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We are being somewhat bombarded with stuff at the moment.
Limited Additions, Hard Backs, Paperbacks, Novellas, E-books, Serialised E-Books, Audio Books on CD, Audio Books on MP3, Audio Dramas, Compilations of Audio Dramas. It's too much, and the BL website is a mess as a result. It's off putting for people familiar with it all let alone newbies.

Then there is the price. :nono: taking the pee BL, taking the pee.

Sort the website out.
One title, with the various purchase option listed below. Not, the same title repeated several time, each with different options below and sometimes repeated. Example, Betrayer is listed 6 times offering 7 options, Thousand Sons is listed 3 times offering 6 different options... and do on. It's a mess.

Stop ripping us off. £25 for an Audio book was expensive. £30 is disgusting.
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