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The Grave Devil

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Hello everyone, here I'll post some of my stories I've written.
They are about my invented space marine chapter (wich I am also painting); 'The Grave Hounds'

The main character will be of course my space marine captain (5th company)
but sometimes the story will be told from another perspective

to start of before editing part one I wanted to post my captain's bio.

Hope you like it


Captain Camulos, lord of the Grave Hounds 5th company

Captain Camulos is THE perfect example of how a leader of the strongest forces of the emperium should be;
A master strategist, Insanely strong, Compassionate towards his brothers and utterly ruthless towards the enemies of mankind! He wears the title of captain now for over 200 years, It was bestowed upon him by the former chapter master Arvernus for his courage and skill during the 'Celtic' campaign. Taking over the mantel of the then recently deceased Captain Basque there were a lot of Captains and sergeants who had their doubts about the chapter master's decission. Those doubts were soon to be utterly crushed. Being a leader of a 10 men squad is one thing, but to decide the fate of over one hundred is a whole other situation, it was where Camulos exceled at.

The 5th Company quickly became known for carrying out it's expertly designed battle tactics, always striking with maximum capacity where the enemy least expected it. Camulos fought it all; from the ancient foes of the Ork and the Eldar to the recently discovered threats of the Tau, Necron and Tyranid. Although all these foes are utterly lethal, Camulos thinks that Chaos is the ultimate enemy of mankind! 5th company is almost always deployed to fight Chaos, wether it is a demon infested world, a heretic uprising or a chaos marine crusade.

Camulos is a warrior of no equal amongst his battle brothers of 5th Company, having been the former company champion he has always since fought the best that the Xenos and the heretics could throw against them but it wasn't untill he became Captain that he fought his hardest and most important battle; The battle at 'Teek' on a demon infested backwater called Avigron prime. It was here that he fought and bested a chaos demon prince in single combat earning him the nickname of 'THE GRAVE DEVIL'.

When going to battle he is always seen carrying his twin power swords 'Beliar' and 'Bezelber'. Beliar was given to him upon first becoming a tactical squad sergeant. Bezelber was a gift to him from a Veteran sergeant of the 'Lion Warriors' chapter; on a joined campaign Camulos and his squad saved the sergeant and his brothers from being overrun by Orks.
Though all the foes were slain, the sergeant was mortally wounded, he gave his sword as a gift as token of appreciation for saving his squad from death. Having accepted Bezelber 5th company has sworn oaths of friendship with the Lion warriors chapter.
The Chapter master's word is law within the chapter but a captain is the de-facto leader of his own company. It is safe to say that the grave devil the both soul and judgement for any members of 5th. Although he has the final word, he relies on a council to aid him in making various difficult judgement decisions. The council is made up of the company chaplains, librarians, techmarines and sergeants.
Altough always serious and focused when it matters, Camulos has the bad habit of wandering off in toughts when spoken to of trivial matters and even during training. His favorite pasttime on the few occasions that the company is at rest on the chapter homeworld, is to go riding his bike on the vast plains for days on end.


C&C appreciated
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Chapter ONE

'The plains of Cerberis'


It was a good day today, Camulos decided; warm, a clear blue sky and a refreshing little breeze.
Riding his bike through the endless plains he really enjoyed this momentary distraction from his otherwise stressfull duties. And what a sight it was: Riding through vast plains filled with nothing but grave markers and tombstones for as far as the eye could see, and he could look very far indeed. A magnificent planet it was; a former agri-world declared 'mausoleum valorum' by the emperium of man, indeed this was a war-grave world. Located around the Reductus sector of the Segmentum Tempestus. Just another forgotten planet by the emperium though, one amongst Billions. There are no enemies here, no populace, only the endless dead. He did not fear the dead, he was no mere human after all. Fear was an emotion that he did not understand, in fact he felt very comfortable and at ease. Riding without helmet was after all not something he would otherwise do in unknown territory.

The planet was called 'CERBERIS', named after an old Terran legend; That of a giant three-headed hound who guarded the gates off hell, making sure none of the living could get in... or the dead to get out. 'Very appropriate we came here then.' Camulos thought. His destination came within view and he felt wonder and amazement even after seeing it for probably the thousand time. It was a great city... no not just a city, because there were no houses, it contained only churches and cathedrales all in Gothic style, becoming bigger and more complex towards the centre, his destination.

Leaving the plains and the headstones behind he entered the city, no fortified gates bared his way, this place was to beautiful for such things. Kicking up dust along the deserted streets he made good time now, not having to weave through endless formations of stones. This city was one of 10 on this continent and dubbed by his kin as the 5th entry point. He belonged to 5th after all, actually he was 5th both in soul and in judgement. after another hour of riding he finally reached this next stop along the way, coming upon the end of a long avenue he came upon a massive plaza, a perfect circle in diameter and ringed with 5 massive cathedrals on it's circumference. he stared at the centre of the plaza for a moment, looking towards the great statue that was the centre of the city, It was a statue of the Emperor fashioned from the clearest of marble. One hand outstretched and pointing his index finger towards the sky. his other hand was held down by his side where rested a great black hound made entirely out of the darkest Obsidian. The hound showed his fangs towards the sky in the direction where the emperor pointed to some imaginary enemy. The message was clear; 'we are the hounds, watchdogs of the imperium of mankind and bloodhounds of the emperor himself'.
Saluting the Statue he made his way towards a building between two of the five cathedrals. It was a mausoleum; a burial place for only the bravest of heroes. placing his bike in an alcove into the side of the building he then walked up the stairs and pushed open the ancient wooden doors. It felt good to be of his bike, having spent most of the day joyriding he started to begin feeling sore from lack of motion. The inside of the mausoleum was totally empty besides the columns that supported the roof and but one stone coffin. The coffin was bare and un-ornamented, not as much as a name was chisseled onto it's smooth surfaces. With carefull reverence Camulos started to slide the lid open. The lid wouldn't budge... applying more and more of his humongous strength, the lid finaly started to slide and green luminescent light bathed his face from a power source from within the grave. Camulos kept pushing untill half the inside of the coffin was visible. There was no body, only a small device with a green display containing certain numerals and digits. It was a code-pad; After pushing the correct 24-digit code the device shut itself off.

