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The inevitable Pre-chaos moan

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Damn if i'm not already fed up with the pre-chaos moan. Lash is broken...yet can be stopped by a free piece of wargear librarians have and other races can put the dampener on it too i.e. tyranids and eldar.
All armies can have 9 oblits, all armies can mix troops, they can have vindicators etc....

Then theres the other camp....you need 10 man squads to take heavy weapons, the wargear options are limited, daemons are generic.

Can't people wait till a few games have been played Before they start the codex bashing??
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Nids can put a damper on it? How?

I agree but notice that the majority of the moaning is from the powergamer min/max crowd. Some from the uber fluff nuts as well but not nearly as much. The rest of us actually dig the new book.
I used one of those units and two with plasma guns as well. It isn't so bad really as you can actually do that and better with chosen now.
I am seriously considering selling off my current csm's in order to build an army based on those possessed models. To my mind, THAT is exactly what csm's should look like.
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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