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ok, this is str8 copy/paste from me and tsoalr. ill put some commentary in too.

Aelix Eisenhorn on TSOALR said:
Yea thas rite, Imperial Tau. Didnt think that could happen eh? well it happend when i found out about the Tau and since they had Battle-Suits i bought a battlefleet. But since all of my "friends" are strictly Imperial i had to make up a story to make my Tau Imperial. well here goes.....

Imperial side of it
• New chapter to be known as * to us
• Imperium finds a system of Necron planets
• The planets are completely made out of Bringer of Darkness metal, see Nightbringer by McNeil
• It is “vermillion” treasure
• * is dispatched to acquire these planets for the Imperium
• Chaos sees * franticly heading towards the Necron system
• Vicious war, all but 1 necron planet destroyed
• Chaos defeated
• * all happy .
• Then Necrons wake up
• They not happy, who isn’t after a nice long nap?
• The * are being crushed by the Necrons
• Suddenly Tau appear and help to turn the tide and all the necrons defeated
• * go “Xenos! Oh crap now were dead, oh wait they’re helping us. Yay!”
• * now have full access to the Necron metal planet because Necrons all gone
• * go “Why you help us Tau?”
• Tau go “ We want to learn of your god”
• * gladly convert the Tau
• The * now have to get a planet to the nearest forge world where it could be properly accessed by Tech-Priests
• The * use the Tau technology to build huge boosters on the planet to “fly” it to the nearest forge world
• * tries to make them warp engines but since the Tau are still experimenting with warp travel it screws up and the Necron planet with the Tau and the * wind up somewhere where I havent decided
• That is the background of the Imperial Tau

Tau side of it
• new battle fleet, being transferred to their first battle
• The Tau pass by the Necron Metal system
• Currently the Space Marines have almost defeated the last of the Chaos
• The Chaos finds the Tau
• Small Chaos fleet dispatched to convert the Tau because Chaos doesn’t have any Tau traitors yet
• Tau fend off the Chaos fleet extremely easily because their cool and this is my story
• The chaos tried to convert the Tau but couldn’t do it fully
• The new battle fleet now doesn’t worship the greater good or the ruinous powers
• They come across the space marines, they are having a lot of trouble against the Necrons
• Tau team up with the Space Marines to help them
• The Imperial side of it has the rest
Ghost Fist said:
good background, now, come up with a name for the marines and the Tau.
And maybe focus the points into a coherent story such as.....

"While the marines of the valiant Salamanders were fighting the heartless Necrons, a battlefleet of rogue Tau happened across the planet. They immediately remembered the great damages the Necrons had done to their homeworld, and set about destroying the despicable automatons. Hammerhead fought monolith, well-trained fire warriors traded salvos with glittering phalanxes of Warriors, while bloodied flayed ones locked in deadly combat with the Tau's kroot allies, and the entire world was wreathed in the fires of war......"
Dufflious said:
Sorry - I find that story flawed. I'd not accept it in game terms.

Xenos is Xenos. Anything that isn't pure human isn't welcome in my imperium. While I can accept tempory alliances between Eldar and Imperial, and Tau and Imperial, it's just too much to say that these Tau are now Imperial worshippers. And Chaos doesn't bother converting anyone (Perhaps with the acception (sp) of Word Bearers), tainting is a better word.. They just kill and if those people then want to help them kill, okay, go for it. *Shrug*
And no, it remains flawwed, Just because you can't take on critisism, doesn't mean that it's right. Yes, it's your Space Marine and you can make him do what you want him to. However there are codes of ethics that Marines have, and a freakin' codex to boot.

These people CANNOT have worshipped the Emperor for 10000 years, or more, and decided "Y'know what? Tau are cool. let's be them"

Alright, you made it to appease your Imperial friends, i'm here telling you that it doesn't appease me, and i'm an Imperial player.

To put it to a conclusion, you can't play them as allies in a game of 40k, in a GW store. End.
Anonymous said:
In the wider perspective, there are a lot of things a number of Imperial institutions don't agree with and would gladly bring a flamer to.

