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The inevitable Pre-chaos moan

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Damn if i'm not already fed up with the pre-chaos moan. Lash is broken...yet can be stopped by a free piece of wargear librarians have and other races can put the dampener on it too i.e. tyranids and eldar.
All armies can have 9 oblits, all armies can mix troops, they can have vindicators etc....

Then theres the other camp....you need 10 man squads to take heavy weapons, the wargear options are limited, daemons are generic.

Can't people wait till a few games have been played Before they start the codex bashing??
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I personally kinda like how you can twist the new fluff since its mainly scattered warbands, i play word bearers and i mean... they worship all 4 gods as a panthenon, why wouldnt each god give them their gifts, such as zerkers, plague marines, niose marines and sorcerers? i mean it actually does make fluff sense, and in a 2000 pnt match, ive got a really cheep lord to go with my chosen or CC orientated marines and imusing my dark apostle model because hes got almost everything he had before, and hes cheeper and better for the points he cost me then in the last dex! and im throwing around 10 lesser daemons, you pop them into play, charge them and hey look theres friggen 30 attacks with marine stats for 13 points/model!
Always fun to do that elch :lol: but yeah, lots of berserkers, they are still really nice, 3 PP a squad with ws 5 and furious charge, possesed with any of the abilities are good, just maybe not particularly for khorne, but they're still very usefull, khorne marked marines are very usefull now as well get the extra attack, 10 strong with the heavy weap, or 2 specials running around the field, power fisted champs, and lesser daemons may not be bloodletters, but they have almost the same stats and the same number attacks, -1 S power weap and 3+armor save, buuuuuut they're half as many points as bloodletters, meaning you may not have brutish daemons anymore, but you can overwhelm them with sheer numbers and overwhelming number of attacks!, as well you can still say they're bloodletters with the axes and all, just same statline as other daemons and greater daemon for 100 points, pretty broken imo even footslogging its a MC with great stats wondering around for 100 points!?
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