargear librarians have and other races can put the dampener on it too i.e. tyranids and eldar.
All armies can have 9 oblits, all armies can mix troops, they can have vindicators etc....

Then theres the other camp....you need 10 man squads to take heavy weapons, the wargear options are limited, daemons are generic.

Can't people wait till a few games have been played Before they start the codex bashing??
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Good points here guys, though I do not agree with all the changes I've found the codex to be pretty good. In fact my only real problem is with the disappearance of cultists and variation in daemons. Two sub-armies have effectively been killed off.

Beyond that the use of icon can really help you do a lott of cool things, galahad's Khornate flamer/melta havocs are a good example. Beyond that things look pretty damn good for us chaos boys, especially with all those shiny new kits and bits!

Personally I'm sticking with my Iron Warriors and will be attempting a fluffy army so no icons for me. Though the lure of the chaos spawn was to great...will just have to convert them into cyberspawn :wink:
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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