The story might be flawed but in the end, I don't see why it couldn't happen. Stranger things have in fact happened in official fluff (like eldar and Imperium teaming up all the time.. or necrons and imperium teaming up against chaos) and so i have no problems with accepting this as well.

And if one space marine chapter or Imperial guard commander doesn't agree with it, well he can go to war against them. That seems the fairest solution to me.........


There is a small group of Tau (Under commander Farsight) that often work as mecenaries to my understanding.

I do get the feeling that Duff is correct about the Imperial Space Marines being Xenophobic. At least I come to the same conclusion after reading fluff about the different SM chapters
hope you like!

oh yeah, this is my army, and i do have some badly painted (arcrylic (sp)) models of them. sort of black/white/maroon color scheem.

and no, there will be no pics simply becuase i dont have anyway to get them on the net. No camera, no camera on cell phone, no nada.

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i have to agree with dufflious, i just cant accept the story, it just doesnt work!, tau and imperium, not while im around buddy. it just dont work, but a good idea, fusing two types of races. i was tempted to fuse earlier but i cant be bothered. anyway, the deathwatch is all me, the SAS of the already elite marines, i mean its so freakin awsum!!

good idea though

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Thank you, but i got the idea cuz i think I once saw some SM models that were painted brown, apparetnly they had been abandoned by their Chapter and picked up by the Tau. Also, if you were almost going to get killed by a bunch of Necrons, I would think you would want help. Also if you were stuck on a planet a few galaxies away from home, you might want to get along if you want to survive. Also, i dont think i in cluded the comentary from Ragingpotato about his fluff, 1 man and 37 chickens populate a whole planet, and some real fluff that mentioned the Necrons teaming up with some other Army to fight Chaos.

Any way, the SM chapter in this is mainly anti-Chaos, so they really want all the help the can get against the Great Enemy.

And thanks for saying its a great idea, Dufflious just out and out rejected it.

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Interesting; but what made the Tau decide that the greater good was not so good anymore? it would not simply be because they bumped into a few chaos on a road trip. I can understand some space marines giving an oath to return the favor for the Tau's much needed help or firepower and with that their would be small joint battles of temporary alliances between the two sides. That's more likely happen as it happens with the Eldar on occasion. Then the Tau would learn more and more about the Emperor and might even be inspired by the tales told by the Adeptus Astartes. However I just don't see either side fully converting to the other, oh there maybe some renegade Tau like Farsight and his bunch who could become mercenary's frequently for some Imperial Governor or even a Radical Inquisitor. There could also easily be a couple renegade space marines who have been adopted by the Tau; but to completely accept a full Tau Armada is not likely going to happen anytime soon because of that damn xenophobia that infects most of the Imperium. Like Ordo Xeno Commander said it is a good idea, it just needs some adjusting :eek:k:

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I think one of the main reasons that the Imperium is on the brink of collaps (this is the Time of Ending afterall) is that it is to set in its way and if if is to survive it should be willing to embrace help from anywhere it can.

I agree with those that say fighting alongside SM is probably pushing it, but what if an Imperial commander was ordered to command and observe a Tau force that WANTED to fight for the Emperor. Any sign of trechery and he could activate a self destruct node implanted within each Tau and kill them stone dead instantly. If they prove loyal maybe use them as a suicide/cannon fodder force? Even a Garrison force?

In a universe this diverse i dont think its really fair to just say No to some-ones idea of fluff if they have really put alot of thought into it :)

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I really dislike it. It would be much more believable if it was the SM that joined the Greater good because say the Ad mech screwed them over to get this metal planet like tried to kill them so no one would no.
There is no way the Tau would join the Imperium it goes against all of cannon. Yes the Tau do try and trade on Imperial planets but they do not what to join the Imperium in fact they want the Imperium to join them.
I would like it alot more if you said why the tau lefted the Greater good and then also have the SM leave the Imperium. Yes they could work together but not in the Imperium.
So either make the SM join the Tau or the SM to leave the Imperium and the tau to leave the GG and help each other.

Also where is this fluff of Necrons working with SM to kill Chaos ?
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