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I would like to play

Name: Tsar'gan
Age: 191
Appearance: Shining red Power Armour with blue and white crackleing flames painted swarming up his left leg, spreading to the right leg and lower left arm, and carries a blue and red Storm Bolter and the Chapter Standard.
History: Tsar'gan's father was a Salamander, and when he was still a newer salamander Tsar'gan was a sole survivor of a Dark Eldar raid, on an outpost he was guarding with his father and the 7th Chapter. He survived to pilot his way through an asteroid belt to reach the planet Nocturne with the help of the the rest of the Salamanders, though some died from their injuries, including his father. He simply uses his father's name, to honor him. After landing on Nocturne he regrouped with the Salamanders.
Equipment: Storm Bolter, Chapter Standard, Red/Blue Power Armour.
Personality: Tsar'gan seems cold, calculating, and ruthless, willing to kill at an order, but if you can get under his skin, he will open up and become a loyal friend. He believes that the Salamanders are his only family, and would die rather than see them suffer. He attempted to learn medicine, but only learnt a small amount before giving up. When asked why he trained so hard and volunteered for so many "suicide" missions, he replied "I would rather be hurt than watch my battle-clan brothers be harmed."
There it is, I hope you like it/him!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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