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The Flawless Host 1,500 points

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i know the colour scheme i will do for them (in CSM codex)


Sorcerer - 180pts
- warptime
- MoS
- LoS
- bike

Daemon Prince 135pts
- MoS
- wings

6 Terminators 275pts
- Icon of S
- Chainfist
- 2 combi bolters
- 1 with laighting claws
- rest power weapon and combi bolter

10 Chaos space marines - 220pts
- champ power fist
- melta gun
- flamer
- Icon of S
- Rhino Extra armour

10 chaos space marines - 210pts
-champ power weapon
- flamer
- Melta gun
- Icon of S
- Rhino Extra armour

Fast Attack
4 Chaos Bikers 235pts
-champ power weapon
-2 x melta guns
- icon of S

Heavy Support
Predator -120pts
- Daemonic possession
- heavy bolters

Predator - 120pts
- Daemonic possession
- heavy bolters

thanks for any input :)
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First off nice start. But I would change a few things.

-Lose the Sorc and give the DP Lash
-Swap the Bikes for Raptors
-Add some Oblits

Other than that like I said nice start.

What no love for Noise marines?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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