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No need, you have your last man.

You've been know to have a good RPG thread, so I will join you. Please let me know what you think of my character and if any changes will need to be made.

Name: Shri'kia

Age: 192

Apperance: Shri'kia is a gruff looking, battle-scarred veteran. Scars dominate his face and body, as well as a decent beard. Also, he has a nasty scar across his left eye, which is bionic, that he received fighting a Chaos Dreadnought(which he decimated). He has 2 service studds and pletny of sacred marks of battle to comemorate his many campaigns.

History: Shri-kia is shrowded in much mystery since he cam to command the 7th platoon of the 6th Company. Origionally hailing from an Outer Rim world in the Ultima Segmentum, he rose quickly through the ranks of the novice, and was quickly inducted from there. Initialy, as before, he rose to the rank of Captian, until the incidient that made him famous occured. In the Battle of the Periguina Gulf, near Cadia, he lead a squad into an infested ship filled with deamon spawn of Nurgle, Lord of Disease. He was the only one to return alive, and rumors circulate of the great and terrible things that befell him. Unfortuantly, he hit his commander in the face for a grave insult against the men he lead aboard the ship at the breifing after the battle. However, due to his reputation as a fighter, he was bumped down two ranks instead of executed. Since then, he has been on a mission of hate and repentence towards those he lost and towrads his enemies he seeks vengence upon.

Equiqment: Adamantine Cloak(color Green with black trim), Artificer Armour, Bionic Eye(left) and leg(left), 3 Purity Seals, 2 Bolt Pistols, Axe of Sharginrium, Fragg Gernade

Personality: Shri-kia is extremely loyal to the Emporer, and very zealous in his religious beliefs. He believes in never leave a man behind, and finishs the mission no matter the price. He is very closed to most except those who he becomes friends with. In friendship, hes very laughable, and a kind soul. On the outside he's a determined, cold-stone killer who follows orders and never lets others insult his honor, or the honor of his men.

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how am i suposed to jump back in the the action? heroicly charge into battle unaccompanied and fight my way to you or do i wait untill you are finished fighting and come back to the ship and i join you then?

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Seeing as Bane_of_Kings has not only been on today, but has even tossed up a review for a book; have any of you bothered to PM him and find out whats going on? Or are you all just idly standing by and waiting for him to return of his own accord.
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