The floor of the mausoleum started to rumble, throwing down dust from the ceiling ontop of Camulos his Long black-grey hair. As if my magic the tiles of the floor started to fall away creating an entrance towards a hidden room in the floor.
Pushing the lid of the coffin back close Camulos decended the entrance and after reaching the end he found a door, smaller then the ones of the entrance but large notheless. He walked into the darkness now, here the light of day was not able to penetrate the chamber behind the doors, It did not mater, Camulos didn't need light to see. It was just another hallway, pitchblack and running down an angle towards a point deep under the city. walking for several minutes he heard a familiar rumble and knew that the tiles of the mausoleum had returned to their original state, showing no sign that it was anything other than just another mausoleum in this church city.

'Ah, how had it come to this' Camulos tought, reflecting to himself now he knew that he still had some time to walk. It was absolutly necessary to hide this entrance so well lest he wanted that the same thing happened here the same as what happened on his homeworld. His homeworld, the forge world of Treno, an ashen, barren rock full of vulcanic activity and home to a lot of dangerous animals. Desaster stricked there... and it was destroyed. A heretic uprising had begun, clandestine, sercretly. Before we knew what happened it was already to late; chaos had found a foothold in the upper hierarchy in this! A space marine chapter homeworld... we where fools then, allowing the enemy to gain intelligence and worse, entrance to the monastery. A cult intent on destroying a chapter of the emperor's finest... they nearly succeeded, but we escaped. 'We fled, of towards the depth of the universe to lick our wounds and to recover but not before we set that planet alight, destroyed, annihilated, call it what you will. We had no other choise, Chaos had run to deep there.' And instead of becoming a fleet based chapter as so many of our brothers, we found ourselves a new home world, Beautiful and uncorruptable. It is a big secret of course that we are here, even the inquisition thinks our fleet drifts somewhere in space.

Camulos came upon another double door, not wood or iron but STEEL, Impregnable to but the heaviest of explosives. After pushing in the access code it opened with a click, casting a lance of light out from the gap between the doors. inside was a huge circular chamber, industrial looking with metal walls and lumiglobes on the circumference. A huse disc of several meters diameter hoovered just off the floor. After stepping upon it and walking towards the middle he called out the password, the disc magnified and held onto Camulos his armoured feet. Then a hole opened up below the disc and it fell into the darkness. It was not an unpleasant feeling, akin to being pulled in one's seat during take-off in a thunderhawk. Slowly the disc balanced out, gaining frontal motion instaid of downward motion and Camulos saw that the disc was flying in a giant tube-like hallway at an incredible speed, were it not for the magnetism Camulos was sure that he would have been thrown right clear for a several kilometers or being smashed to a pulp on the wall. Then suddenly the disc slowed down exponetially and stopped in a huge room, again hoovering a little from the floor. A little lightheaded Camulos stepped of the disc and when he did so it took off again towards the 5th entry-point. At last he was back, inside the hidden underground monastery. closing his eyes untill the light-headedness fadded he stepped towards the chamber doors, fun was over, now he had some training to do. Camulos stopped suddenly taking a deep breath and saying: 'I had hoped nobody found out about me leaving for a day'.
'Did you really think a Brother Captain would not be missed?' Came the reply. Camulos turned and from a dark alcove a giant stepped out of the darkness. Altough huge, he was not bigger than Camulos. He eyed the newcommer suspiciously.
'You showing up here in full battle religia... What's going on, Teigen?' Camulos had noticed that his sergeant was wearing his full battle armour, the holy colours worn by the Grave Hounds; Bone and Turquoise. In comparisson the Captain was only wearing a lightly armoured version, good for when in transport and similar to that being worn by the scouts of his chapter.
'...Trouble.' Teigen replied after a moments hesitation; 'Chapter master Aertmael wants to have a word with you my lord.'
'Then we best not keep him waiting then.' Came the reply.

Togheter the giants strode off, through the massive hallways towards the elevators... Undoubtably bringing them towards bad news.

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Chapter TWO

' The Tome of knowledge '


The sound was unbearable, a never-ending wail of pure noise like that of a thousand blades shrieking over stone. Brother Raghnall was anxiously waiting for this hell ride to be over, and he had been taking such a nice nap to. Having been bloody awakened for this minor battle was just wrong, what the hell was that captain Camulos thinking? Maybe he had some ulterior motive for finishing this war as soon as possible. Raghnall was determined to finish this fool's play everyone called a battle in a matter of hours. The mission was simple; Take control of the city by destroying the enemy HQ who were cossily holed up in the presidential palace. How convenient that he would be dropped right at the front door, he wouldn't even have to walk that far. The drop pod suddenly started to shudder even more than it was doing before causing the inside of the pod to blink up in a red gloom, information concerning air pressure, current speed, downward angle and many more uninteresting stuff were blinking angrily from the monitors. The only information worth a damn intrest was that of the time till impact; 22 seconds to go. Finaly, almost there... Just a lil' longer... Almost! There was a sound like a thunderclap, but 100 times as loud and a shock like that of a continent crippling earthquake. At least the unbearable shrieking had stopped only to be replaced by the sound of a city at war; the 'thud-thump' of mortar shells raining down and the endless roar of uncountable voices and gunfire. Then came the familiar 'crump' of the pod's blast door being blasted open.
Brother Ragnall stepped outside his drop pod and surveyed his suroundings; his back was facing the palace and in front of him was the heavily fortified enemy line, made up of hastily erected plasteel constructions, heavy weapon emplacements and trenches on the great plaza. It seemed that the PDF and his battle brothers have taken control of the buildings around the plaza and were trying to break a hole through the heretic defences. Having been dropped right between the palace and the front line Raghnall looked at the devestation that his landing had caused; There were probably around 20 men sprawled about on the ground, moaning and cursing. Having been caught in the blast of the landing combined with the lethal scharpnel cast from the tiled floor and the metal bits from the blast doors.
'DREADNOUGHT!!!' He heard somebody call, suddenly becoming a bulls-eye for about every gun in the vicinity. He felt like a pincushion for a moment, The bullets and las rounds weren't really causing any damage but very annoying nonetheless.
'FOR THE EMPIRE!' Roared the huge dreadnought while advancing towards a group of heretics emerging from within the palace walls. Seeing the terrified looks on their faces Raghnall was utterly disgusted 'TIME FOR YOU TO MEET YOUR GODS!' A searing blast of promethium was loosened over the group, flaying their flesh and melting their bones and without breaking stride Raghnall thundered through the palace wall.

