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Name:Alexsandr Lev
Appearance:Standing slightly shorter that your average marine, Alexsandr has short dark brown hair and long sideburns. He has almost lines under his eyes, making him always look tired. The left side of his skull is flat because a Chaos Marine stepped on him. Since then, Alexsandr usually wears his helmet. He changes the lens color of his helmet to purple because he like the way it looks. On the forehead of his helmet, there is a Double headed eagle. On his fight knuckles he wrote the word 'Pain' in white. On the shin of his left leg he wrote 'Your ass Here' with an arrow pointing down to his foot. His left shoulder pad has the skull of a Broodlord that he killed almost 70 years ago.
Wargear:Thunder hammer named Hatred, written along the side of the hammer; storm shield shaped like the Crux Terminatus named Faith, this is written on the edges of the shield; bolt pistol, frag and krak grenades. He wears the Mark VIII power armor.
Personality:Fun loving marine, he doesn't usually take off his helmet, even in time of peace (he got tired of guys calling him 'Flat head'). He loves close combat. He will use any and everything to fight when up close. From Hatred to his bare hands (a heavy rock will do also). But, he does know that it is not always wise to charge the enemy. He carries very little ammo for his pistol, though, about 3 clips plus the one in the gun. Because of it's limited use, he has not named his gun, nor is he very good (for a marine) at shooting it.
Background:Though he has never said exactly where he came from, it is known that Alexsandr came from the Ultima Segmentum. He will sometimes talk about his childhood, but never mentions the planet.
Many years ago, the Sin-Eaters were sent to the hive world of Tristen II to uproot and destroy a genestealer cult. Alexsandr was a basic marine (this was before he got his Mk. VIII, Hatred and Faith. He had the basic marine equipment.) who was part of the initial assault. The initial assault consisted of half a company while the full assault would consist of one and a half companies. After securing a landing for the Main assault, the initial assault was supposed to hold their position. But instead, Librarian Feodor ordered his men to push forward. This fatal error almost cost the Sin-Eaters the planet, because the genstealers cut off and surrounded Feodor and his men also the Tyrinids re-infested the landing zone, meaning the second wave had to fight as soon at the thunderhawks opened. Feodor and Alexsandr became close friends during the week their were surrounded. On the eighth day, a Broodlord led the final assault against the encircled Sin-Eaters. Alexsandr and Feodor charged the Broodlord, with the other marines close behind. After ten minutes of non-stop combat, Alexsandr jumped on to the back of the Broodlord, drove his combat knife into the back of its head, then began to pump bolter rounds into it's exposed brain. Jumping off Alexsandr wondered why he had managed to kill the behemoth so easyly. Then he saw Feodors' body. The Broodlord had been preoucpied consuming the Librarian. His entire chest armor was eaten away and you could see his internal organs. Shortly afterword, the main assault re linked with the primary assault. Alexsandr joined with his brothers and continued to purge Tristen II, new trophy on his shoulder.
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