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The Host of Worms

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I'm new to 40k (I've yet to play even a demo of 5th edition), but have been a long time fan of Nurgle.

I'm not going Deathguard simply because I want the greatest range of models/vehicles to convert.

The Host of Worms (aka The Host).

Complete with my own insignia:

Chaos Lord: Mathas Skolik, the Infested

Daemon Prince: Lumbricus, The Bloated

Daemon Prince: Omunyongororwa, Sower of Maggots

Great Unclean One: Uod, the Grubfather

Patron God (unmodelled of course): Shallagia, Goat Mother of a Thousand Worms, Bride of Nurgle, Nursemaiden of Woe

First up, WIP shots for my Lord of Pestilence model from Ultraforge.

I asked previously about giving him a jump pack instead of typical daemon wings, simply because his model screams "I'm a giant bloated space marine".

I started with two caps from superglue bottles, which I might add actually looks great as the basis for a jump pack ...

... but it doesn't fit his style.

Onward, I've had this Tyranid something-or-other carapace for a long time. I kept it because it looks pretty Nurgly to me. So, why not use it as the housing for the jet pack. And just so happens, some plastic tubing I have fits perfectly.

Looks great from the back, but I'm not so sure I like how it affects his silhouette from the side and front. I think I may scrap the carapace, but keep the "organic jump pack" idea. Or maybe I'll just grind on the carapace for a while to reduce the turtle-effect:

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Maybe I've missed it but would you mind show us a tutorial on how you make the worms? Brilliant stuff as always!
Will def try to to so. Not to hard to do once you have the tube maker from Masq Mini.
I'm doing the army painting challenge from The Independent Characters' podcast.

Below is my January commitment, completed.

6 Nurgle Terminators (7th in there, but list only calls for 6):

((Gun broke off, lost. So this is the extra 7th guy not in my list.))

And final group shot cause they look so good together:

Shots from all sides of each guy can be seen here: HostOfWorms.com
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Those are freaking awesome. A lot more grim and Nurgley than anything GW came up with. They must look great on the table beside other units.
I have two other things painted right now. A GUO and Daemon Prince. I'll try to get a family shot soon.

Thanks for the compliment!
I see the wait have not been in vain. Those termies are simply disgusting! :good:
They are disgusting. Just ace. +rep
Thanks guys!

Next on deck to paint is my Chaos Lord:

Taking a break to paint some Cryx for Warmachine before getting to this guy. He'll be done before Feb is out, hopefully much sooner.
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Are you using a tool to make those worms and cables. The are really, really good.
Yes, I use the tube making tool from Masq Mini. Love it.
I use that too, it really is one of those "how did I ever get along without it?" kind of things. Nice Termies too :)
Thanks Svartmetall! I really look up to your conversions and they pretty much started me down the path of making The Host of Worms. :D
Thanks guys!

Next on deck to paint is my Chaos Lord:

Taking a break to paint some Cryx for Warmachine before getting to this guy. He'll be done before Feb is out, hopefully much sooner.
Great job on the GS work this is a very nice conversion, can’t wait to see it painted up!
I forgot, I'll also be painting him with his custom base:

Badly put together 360 rotation here:

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I wish I could rep you more than +1, I've not been on this thread in so long and it's simply stunning! some of the conversions and painting are totally hideous (in a really well done way I mean, they look amazing!).

Amazing stuff! :)
Thanks, I appreciated it Grins1978!

Progress is moving slowly on my Chaos Lord. I'm distracted with Cryx for Warmachine at the moment. :)
WIP of my Soulgrinder of Nurgle.

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That sculpting work is looking awesome! Keep it up.
Very impressive. Look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Did you paint up that chaos lord? I'd love to see it painted up.
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