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The Forest awakens!

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I just wanted to post some pics of my WIP Wood Elves. I am pretty pressed for time so my army grows at about the same speed as a tree does :grin: Quality over quantity though, right?! Here is what I have so far.

I decided to make my own Tree Kin. I want them to look the way they are described in the army book. Spirits that animate dead wood into the shapes they choose to march to war in. I started with a wire armature.

GS was what I decided to use. Here you can see they're about the size of a Treeman.

I am still addind Spites, and details to the Tree Kin. I am also very close to finishing his two brothers :mrgreen:

I am also converting a Dark Elf High Sorceress into a Spellsinger. So far I have removed her crown thingy and sculpted hair in its place. I have sculpted a cloak onto her with GS in order to increase the feeling of movement that the model has. I cut the branch on her back, modeled on the cloak and then resculpted the branch over top of the cloak and given her cloths LOL. Oh yes, and Spites.

This makes the staff a lot more Wood Elfy. the staff is probhably the thinnest thing I have ever worked on :shok: I used a Dryad back branch as i'm sure you can recognze. I stuck two of the branches together to create a nice staff head.

The other project I am working on is my Alter Kindred. I am "altering" the model to be female, and giving her a unique head that will incorporate some of my favourite WE charactoristics. I am also going to equip her with a shield which I will scratch build and a great weapon which I think I will also make myself. I am also throwing around the idea of giving her a baby Dragon instead of the Crow on her arm, i'm not sure yet though.

I used a Dryad head as the base to work from

I am trying to immitate the waywatcher lord's head

So there you have it.
I will post more as it is completed, but as I said I do not have to much time for my hobby, so your patience is appreciated.

Please feel free to comment and offer feed back.
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well to keep with the nature scheme, i'd say like main stuff green, white trim, and red gems accessories etc.

i really like your work though :eek:

almost makes me want to start a fantacy army to see what all i could come up with (gobos....)
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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