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Whisky Priest on Faeit 212 said:
The rumours coming out of GWHQ suggest that Celestine will be back next year in a forthcoming Black Crusade plotbook - the same kind of thing that has seen the reappearance of Magnus, and potentially other primarchs

Manager of my local store picked it up on his last product training day down at GW towers

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So just tossing this out there:
1. I WANT.
2. Imperial Agents is akin to the Sisters equiv of Khorne Daemonkin. The initial FB message was contradicted by emails from Customer Service. It's an alternate means of playing the army, but not the only way.
3. Why aren't there more rumors/leaks already?

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Got caught up on my rumors a bit and here you guys go, a complete nicking careful procurement of my round up from the rumors section:

From Warhamms-77 on Dakka:
In the Fall of Cadia book are two new detachments for the Imperium - quoting from the english WD one is for 'combined forces of the Imperium' and the other 'combined forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus'. Plus a formation called Triumvirate for the three new character models. There are new 'relics and arcana for the Ecclesiarchy, and the Adeptus Mechanicus respectively', 'Inquisition Tactical Objectives', the d66 'Empyric Storm chart' and 4 Echo of war missions. EDIT: I stand corrected, the battle report says new formations for Chaos but the actual book preview doesnt...

Echoes of War missions:

- Cawl vs Orks on Eriad VI
- in the bowels of the Imperial Fist fortress starship The Phalanx where Daemons run riot
- 3rd and 4th scenario are on Cadia (the last mission is used for the battle report)
So no new individual armies, just combined ones. But Sisters and the Mechanicus are seeing some toys finally in the form of new relics. Yay?

RedS8n on Dakka:
Inquisitor has access to telepathy school --and also has "Aura of Oppression"

Cawl uses a war hymn to give vehicles in 12" of him a 5++ save.

His solar atomiser glances and then destroys ( last Hull point possibly ? ) a land raider. Possibly aided by another hymn/canticle.

Saint seems to rally/aid morale of units. Some fleeing guard rally when she arrives by DS.
Looks like she can return from the dead still/again too.
Petre translated a Spanish site for this one:
Receive information from the next pre - order Games Workshop will launch soon: all hope Fall of Cadia, the first book of the Gathering Storm collection. It is a hardcover book of 136 pages in Castilian with a narrative campaign. It has a price of 40 €. Triumvirate presents the Imperium - Celestine the Living Saint, Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl and Katarinya Greyfax the Ordo Inquisitor Hereticus. This book tells the story of how Abaddon the Despoiler deals a severe blow to the Empire with his attack on the planet Cadia. The book contains:
Complete rules for the Inquisitor Greyfax, Belisarius Cawl and Celestine.
Triumvirate Imperium - training to use these three characters together in one game.
Six new Relics for Ecclesiarchy and six Mechanicum Arcana objects, which can be used by the forces of the Adept Sororitas and Cults Mechanicum.
Training for The Grand Convocation and Imperial Crusade - combines the Cult Mechanicus, Skitarii and the Imperial Knights in an army. The other combines the Black Templars and Adepta Sororitas.
Battlezone: Empyric Storms - rules for the effects of the thunder storms that lash Cadia.
Four new missions.
Gathering Storm Fall of Cadia
Excellent illustration, apart from unpublished because it shows Marines in retreat. And who is the character in the red armor?

Additionally also they are available with the book of the Gathering Storm campaign: Fall of Cadia Battlezone deck of cards: Empyric Storms Cards: 36 cards detailing the events of warp storms. The cards can be used in any game of Warhammer 40,000 and serve for any army - it contains additional rules for psychic phase and additional effects for games.

Box The Triumvirate of the Imperium (65 €), it contains five plastic miniatures whose rules are in the book Fall of Cadia:
Inquisitor Greyfax
Belisarius Cawl
Celestine accompanied by his loyal Geminae Superia - The Eleanor Genevieve and sisters.
There will be more special characters. Of Chaos.
Source: whatsapp
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