'Almost time...' brother Seargant Othello of the first assault squad voxed to his squadbrothers.
They were all hiding for now, unseen on top of the few remaining tall buildings in the city.
And then there he was, the drop pod containing brother Raghnall had landed right ontop an enemy squad advancing towards the front line.
'Let's fly brothers, DEATH TO THE HERETICS!' yelled Othello, leaping of the side of the building and intiating his jump thrusters towards the enemy line. The jump easily took him over the enemy defences to land at their enemies back.
'Caedmon, Edan, Feoras, Herne, Olwyn, cover brother Raghnall! The rest with me, make a entrance for our brothers!'
There were a lot of affirmatives over the comm and Othello saw the dreadnought going on a rampage already; incinerating a group of unlucky traitors.
Othello knew his brothers could handle the assignment inside the palace, aiding Raghnall and taking out the heretic leaders. It was a good plan wich would make an end to the fighting over the Capitol swiftly, however Othello has to make a breach in the enemy defenses, lest he wanted his brothers and the ironclad to be overrun.
The palace was vast, containing innumerable foes, yet they had taken their attention and the Loyalist were now able to advance upon the enemy cordon without being pinned by the marksmen at the palace windows.
Turning his attention towards the Heavy weapon emplacements Othello thought of going on a little rampage of his own.
Jumping upon the plasteel walls , Othello could eassily fly towards all the different independent heavy weapon teams, taking them out one at a time.
Smashing ontop of a traitor officer within the middle of a few enemy squads, The sarge assaulted lightning fast through the group heading towards a pair of storm bolters raining death upon advancing loyalists. Dashing one operator off the parapet the others didn't realise what was happening until it was to late to defend themself; Cutting them down in a matter of hartbeats Othello slashed through the muzzle's of the bolters, effectively destroying them. By now the others had realized that they were in a dangerous situation, trying to kill the space marine they had opened fire only to realize he wasn't there anymore. Othello jumped and then came down, landing with his full weight atop a mutated freak, breaking every bone in his body, he became a Torrent of destruction; smashing, slashing, breaking, tearing, crushing, stomping and utterly destroying anything that came in contact with either his power fist or his lightning claw. Ducking the slash of a sword he clawed out toward the man's gut, tearing him in 2. While rising he uppercuted the head of another with his power fist, smashing the headless body into 3 of his companions bowling them all to the floor. He kicked out, shattering the pelvis of a huge balding heretic. A wordless bellow issued forth from its mouth showing hundreds of needle like teeth in his mouth. While he lay there clutching his shattered body Othello backhanded a toad like humanoid, carthweeling him end over end over the plasteel walls towards the ground bellow. Before he knew it the skirmish was over, surrounded by a host of dead enemies Othello looked out over the walls seeing how the battle was unfolding; The loyalists had reached the trenches and were engaged in a dirty, bloody pit fight with the heretics there. He saw his assault brothers taking out the other heavy weapons around the walls, looking down he saw Brother Neale throwing a few krak grenades down the entrance hatch of a looted Leman Russ, he jumped clear as the tank exploded from within, killing all inside. 3 tactical squads had already breached through the plasteel walls and they were advancing towards the palace walls.
The plan had been executed perfectly as usual and it was now certain that the Traitors would be destroyed within hours. Spotting a group of scum with missile launchers trying to get into a firing position, Othello decided to pay them a visit...
'Ah, Killing fools can be so unfulfilling...'

There was an eerie silence on the bridge of the strike cruiser 'The Eternal Bliss'. Camulos stood watching upon the raised dais towards the planet below; a sphere of the deepest azur and pink. The fifth company's starship was hanging in orbit around the planet, where below there was a war raging on. 'SHORON' prime was a beautiful planet to say the least, easily half again as large as ancient Terra. Seeing the clear blue oceans and the mineral-full soil Camulos could see that the planet was untainted by the Imperium's constant need for exploiting natural resources to feed it's people or to arm it's soldiers. The planet was unblemished, save perhaps for the most evil of taints; A heretic uprising. It reminded Camulos of what happened to his own homeworld and the thought made his blood boil; How in the emperors name was it possible for the inhabitants of this well-faring world to start war in the name of Chaos... They'll learn their error soon enough.
'How fares the hunt?' a voice asked him, disturbing his thoughts and causing him to turn around to look at his "companion".
'Battle reports surface-wise claim the capitol will be ours by nightfall.' Camulos stated while observing the man in front of him; an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. The man was in his mid-fifties at least if you believed the wrinkels showing on his craggy features. Grey hair gelled back showing intricate sigils tattood on his forehead. The Inquisitor wore a silver battle plate, greaves and vambraces worked out in platinum detail and a long ivory cloak hung from his broad muscular shoulders.
'So tell me, Ramtsjek. Will we find the 'Holy Writ' within the palace complex?'
The Inquisitor made a few disaproving clicking sounds; 'First we take the palace, what happens next you'll see then.'
'Don't treat me like child!' Camulos snapped 'You are on MY ship, don't you forget... You better pray that the assault on the palace was not in vain, as I don't need to remind you, time is of the essence.'
'I know that better than anyone, you just make sure we get the palace in our grasp. Now if you'll excuse me I have other business to take care of...' and without saying another word the Inquisitor turned and made for the bridge doors.
Camulos couldn't hide a snarl surfacing on his face when watching Ramtsjek leave, there was just something about that Inquisitor that made him want to start yelling at everybody, he was easilly the most arrogant man that Camulos had ever met, and that was saying a lot! Turning his attention back towards the planet Camulos felt his choler drain. Soon... they would reclaim the book and then be off before more trouble came their way. Thinking back, 2 months ago Camulos tought that this mission would be like a walk in the park, how wrong he was. He could still remember the conversation taking place in the Chapter masters Chamber;

