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"Into the Fires of Battle, Unto the Anvil of War!"
~Salamanders Battlecry​

The Setting is the Planet Morfang, a Death World in the Ultima Segmentum, a planet that used to belong to the Astartes Chapter known as the Void Reavers. The Void Reavers were loyal to the Imperium until the Olympious Crusade, when their Chapter Master Rovannor, turned his back on the Emperor and pledged his alliance to the Ruinous Powers. He was not alone in that betrayal, for four whole battle companies of the Void Reavers followed their master. Those who resisted were cut down and slaughtered.

So the Void Reavers set about a decade of slaughter, sacrificing the populace of Morfang to the Chaos Gods. In this decade, the Imperium ignored the pleas for help.

For their bordes were beset on all sides. Abbaddon had recently launched his thirteenth Black Crusade, forcing the Imperials to send aid to Cadia. And such were the ferocity of recent Tyranid attacks, that the fleet sent to rescue the Imperial Citizens of Morfang was grounded into dust by Hive Fleet Leviathan.

It was then that the Salamanders stepped in. The Salamanders Fourth Company, with elements from the Fifth reserve Company, and the First and Tenth, were sent to liberate Morfang and save the loyalists on the planet from destruction. Overall Commander was to be the Fourth Captain Xavi'san, The Master of the Fleet...

Extract from the Chronichles of Fourth Captain Xavi'san

Now that we've got the intro out of the way, here's the actual roleplay. As mentioned above, this Roleplay will feature the Fourth and Fifth Salamanders Company liberating Morfang from the archenemy. I am Xavi'san, and you are my command Squad. I am looking for (Now ONE) member (s). No More. First come, first serve basis. Meaning if you are Fourth or later, you will NOT be included unless one person above you backs out. You may then speak to me.

Name: (Make it fit the Salamanders and the 40k verse. That means NO Bob or Fred, sorry) Fourth Captain Xavi'san (No First Name)
Age: (Should Be Quite High, as you are all Veterans. 200ish) 200
Apperance: Xavi'san Carries a Thunder-Hammer, named Vulkan, and a Storm Shield. He is granted Terminator Honours. He has many scars across his face, which is jet black.
History: Fourth Captain Xavi'san was origanally part of Squad N'vanil. He was a sergeant of that Squad before saving his then-captain, Di'ker, from a Tyranid Trygon. However, Di'ker died of his wounds, his last words to appoint Titus as his successsor. Before joining the Salamanders, Xavi'san was originally named by another name, one that has long since been forgotten. However, he changed his name, to honour the glory of his tribe which he left behind.
Equiqment: A Thunder-Hammer, Storm Shield, Terminator Armour. Frag and Krak Grenades. Has a Bolt-Pistol as a side-arm.
Personality: Xavi'san is sarcastic, loyal to the Emperor and would rather die than betray his comrades. He has often resorted to unorthadox tactics to achieve his goals, but each time they seem to be more effective than the last.

You may choose one of the following options:

Option 1: Power Weapon and Combat Shield (You Are the Company Champion. First Come, First Serve, rememeber!) THIS HAS BEEN TAKEN BY WARSMITH7752
Option 2: Company Standard and weapon of your choice from Bolt Pistol or Storm Bolter. (Gazzien has the honour of a Standard Bearer). As always, first come first serve, which will apply to ALL OF THE BELOW OPTIONS)
Option 3: Two weapons of your choice from the "Model Options" part in the Space Marine Codex. (Command Squad entry on page 132), or a Chainsword and a Bolt Pistol. (2 LIGHTNING CLAWS ARE GIFTED TO SNOWY). (COMBI-FLAMER AND A CHAINSWORD BELONGS TO BROGUTS)

Roleplay Rules:

1. No killing off other charachters, unless they request to be killed off. Doing so, you will be killed yourself.
2. You must reply to every single update. I will normally wait one week/two weeks for a new update. Otherwise your charachter will be killed off and I will let somebody else who is intrested in the Roleplay know.
3. Enjoy. The Aim of the Roleplay is to have fun.
4. Follow all Roleplay Rules, keep in charachter.
5. Post as much as possible (5 Sentances minimum. Read the Novels? Try to write like they do.)
6. Please, Please, PLEASE use proper English Grammar.
7. Be committed. If you join, please don't back out unless necesarry.
8. Let me know if you are going away (Injure your charachter and have him sent to the sick bays before you leave, etc).
9. Speak in charachter. However much you wish, Space Marines do not say, "Yo, dude! Look at my awesome new uber cool skateboard, man! totally pro!"
10. No. You may not have the awesome killer weapon of destruction. (The next-door-neighbour's cat).



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Well okay, nice work, however you may want to edit the History to make it more a bit realistic. Tsar'gan the only survivor of an attack on his tribe, goes out and attacks the tribe who killed his single handedly with no weapons, but is wounded and the Salamanders rescue him?

Just a thought, welcome aboard. Now we need two.

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