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Name: Octavian Romus

Age: 205

Appearance: Octavian is a fairly short, but powerfully built space marine. His frame is like that of a bear, even though he is a good head shorter than some of the more taller marines. He has short cropped blond hair, and piercing brown eyes. His armour is chipped and scared from a lifetime of warfare, with his left shoulder pad depicting the death of the Warlord Gurkhnas of the waaaagh! Gurkhnas. His armour is caked in the blood of his predecessor and several noteworthy enemies. His right shoulder pad depicts the chapter symbol.

War-gear: Frag and Krak grenades, power armour, Storm Bolter and power fist named "Imperitor". Imperitor has served Octavian well since his induction into the second company, where he has wielded it with ruthless efficiency. He also carries a bolt pistol which rarely leaves his side, although he rarely uses it. He prefers his storm bolter which has been canabillised and incorperated into his armour. It has brought death to countless foes of the Emperor.

Personality: Octavian is a incredibly grim marine, seeing little use in idle talk and tall tales, he rarely speaks to anyone unless he believes that they have done something noteworthy. He has been regarded by many of his fellow brethren as dour and grim. However whenever there is a fight at hand Octavian is not found wanting. He will find the thickest fight where ever he can and will fight his hardest. He is noted by most as a deadly force not to be reckoned with.

Background: Octavian was born into a fairly wealthy noble family on a recruiting world of the Sin Eaters. He grew up trying to be the best of the best, always showing up his brothers or sisters. At the young age of 10 Rafeal was taken away from his family to serve the immortal Emperor. He was chosen by the Sin Eaters and spirited away to their fortress monestary. He survived the modification and training to enhance his abilities and become one of the Protectors of Humanity.

He was inducted into the tenth and earned his place among the second upon the death of his predecessor Rafeal, at the hands of the traitor marines of the World Eaters. He served in tactical squads in the second, before moving into one of the squads assualt squads. He served there until he was conferred to his current position, and thinks of himself as one of the veterans of the company seeing as he was awarded with a crux terminatus for almost 20 years.
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