'You have summoned for me my lord?'
'Ah yes, Camulos, I have a mission for you and the 5th.'
Camulos eyed the chapter master warrily. Aertmael, even though a chapter master, was looking worse by the day; seeing him in his Feathered greatcloak Camulos could see that the chapter master had lost a lot of weight, so the strange illness was affecting him still...
'How are you feeling brother? Has the illness subsided somewhat?'
Aertmael stared at Camulos with sunken eyes holed up in an utterly drained face; 'Not in the least...' the chapter master rasped through clenched teeth. 'But conversing with you about my... affection... is hardly the reason why I called you over my trusted friend, as I said earlier I have a mission for you.'
'A mission?' Claimed Camulos with a hint of disbelief in his voice. 'The fifth has just returned home after spending 3 decades patroling the edges of the Segmentum Tempestus!'
'I realise your men need the rest, but you are the only one able to do this.'
'What about the 2nd company?' Camulos stuttered.
'... Occupied.' replied the chapter master plainly. 'I've had to send them to reinforce the 3th company at the Gallileo campaign, things have taken a turn for the worst over there... Also, the 4th is below Company strength and with the loss of Captain Aricar the men are too demoralised. No I need a full company to do this thing.
'As my lord wishes.' sighed Camulos, realising there was no way out of this assignement. 'What is it you need us for?'
'We've had a request from the Ordo Hereticus to aid a certain Inquisitor in reclaiming a certain artefact dating back to the end of the age of strife.' Aertmael mumbled.
'From the great Crusade?!' Camulos gasped.
The chapter master nodded; 'It lies on a planet called Shoron, several star systems away, easy enough to reach through warp travel though. It is said that the emperor himself set foot on the planet and reclaimed the planet unto the realm of humanity. As a gift to the locals, to show his faith in humanity and to welcome the population back into the folds of the empire the emperor wrote a book, a huge tome containing information about humanity as a species in the universe, Secrets about the ideology of the forging of the adeptus astartes, Tales from the emperors past and his visions for the future.'
Aertmael paused, taking a gulp from a vile reeking potion wich was kept inside his cloak.
'Of course the book was never actually read by anyone, kept a secret from, well, almost everybody. Locked up in a temple complex, having been eroded over the millenia. No-one knows for sure where the book is actually.'
'Why wasn't the book confiscated after the heresy then? surely it was a most dangerous artefact when falling in the wrong hands?' Claimed Camulos.
'The reason why eludes me my friend, all I know is that a heretic uprising has begun on the surface of the planet and the Inquisition deemed it unsafe for the book to remain there any longer. There is always the possibility that some of the turned political leaders have any knowledge of the book.'
'And HOW exactly will we find it?'
'There will be an Inquisitor escorting you to the planet, he will be in overall comand, you will reunite the remaining PDF loyalist troops and launch a counterattack against the enemy traitors!'
'Very well my lord, we shall leave on the morrow then!' Camulos said before saluting and turning towards the door.
'Oh and Camulos, It's just one little planet you'll be liberating, you'll be back before you know it!'
Camulos turned and looked upon his old friends frail looking body; 'May you be in better shape next time we meet brother.'
After shutting the hardwood doors behind him Camulos heard the chapter master developing a flurry of coughs. Somehow he doubted that Aertmael's status could still improve...

Things hadn't really gone quite as smooth as promised. First thing after leaving the warp they were flooded with reports of a massive 'Waaaagh!' being let loose on neighboring star systems, after making calculations it seemed that the waaaagh would reach Shoron within the week, and with them, destroying the change of ever reclaiming the precious artefact. They were now fighting a war against time, needing to liberate the planet, finding the book and then jumping back out of the system before being consumed by the Ork tide. And to make matters worse, it became obvious that the remaining PDF troops were being rapidly slaughtered by the cunning traitors. Finaly they've managed to gain control over the planetary capitol and hopefully the wereabouts of the Tome. Time is almost up, a matter of days, maybe hours before the first of the Orks break into system and then all hell would break loose...

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Ooooh! I absolutely love this!!!! :D

Glad you liked it :D even though your the only one to post a reply it really makes it worth all the effort of writing it....

coming up part 3 (best one yet, lots of action!)
posting tomorrow

chapter THREE

'Fury aboard the Bliss'


