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To The Dark Tower Came
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Hey everyone,

back trying to sell everything that didnt go last time.

Still have my battlefleet gothic fleet to sell:
Battlefleet Gothic Chaos Fleet | eBay
The fleet includes;
A black stone fortress
One chaos grand cruiser with some excellent greenstuff modelling on the hull, please see the photos.
5 chaos cruisers in a variety of classes
2 renegade imperial cruisers
10 chaos escorts
Fleet supplied with enough bases and stands to deploy the ships, and some spare parts for the cruiser without weapon options.

Some imperial guard:
Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Army | eBay
It's mainly infantry and included atleast 50 Cadian guardsmen in various states of assembly and painting.
Ten of these are still on the Sprue. And the army also includes parts from the Cadian command sprues.
Also has a chimera that is unassembled and missing it's turret.
There are also 9 large bases for heavy weapons teams.

A small Catachan detachment:
Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Catachans | eBay
20 imperial guard Catachan jungle fighters

And some old metal models:
Classic Warhammer Metal Models | eBay
There are four empire models, three nights, two without legs and one is missing his hand. The other is some kind of officer with a four barrelled pistol.
And then there are four high elf shields.
And finally 14 little goblins, all metal in a variety of poses.

Thanks for looking!
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