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Now we started compare our backlogs in another thread. Instead of turning that thread into something it was not ment to be so here we have a backlog-thread. How many models, boxes, lies unassambled or unpainted at your place? Pics are encouraged if you have the time to show us your unpainted army.

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Let's see - My current backlog is (not counting the repainting I have to do with my CSM force):

10 x Noise Marines
10 x Possessed (Can't have Crimson Slaughter without possessed)
1 x Forgefiend

On the daemons side:

10 x Seekers
6 x Flamers

Not too bad to be honest :D But again, I'm turning 30 the day after tomorrow, so the backlog is growing there, without any question.

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Half a cities of death box
Complete wall of martyrs box
2 Vengeance battery guns
9 DW terminators
1 razorback
1 droppod
3 landspeeders
9 veterans/sternguard
2 dreadnaughts
5 RW bikes
Chaos side of DV

Disclaimer: I paint slow as F*ck/have very little time for it, but can't help myself with ebay deals :laugh:

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Completely unpainted?

20 Horrors of Tzeentch
About 15 Berzerkers of Khorne
Still currently painting (Like... It's been 3 months) a Black Templar Sword Brethren Terminator squad.
Two Rhinos
Like... 10 assorted Necrons.
20 Assault Marines

I'm gonna be stripping/repainting all of my Daemons soon anyway, which is about 80 lesser daemons in total.

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Oh gosh....


2x Drop Pods
Land Raider
2x 10 man Tactical squads
3 man Heavy Weapons Team
Libby in Terminator armour
4 Assault Terminators
10x Deathwing Terminators
Master of the Forge
Night Scythe
5x Immortals
7x Assault marines
5x Deathwing Knights
DV Libby

Everything friggin' else, but currently under the brush
Drop Pod
5x Assault Marines
Mortis Dreadnought
Land Raider

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Ugh... this hurts to think about
Let's see:
15-20 terminators
3 rhinos
5 wolfscouts
40 or so grey hunters (mix between the GH set and FW HD armor marks
2 landspeeders

Unpainted but assembled:
About 5 wolf guard

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Oh this is not going to feel good but I am more into gathering stuff for the army now than painting it.

20 chaos space marines

1 space marine attack bike (just got it yesterday)
5 death company 5 stormboys (miniature exchange gifts)

20 ork shoota boys
10 gretchin and slaver
converted ork dreadnought
5 Nobs
looted preditor
6 tinboyz
1 forgeworld Runtbot

Plus whatever conversions I happen to make between now and whenever I decide to spend some time painting. So this list will get a lot longer.

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Currently painting:

Lothern Sea Guard Captain
Last Lothren Sea Guard Spearman
SW Rune Priest
10 X GH


5 X Long Fangs
16 X HE Spearmen
10 X Swordmaster
HE Mage
2 X HE Hero's on Griffins
HE Prince
HE Standard Bearer
5 X Ellyrion Reavers
10 X Chaos Knights

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Right I reckon I've got this hopelessly buying new stuff without hope of ever finishing it all routine down,

Chaos Rhino
Chaos Vindicator
Chaos Landraider
Hell brute
Daemon Prince
10 Pink horrors
10 Renegade Guardsmen
5 Renegade command squad
8 Night lords
5 Raptors
5 Warp Talons
5 Chosen
5 Sons of Horus Reaver Attack Squad
5 EC Kakophoni
Chaos Lord
Dark Apostal
Dark elves dragon
5 Cold One Knights
8 Black ark corsairs
Whole Island of blood boxset
All space wolves from Stormclaw & Half the orks
Half the 40k starter set before dark vengeance
Dark angels from dark vengeance
And a load of skaven

Probably end up with the girlfriends dark eldar that she wanted to get into painting and decided it was too much effort too.

Was thinking about picking up a space hulk copy if they had any left at the local store (they rarely sell out of anything quickly)

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Ugh, this is going to hurt being put into clear numbers.
Let's see, not counting stuff that just needs basing;
6 Wolf Guard Terminators
14 Grey Hunters
10 Blood Claws
1 Drop Pod, (which I will never glue together and then paint ever again, in fact considering trying to take it apart with out wrecking it.)
3 Long Fangs in the process of being magnetized right now
1 long Fang Ancient
1 Rune Priest

10 Gretchin and Runtherd

7 Chaos Space Marine Raptors, converted to have wings
5 Hellbrutes (DV ones converted using spare parts from the newer kit)

And a few 'nids I promised my nephew I'd paint for him.

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Right so im sensing a theme for most of us here :p we buy and hope to paint but never quite get there.
This is what i have just right off the top of my head.

Imperial Forces:
40 Tac Marines
1 Drop pod
1 Venerable Dreadnaught
1 Ironclad Dreadnought
3 Razorbacks
2 command squads
15 scouts
10 devastators
1 FW fireraptor gunship
1 Land raider
5 GK Justicars
1 Baneblade
1 Stormtalon
1 Stormeagle

Chaos SM:
25 Chosen
1 Lord
2 Hellbrutes
35 Cultists

1 Pirahna
12 Fire warriors
3 Crisis suits
8 Various drones

6 ripperdactyl riders
10 temple guard
24 skinks
16 saurus warriors

None of this includes the various kits that i have for conversions and the like. looking at it all right now i am suddenly very very depressed :p.
it also does not include what i am currently in the process of painting. which includes
Stealth suits, Carde Fireblade, 6 SM Bikes plus attack Bike, Land raider, Slann Mage Priest, SM Chapter Master, Captain Lysander. 8 Plauge marines, 25 cultists, Helldrake and helbrute.

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None of this includes the various kits that i have for conversions and the like. looking at it all right now i am suddenly very very depressed :p.
That's why I started that thread of mine.

THE SHAME! It burns us! BURNS!! :crazy:

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That's why I started that thread of mine.

THE SHAME! It burns us! BURNS!! :crazy:
Purge the Backlog with fire!!
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