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Name: Brother Fenix Xentor

Age: 158

Appearance:Short black hair as dark as the armor of the deathwatch, his face cracked and badly scared. a small shadow of hair on his face, like a unshaved guardsmen. his blue eyes are a bright light blue like a day's sky.over-polished armor with Honors of the Imperial Laurel for being in great victories and purity seals on his right shoulder.

Wargear: A Godwyn Pattern bolter, the fame was plated silver with a large bayonet under it's barrel and loaded with Kraken Pattern bolts with a strap belt that he warps around his forearm to prevent losing it in melee. he has named it "Steel Angel", a cluster of frag grenades each with "Suffer not the Heretic to live" on each one, A Power Axe of the chapter that he calls "Judgment of the Unclean", The Mk VII Power armor with a Veteran's helmet and written on his right shoulder plate is the phase "Light your way in the darkness with the pyres of burning heretics.".

Personality:Focused and unrelenting, He see himself as a vessel of righteous fury. but in the fray he is as bloodthirsty and angry as any other. while fighting in melee he always shouting battle cries as if to strike terror by yelling prayers at the top of his lungs while tearing off the heads with his Axe's blade.outside of combat he only talks when spoken to and seems to be the one to break up arguments among any brother preferring that they fight their enemy instead. but other then that he stays silent, his eyes hungry for to bring death to the Emperor's enemies.

Background: Nothing more then a guardsman on the Sin-Eaters' recruiting world, the lowest soldier that said nothing. He would of been shot for this weakness in courage before a food riot turned ugly and his own friend ran from the horde...to find themselves looking down a Commissar's bolt pistol. But the guardsman that they all thought to be the first to flee held the line alone, ripping into the horde with his Lasgun until his salvation came from a single marine that had suspected that Heretic in sighted the riot. another these proved to be false. the marine did not leave empty handed as he returned with a possible recruit. With Steel and fury he pasted the trails of a neophyte and scout to become the full brother. This was his first mission as a Space Marine of 3rd company after half a century of fighting in the marines of the 4th company but was transfered to fill in the lose of a veteran tactical marine. oddly he is alway the first at sermons and sends alot of his time at Shines to the emperor. this have been somewhat of a joke in the company, but he doesn't pay them no mind.

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