Vidan advanced, thundering blow after blow towards the traitorous bastard with all the ferocity of an avalanche. His power sword was an invisible blur as he hacked and slashed without abandon. Yet despite all his skill and speed it seemed as if his enemy had no trouble at all to avoid his attacks, eassily ducking and weaving through the blows the unarmed form of inquisitor Ramtsjek moved with an agility and swiftness impossible for any human to imitate wether they are astartes or not. Despite being unarmed and fighting against a group of space marines the inquisitor was a wickedly dangerous foe. The mosaic floor of the chapel aboard the 'Eternall Bliss' was already littered with half a dozen dead battle brothers. Ramtsjek was fighting bare chested showing his tout wiry muscles and his many scars from his battles that he had earned throughout the universe. A faint nimbus of dark grey light surounded his hands; some psyker invoked spell that enabled him of killing the brothers with his bare hands. As Camulos watched; one of Vidan's slashes was blown aside with the backhanded blow of the inquisitor, overbalancing him. Before Vidan could even react the inquisitor had moved behind him and gently laid his hand between vidan's shoulder pad and his gorget. there was a second of silence accompanied with the smell of ozone and then the sound of a thunderclap. As a massive amount of dark energy was unleashed, the power armour of Vidan was blown to smithereens and with it his entire upper body. Camulos saw another one of his honour guard get slayed by the tainted magic of chaos. He watched the three body parts of his former friend fly through the air; his right arm and skull flew through the chapel windows, breaking the ancient glass and with it a number of famous
depicted battles that were part of the chapter's honorous history. What was left of the upper torso landed near the holy altar smearing all around with crimson blood. The chapel had turned into a charnel house. As the lower body of the bisected battle brother dropped through it knees, unable to support it's own weight without a spinal cord, landing with a leaden *thud* upon the floor breaking several tiles the Demon possesed form of ramtsjek turned slowly to regard The battle captain of the fifth. Where before were the ice-blue eyes of the inquisitor there were now the strange dark-yellow feline eyes filled with malice and undesirable knowledge.
'Next?' the inquisitor asked mockingly, almost bored.
The Three remaining battle brothers looked warily at Camulos. They had all seen how the Demon had killed brother Ersez the company librarian by throwing a corruscating bolt of energy at him, popping his head like an overripe melon. Carefully trying to encircle him, the marines paced around the blood-slicked floor of the chapel doing their best not to slip while containing visual contact with the enemy at all times. Ramtsjek glanced casually to his left and his right before turning his attention fully atop Camulos again. Grinning wickedly the inquistor winked at the captain.
'You know, I'd have thought your dogs to be better at this. But all they seem good for is to decorate the background.' he mocked.
Camulos shook, his anger barely contained, his face a mask of fury. Refusing to be goaded he bared his teeth. If any humans had looked upon Camulos his face at that moment they could have easily mistaken him for a space wolf.
'You... Will suffer for this! I... can assure you... THAT! he whispered.
Ramtsjek made that disaproving clicking sound he was so fond of.
'Surely... you must realize by now that all your efforts in fighting me has been in vain. Ah, don't be so headstrong my friend. At least let me explain my motives then, if you listen carefully you might even hear something that may alter your current perspective on life. And with this...' the inquisitor pointed to the holy book that hung on a chain attached to his waist '... Can you not imagine the devestation we can bring to humanity, all the secrets it can teach us! Don't worry about it Camulos, this was as much your chapter's and the inquisitions fault for letting the book fall in the hands of chaos, than it was yours. If anything you should be proud to ha...'
'SILENCE!' Interrupted Camulos. 'Now you die traitor!'
Camulos crossed the distance with the chaos pawn in a heartbeat. He lashed out with Beliar almost to fast for even the heretic to follow. Ramtsjek side-stepped just in time to feel the hum of the power weapon passing through the air scant centimeters from his face. Camulos followed through with Bezelber; a back-handed slash with his right aimed to take off the inquisitor's head. Throwing himself backwards it was all he could do to avoid being killed, sending his damned soul into the warp. but Camulos wasn't done yet. His next attack with Beliar was a thrust, aimed for his heart but then at the last moment the trajectory altered; a faint towards the inquisitor's knee aiming to shear it off above the joint. It was an incredible move, one that could only be mastered by having a lifetime experience of battle. It took all of Ramtsjek's speed to pull back his leading leg but alas, the faint was also a faint. A lightning fast vertical slash with Bezelber was arcing down towards his shoulder. Cursing his enemy he tried to get out of his reach once again but this time he was too slow; Bezelber drew blood, making a deep cut from his shoulder to his belly and then Camulos kicked out. It was like being hit by dreadnought. A full frontal kick into his stomach enforced by all his supernatural bio-engineered muscles and the servo-motors of his power armour. He heard his ribs shatter as if they were made of glass, ripping his internal organs into a thousand ruptured pieces. Vomiting blood the inquisitor was catapulted backwards flying with the force of a bolter shell into the holy altar, comming to a rest with his vision a blur he had the sense to roll aside. As expected not a heartbeat later the ceramite shod feet of the captain crashed down onto the place where his head had previously been. The mosaic floor exploded under the impact and a gust of dust and sharpnel encircled the two warriors. Jumping to his feet he expected the next sweep of the captain to come for his body. The remaining battle brothers sought to help their captain by firing wildly with their bolt pistols into the still settling dustscreen hoping to get a lucky shot in to wound and possibly slow the Heretic. Ramtsjek smiled, this was becoming rather fun he thought. A few bolt shells lodged themselves into his body, not caussing any real damadge he noticed that the cut on his body was already starting to clott and heal. Truly the powers of the demon was incredible. His main concern lay with the captain, if he wasn't to carefull then this whole ordeal might have been in vain, no he must get the book into safety. He sensed rather than saw the blow coming, a horizontal sweep to take his legs off. Ramtsjek jumped hearing the power weapon consume the air beneath him , turning his his body 180 degrees in the air and kicked out using all of his demon enforced might. Camulos didn't see the blow coming and took it full in the face. Ramtsjek heard his visor crack. As the captain stumbled backwards, trying to regain his focus he saw that the helmet bore a huge dent effectively locking it onto his face. Unable to take his helmet off and with a broken eye-lens the captain was now half blind. Taking advantage of the situation Ramtsjek attacked while mad laughter bubbled forth from down his throat; already assured of his victory he dispelled the aura about his fists, wanting to pummel his enemy to death. First there was a blow against his temple, followed by a kick against his right hand causing Bezelber to fly through the air landing near the blood spattered body of the former librarian. Camulos was almost defenceless, taking a
barrage of hits that even his enhanced body had trouble with sustaining. En elbow smashed into his stomach, cracking his chestplate and bending him over. A knee followed, smacking his head backwards. As he was about to topple backwards he slashed out with Beliar hoping to wound the inquisitor. Ramtsjek saw the blow coming and waited for it to pass the empty air in front of him before he continued with his flurry of punches. Knocking the captain into the ground Ramtsjek stomped onto his hand, breaking his fingers and numbing his arm. The feeling was akin to that of his hand being run over by a land raider. Unable to keep a hold of Beliar, the power weapon was lost from his grip. Becoming bored Ramtsjek wanted to end it, summoning the power of the warp he called upon another bolt of corruscating energy. Just as he was about to unleash it a huge weight barreled into him from behind.

