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The host of Eskar Nox the father of night

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Here is my warriors of chaos army.
In total i have about 90 warriors togather with 15 chaos knights.
I also have 2 chaos spawns 20 warhounds and 5 marauder horsemen.
I also have two Chaos sorcerers one undivided and one of nurgle.
I also have the exalted hero miniatures for Slaanesh, Khorne and a undivided one from avatars of war togather with a bsb And i also bitbashed 3 chaos lords. At the moment i am working on a Chaos warshrine. I also have Wulfrik teh wanderer and Sigvald teh magnificent on whom i am working now. I Have tried to do nmm for the first time, on the chosen son of Slaanesh. I realise that a big part of all this is missing and i will try to get a picture of all of them taken soon. Alll Feedback is apriciated.(I just noticed that I was too fast with typing in teh title could a mod be so friendly as to change teh to the?)

Here are 5 chaos knights

Here are some pictures of my warriors of chaos.

Here is a very early WiP of teh warshrine

Here is Sigvald

And here is the bsb. He is mostly done he just needs a bit of pinning.

My undivided exalted hero.
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I like the colours cain. And I especially like the addition of the Avatars of War Chaos Lord, an excellent choice :eek:k:
You should paint Sigvalds hair something really freaky, like blue or green? :wink:

But good job. :)
I like the colour, the only criticism i have is in the 5th picture the warrior with the spawn head the head doesn't look right on the warrior's body.
Here is the finished Sigvald. Expect a lot more to be finished in the next two weeks and a complete army picture:D

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Here are some pictures of everything the entire armies and a few allies like the Skaven and Chaos dwarfs. The grass is wild gras from Busch, I don't know much about a brand but it was for sale at a local miniature builder store(not tabletop miniatures stuff like trains and Rc cars)

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they look good, one critisism: i cant really see whats in the pics, either use the flash or better lighting :)
I like the choice of turquoise tones, and there are some excellent ideas in there. I particularly like the iconography on the banner.

However, the paint does look a little thick, especially on the highlights, which slightly spoils your good work. I suggest thinning your paints to the consistency of milk; it might take another coat to achieve coverage but it will give you much better control.
I agree with Dave, cain. I like your work and especially Sigvald's base :D I think next you should work on the bases of the rank and file models as it really gives them that finished look and feel.
Here is a WiP picture of my warshrine and a Bloodletter with Glaive. There is also 3 bloodcrushers in there and a templar lord by scribor monsterous. Soem of you might be wondering why there sudenly are deamons in the army and a Templar lord well i'll tell you.

The deamons are for a campain that my FLGS us running and i'm starting Khorne deamons with magnatic bases. They will be my allies in a great chaos host by teh FW rules :3. At the moment i have 20 Bloodletters with teh normal swords and 20 which i want to give glaives togather with 3 bloodcrushers, I'm planning to order the Khorne herald and deamon prince from FW soon for the awesome herald. The Templar lord is there because it's just such a nice miniature which i bought for a painting competatition and i felt that i should share.

Like always feedback is more then welcome, Every nitpick is apriciated. So without furter undo here are the pictures.

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Here are 5 chaos knights

Here are some pictures of my warriors of chaos.

Really liking the colour on the Chaos, I love the deep blue along with the silver and bone colour, gives a kinda Tzeentchy feel. I would, if I was you, just layer up to that final highlight, at the moment it's quite a thick and extreme highlight, that would be my only real criticism on it.
Yay Khorne! Love Khorne, if you're allowing nitpicking then I would just water the paints down and add a few more layers ;)
Nice work on the shrine. Consider you idea kind of stolen. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but what are you using for hellcannons?
I like the rules for hellcannons but i have been put off from buying them because of their price and i don't really liek the miniatures. I think you saw the 2 magma cannons in there which got you confused with the hellcannons. They are chaos dwarf Warmachines from Forge world.
Here is a Herald of Khorne for the deamons which i kinda screwed up a bit because of the varnish which i will never ever use again.

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here are some pictures of wulfrik the wandererI am aiming to get my new fine cast hellcannon painted aroudn next week so look forwarth to it^^

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The reflection on the varnish is making it a little hard to make out details; especially on the flesh areas. I think it would benefit from a matt coat.
Here are some WiP pictures of the hellcannon i thought i finished it but lookign at teh pictures i can see sevral areas that need to be toutched up especialy the chaos dwarfs.

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WoC makes me happy, I love the AoW Lord, he looks badass. When I eventually get of my ork kick or want a change of pace, I will be getting the AoW Marauder champ for a big brick of marauders. Keep up the good work!
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