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well finally ran the pure green tide list (from the Ghazghkull supplement) with devastating destruction as a result. :biggrin:

this was the list 1496

Grukk FaceRippa

17 slugga boyz
*Nob PK shoota
*rokkit launcha
9 times
16 slugga boyz
*Nob PK shoota
*Rokkit launcha

tabled a grey knights army turn 4 ( I went first)
a necron player conceded turn 5 ( I went second)
won by 4 points against a nids army due to holding objectives. (I went second)

waaagh every turn is so powerful especially with the free hammer of wrath when it happens. people just can't get away from da boyz.

if you can field it give it a go. 162 models and lots of laughter, we're talking giggling like little school girls kind of laughter. requires no thought rokkits shoot on the first turn due to the no waaagh then that's it charge, rinse and repeat.
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