The remaining battle brothers had decided to join the fight, trying to save their captain and destroying the demon. It was a bold move. One of them crashed into the inquisitors back throwing him face-down on the floor. The space marine wrestled him down sitting atop his back using all his weight to pin him into place. Wraping his arms around his throat he tried to break the heretics neck. Another nimbus of energy appeared around the inquisitors hands as he tried to get out of the marine's grip, throwing his arms backwards he sought to gain purchase of something. Grasping the brother's feet he once again unleashed the foul energy, melting through the ceramite armour. The battle brother screamed, having his feet melted away up to his knees was not exactly a pleasant experience. Still feverishly trying to hold his grip it seemed that the inquisitor was just too strong for him. Without the purchase of the marines feet Ramtsjek was able to roll over laying atop the honour guard. A few well placed elbow blows into his ribs send him reeling, making him soften his grip. Slamming his head backwards he heard the marines helmet crack, it seemed wise to repeat the attack a few times so he did untill the marine stopped moving. Crawling back up he saw one of the other marines kneeling over the captain and out of the corner of his eye the last was racing towards him, lightning claw raised ready to strike. Pointing a finger towards him the bare-headed marine halted, throwing himself to the side as the lightning bolt passed beside him. Using his momentum to roll the marine got up again and continued his advance. Ramtsjek grinned in comply. Uttering a terrifying shout of challenge the marine brought his claw down upon the demons form. Grabbing hold of the gauntlet with one of his chaos infused hands the two stood
unmoving before each other, trying to exert their power and will to force their opponent down. For a few heartbeats nothing changed and then slowly the lightning claw was being forced backwards until suddenly Ramtsjek flicked his wrist, tearing one of the claws clean off the gauntlet. There was a look of utter shock carved upon the marine his face. Trying to back out of the heretics reach, Ramtsjek dashed out with his supernatural speed slamming the still charged spike through his gorget. After ramming the claw through the brother's throat Ramtsjek watched approvingly as the marine's backward momentum made him trip, falling over with a gurgled cry. Watching him spasm for several seconds as his body went into shock the inquisitor returned his attention back towards his former companion. Ramtsjek was delighted to see the captain back on his feet, with Beliar already returned to his hand. He looked shaken but still the inquisitor was glad. There seemed to be some more fight left in him after all. The last remaining honour guard had already noticed his companions had fallen and stood defensively before his captain, ready to defend him with his life if needed be. Ramtsjek charged, heading directly for Grave Hound. Despite the demons speed, the marine still had the time to draw his bolt pistol and snap three shots off at him. Easily evading them the inquisitor shoulder smashed the marine several meters through the air, crashing him into a pillar that decorating the chapel in gothic style. As the marine bounced of the piller into the floor the pillar broke in half, toppling over and crushing the battle brother beneath. Letting out an earsplitting howl of pleasure and delight the inquisitor walked towards the captain.
'You know, I like you Camulos. I really do. In fact I like you so much that I think I'll take your soul with me, as a gift to my master. He'll much enjoy the soul of a space marine captain I think.'
A barking laughter erupted from within the captain's fractured helm; 'You really still think you can just take the book and walk out of here don't you. I've told you before, this is MY ship.
The inquisitor laughed in reply; 'And you really think I'm still here because I've got no other choise?' Again that damned humiliating sound clicked from his lips.
'The only reason I'm still blessing you with my pressence is because I want to see you suffer Camulos. If I want, I can just warp out of here at anytime I want.
'True... but you won't do that unless I'm dead now won't you? And I'm not about to let that happen.'
'Simple-minded fool!' Spat the inquisitor; 'I'll make you curse my name for all eternity just for that remark alone!'
'Bring it on!'
Ramtsjek charged, his patience was gone now and it was about time to teach that fool a lesson. As he came within reach Camulos struck out, much slower than before but fast nontheless. The inquisitor back-stepped without trouble, then waiting for the follow-up wich he dodged just as easily. He ducked beneath a back-handed slash and kicked out at the captains knee. Camulos side-stepped, countering the kick with a two-handed blow aimed to cut the inquisitor in half. Jumping backwards out of reach Ramtsjek saw the captain draw his archaic master-crafted boltpistol, unleashing half a dozen bolts into the still retreating form of the chaos pawn. Ramtsjek had to relent momentarily under the barrage and tried to create as much distance between themselves as possible. It was then that he realised his mistake; The captain had unslung three frag grenades from his belt beneath his cloak and as he watched with a dumbfounded look the captain primed and threw them. The first aimed at some point behind his back flew over him while the other two were thrown to his sides. The inquisitor desperatly tried to race forward again but it was already to late. With the sound of a thunderclap the grenades went off almost simultaneously. The shockwave caught him in his back, breaking all the remaining chapel windows and slamming him face-first into the floor. His momentum carried him forwards rasping his face over the sharp ruined tiles of the chapel floor. Skidding to a halt several meters before the ruined altar the inquisitor got up shakily. Momentarily dazed from his wounds they were so severe even his demon enhanced physique had trouble coping with it. His face was a bloody ruin of cut's and grazes and his entire back was flayed of skin, showing the pure white of the bone beneath. Acting on insinct he threw himself back again as the powered hum of the sword swept beside him. He missed the lethal edge by a hair's breath. Instead of opening his belly, spreading his ropy entrails all around the floor the power sword cleaved through the chains holding the holy tome attached to his waist. As the book fell, Camulos made a grap at it. A sudden deamonic fury came upon the inquisitor; 'MINE!!!' he spat smashing his fist into the captain's face with the force of a gun batterie. Surprised of his own speed and strength he watched the captain carthweel away end over end smashing into the far wall, cracking the surface of the massive stone barrier. As the captain slumped into unconsiousness Ramtsjek reverently picked the book up while a huge drop of drool hung from his chin. He was starting to lose himself to the demon. He had to get out of here while he still got the sanity to make a rational descision. Deamon or no it wouldn't do good to go on a rampage against a full company of space marines. He would surely get destroyed. Deciding to go he began to chant the incantation that would teleport him somewhere into the warp. He vowed to take care of the captain some other time and then he would make sure to take his time abusing the foolish Grave Hound captain. Suddenly he felt a hand grabbing him by the ankles. Turning backwards and staring down he saw the upper half of a space marine body grasping him tight. It was one of those he disposed of at the beginning of the fight. Through the shatterd visor and cracked oped helmet he saw the blood-slick visage of a warrior veteran looking at him. His eyes were filled with undescribeable hatred. The sliver of drool droped from his chin right atop the half dead body and in a fit of rage he stomped down ontop the marine's head, popping it like an egg with a sickening crunch.
'DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE WHAT YOU THINK???!!!' he yelled at the dead form of the Grave Hound. His head swam and he had trouble focussing. His mind dimly registered Camulos getting slowly back up, the shattered remains of his helmet falling from his head. The captain looked at him with a look of utter disgust and the confidence that he would surely destroy the chaos pawn. Another fit of rage threathened to overwhelm the inquisitor again filling his head with images of pure terror undoubtably caused by the demon trying to gain controll over his flesh.


