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The Grave Devil

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Hello everyone, here I'll post some of my stories I've written.
They are about my invented space marine chapter (wich I am also painting); 'The Grave Hounds'

The main character will be of course my space marine captain (5th company)
but sometimes the story will be told from another perspective

to start of before editing part one I wanted to post my captain's bio.

Hope you like it


Captain Camulos, lord of the Grave Hounds 5th company

Captain Camulos is THE perfect example of how a leader of the strongest forces of the emperium should be;
A master strategist, Insanely strong, Compassionate towards his brothers and utterly ruthless towards the enemies of mankind! He wears the title of captain now for over 200 years, It was bestowed upon him by the former chapter master Arvernus for his courage and skill during the 'Celtic' campaign. Taking over the mantel of the then recently deceased Captain Basque there were a lot of Captains and sergeants who had their doubts about the chapter master's decission. Those doubts were soon to be utterly crushed. Being a leader of a 10 men squad is one thing, but to decide the fate of over one hundred is a whole other situation, it was where Camulos exceled at.

The 5th Company quickly became known for carrying out it's expertly designed battle tactics, always striking with maximum capacity where the enemy least expected it. Camulos fought it all; from the ancient foes of the Ork and the Eldar to the recently discovered threats of the Tau, Necron and Tyranid. Although all these foes are utterly lethal, Camulos thinks that Chaos is the ultimate enemy of mankind! 5th company is almost always deployed to fight Chaos, wether it is a demon infested world, a heretic uprising or a chaos marine crusade.

Camulos is a warrior of no equal amongst his battle brothers of 5th Company, having been the former company champion he has always since fought the best that the Xenos and the heretics could throw against them but it wasn't untill he became Captain that he fought his hardest and most important battle; The battle at 'Teek' on a demon infested backwater called Avigron prime. It was here that he fought and bested a chaos demon prince in single combat earning him the nickname of 'THE GRAVE DEVIL'.

When going to battle he is always seen carrying his twin power swords 'Beliar' and 'Bezelber'. Beliar was given to him upon first becoming a tactical squad sergeant. Bezelber was a gift to him from a Veteran sergeant of the 'Lion Warriors' chapter; on a joined campaign Camulos and his squad saved the sergeant and his brothers from being overrun by Orks.
Though all the foes were slain, the sergeant was mortally wounded, he gave his sword as a gift as token of appreciation for saving his squad from death. Having accepted Bezelber 5th company has sworn oaths of friendship with the Lion warriors chapter.
The Chapter master's word is law within the chapter but a captain is the de-facto leader of his own company. It is safe to say that the grave devil the both soul and judgement for any members of 5th. Although he has the final word, he relies on a council to aid him in making various difficult judgement decisions. The council is made up of the company chaplains, librarians, techmarines and sergeants.
Altough always serious and focused when it matters, Camulos has the bad habit of wandering off in toughts when spoken to of trivial matters and even during training. His favorite pasttime on the few occasions that the company is at rest on the chapter homeworld, is to go riding his bike on the vast plains for days on end.


C&C appreciated
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Ooooh! I absolutely love this!!!! :D
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