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Name: Sar'zhulgiin
Age: 357
Appearance: He wears a dark green suit of power armor. With purity seals and litanies all over it, he was recommended for chaplain, but was found too focused on his duty as a veteran to take the offer. His bright red eyes and scorching black skin complete his visage of the emperor's wrath.
History: Sar'zhulgiin was a member of the 6th company for two hundred years, he was inducted into the first company when he fought off two salamanders from his squad while they were doing rounds.
wargear:Combi flamer, chainsword
personality:Focused, fanatical, angry these words describe Sarzhulgiin on a good day. He hates everyone who is not a space marine, nor have endured the pain he has, what was that pain you ask? Even he has forgotten.
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