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Camulos saw the original form of the inquisitor began to transform, the damage he inflicted seemed to have taken it's toll on both the inquisitors body and mind.Glad to be rid of Ramtsjeks annoying banter Camulos didn't relish the prospect of going a few bouts agains a real demon. He felt utterly drained and lapsed in and out of consiousness for several heartbeats. He was the only one standing now, he was the only one able to stop the beast now. Looking around he spotted the reassuring form of Bezelber lying on the ground, uneasily he stumbled towards it determined to fight the demon with all he had left to give. There he stood then, beaten and broken in a chapel that seemed to have been exposed to a hurricane, blood and glass was everywhere. He was ready to meet his end. He didn't actually believe he would be able to destroy the demon and cast it back into the warp but emperor be damned if he didn't try. Looking upon what Ramtsjek had become he felt strangly melancholic, remembering the demon prince he battled once upon that certain planet all those years ago. The former inquisitor looked at him with eyes full of malice, a wicked grin painted it's face with a long rotten tongue worming it's way through the maze that were his teeth. The inquisitor must have grown twice it's height standing a full two heads taller than the honorable captain. The faint nimbus of light had dissapeared from his hands and in it's place there were long claws extruding from his fingers wich looked sharp enough to cut trough a Rhino. His hair had become much thinner and was now ash-grey in colour with two sets of huge horns extruding from his skull making him look even more massive. All of the inquisitor's former wounds had already healed creating a criss cross of scars across his body. The demon leered at him gleefully and started to advance towards the captain. Huge jets of blackened flame suddenly erupted from the demons claws and the beast made ready to assault his prey. Raising both his power weapons in a gesture of challenge to the demon a wordless bellow roared out from his ravaged throat. Camulos charged, the Demon did likewise and the two were ontop each other in a heartbeat. So this would be it then... Endgame.

Bressal waited anxiously in the strategical chamber aboard 'The Bliss' and looking around him staring into the faces of his brothers he saw that he wasn't the only one. They had just got back from the surface, retreating from the Ork host and already they had been summoned. It seemed everything had calmed down now, the ship was at relative ease. Just an hour ago things had been different; when retreating from the surface in their designated thunderhawk he had seen the battle that took place in orbit of the planet. The eternal bliss was engaged in a fierce battle with two other Ork ships. Bressal was proud to see a third already reduced to a blazing wreck, being pulled into the upper atmosphere by the planets gravity. But of course these were only the Ork vanguard; more and more ships were soon to materialize from the warp, taking away the bliss's chance of survival. Already Bressal could see the strike cruizer trying to disengage from the battle, they had the book (not a moment to soon) and were ready to leave. Thinking back Bressal remembered the ship shaking heavily when under pursuit by the Orkish vessels but it seemed everything has calmed down and all was quiet, expect for the occasional shudder of course. Looking around the U-shaped table Bressal inspected the other members of the council on wich Camulos often relied. Although they had all been asked to join the meeting ASAP there were still a lot of empty places. It was strange considering the meeting had been called out about twenty minutes ago, easily enough time for everyone to gather. The seat of sergeant Tiabaz was empty, no wonder considering he fell during the assault of the imperial palace and a replacement still had to be chosen. Sergeant Teigen was also absent, as were two of the three company apothecaries. Bressal knew that one was kept in the medical lab to take of the wounded battle brothers but he had no idea were the other was. Heck, even the chaplain and that librarian were missing. It was most unusual indeed. After waiting for several more minutes the entrance doors slid open with a hiss of hydraulic pressure. Marching inside with his usual overconfident stride was the 'Oath Breaker'. But instead of taking his usual seat across the table circumference he took the captains place, standing on a raised dais decorated with a huge stone-hewn throne. Instead of sitting down however he stood before it and made the gesture for silence. Instantly all the council members stopped their conversations and listen attentively at the sergeant.
'Greetings brothers, thank you for attending this meeting on such short notice. I'm sure you all have important post-battle issues to take care of but I'm afraid that'll have to wait.'
Stopping for a moment to catch his breath Teigen continued; 'First of all I wanted to update you all on our situation. The eternall bliss has succesfully disengaged from the battle around the planet's surface and has managed to break free from the Ork pursuers. After a full status check the bridge has reported that no major breaking points have been created in the hull and that all compartments are safe. Unfortunatly however is that our wap drive has been damaged beyond our ability to repair.'
'You mean we are adrift' Came the terse reply from brother Berial, the techmarine.
'No, the bridge still has full control over the ship. We can go wherever we want but just not by traversing into the warp.' The oath-breaker replied; 'The closest forge world capable of repairing the drive is two systems away. We have already contacted the mechanicus adepts and they have taken a priority in fixing the ship. Altough you all know that without a warp jump two systems is pretty far away so I don't have to tell you all that it will take some time to reach the forge world.'
'Define a long time.' ventured the squad sergeant of the second assault squad.
'Time is estimated at about four months at maximum cruising speed.'
There came a chorus of mumbles from the gatered veterans as they processed the information they had been given.
Bressal looked at Teigen, wich now stood silent untill the gathering had come to order once again. A good lad that Teigen thought Bressal, a real thinker. Most unlike himself and Othello who were both considered intelligent but who were more like the brawlers of the company. Compared to them Teigen was a genius; a master tactician who had even more potential than Camulos did when he was at the same age. I was really a no-brainer to think who would most likely become the next captain. And he really did earn it. Bressal had a huge amount of respect for the younger sergeant and there was no better man in the company to take up the mantel as leader, well aside from Camulos himself of course. Gesturing once again for quiet the battle brothers directly stopped arguing with each other.
'There is another reason why I have assembled this meeting.' The sergeant said with an apprehending look that begged for attention. Every battle brother hung on his every word now.
'There has been an incident...' nobody had the guts to question the oath-breaker and break the silence.
'As you all know the the holy writ has been brought aboard the bliss by the chief-apothecarie while you were all still holding the palace from the Ork tide. After bringing the book to the inquisitor he had secluded himself withing the ship chapel. Suddenly epistolary Ersez reported to the captain that a ritual had begun to take place inside the chapel and the librarian could clearly feel the malign influence of chaos.'
A look of shock was visible from across every marine's face.
'You mean to say that the inquisitor was a chaos agent aiming to take the book for his own?' stuttered sergeant Othello.
'Yes, it seems so. We have all been tricked by this Ramtsjek even the holy inquisition probably had no clue that one of their most trusted agents was a pawn of chaos.'
'What happened next, is the book safe?' demanded Bressal.
'After hearing the librarians warning, the captain and his honour guard stormed the chapel, interupting whatever foul spell the inquisitor was casting. A battle took place. The inquisitor was possessed by a demon and went on a rampage. The honour guard was decimated; six dead along with the chief-apothecarie and the librarian. two were heavily wounded and two will never be able to fight again.'
another wave of shock passed through the assembled members at the words told by the oath-breaker.
'What happened to the captain?!' asked another company sergeant.
'After a fierce battle with the demon it seemed that the captain has defeated the beast single-handedly and cast it back in the warp.'
A roar of pride and joy went up from the gathered sergeants.
'Altough heavily, heavily wounded, the captain will survive with no lasting injuries. He'll have plenty of time to recover I should say and I will be taking temporary command of the company.'
A chorus of approval surged around the chamber.
'so, what happened to the book?' Bressal stated again.
'It is currently held close to chaplain Cael, who is as we are speaking 'interrogating' the inquisitor's retinue. Gentlemen... the chapter has already been informed by the situation through astropatic contact and we will be guarding the tome with our lives so we may return it to Cerberis where it's fate will be decided by the chapter master. But until then you are free to rest, train, pray or whatever you see fit to pass the time. Meeting adjourned.'
Bressal saw all the members standing up, ready to leave. As he did likewise he saw brother sergeant Othello walk towards him.
'Brother...' he said; 'How about a sparring match you and I... I have some stress I need to exert and I can't think of anyone else able to bear my fury.'
'Aye brother... you and me both...'

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".... Where am I? ... What's happening TO ME!!! NO! ... Anything but that! I PLAYED MY ROLE! LET ME DIE IN PEACE!!! AAAAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!"
-Recorded last words of the esteemed Raghnall, veteran sergeant of the first company and hero of the 'VALENS' Campaign.

Ambitious, Talented and simply destined for greatness... had it not been for that unfortunate battle on that dreaded ship against that hated enemy...
Raghnall would surely have become Captain had it not been for his mortal wounds. After sustaining such wounds as him and still being alive, having to endure the things he had would drive any man mad, even if they were astartes. Being confined within his honorourable shell he shouted out, refusing to be interred! It didn't concern the apothecaries and techmarines present, the sergeant was delirious obviously, a fatigued mind from his constant pain and hate towards all the foulness the universe had to offer. How could anyone object to this greatest of honours? to live forever, and smite the foes of humanity in the emperors name for century's to come... Surely would he was able to make a rational descision about it, he would accept... wouldn't he?

It all started with the Valens campaign; a star system being raided planet by planet by the cursed dark Eldar. A group of pirate bands abducting countless people, cities at a time, leaving behind them huge amounts of corpes and untold destruction. A star system containing mostly agri worlds, it was an easy target for the pirates, but they could not be left to rove... Along with a full company of storm lords the grave hounds were sent in as reinforcements to liberate the star system ASAP. After the battle began however it became clear that the different bands of Eldar were to huge in number to be contained by the astartes! If they wanted to win the war they would have to kill the heavily defended Eldar warlord.

Luring the Eldar into a trap wich seperated their fleet, a strike cruiser was able to get near the warlords ship close enough to be able to deploy a strike force within it's bowels. Fighting their way through warp beasts, mandrakes, wyches and even worse sergeant Raghnall and his squad were able to reach the ship's bridge and confront the Warlord. The warlord was killed by Raghnall himself in combat though at a terrible cost; the squad was annihilated and the Dark Eldar Haemonculi fell upon the sergeants weakened body to rape his mind and destroy his body. Their joy in revenge was short lived as a squad of storm lords entered the bridge to finish what the grave Hounds started. Taking the Ravaged body of Raghnall off the ship with them, they succeeded in destroying the vessel afterwards. Having crushed the enemy command, the remaining war bands fled back into the warp not without taking heavy cassualties from the loyalist guns and the Valens campaign was thus won despite being vastly outnumbered.

The Ironclad known as Raghnall is not deployed often in battle, only if the company is in dire need or facing the most evil of enemies. After awakening he is always furious, often ravening about being awakened from his embracing sleep of mercy. Raghnall is a God of death being unleashed upon his enemies, normally being deployed by drop pod as shock troop deep within enemy territory. Almost impervious to all enemy fire Raghnall is a close combat specialist being equiped with a heavy flamer and meltagun along with his brawling digits; His close combat fist and Seismic hammer. In contrast to other dreadnoughts Raghnall doesn't often share his knowledge with anyone and is always uninterested in any battle situation. With the punch-line 'Just tell me what to do so I can go back to sleep!' The Ironclad is without doubt the Strongest, Rudest, awe-filling and fear-inspiring component of the 5th earning himself the nickname of 'the hated'.


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