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Name: Sa'orn

Age: 214

Appearance: Sa'orn wears his armour with pride, it is scorched from the over use of flamers and meltaguns, but Sa'orn has altered this by making a black scorch in the centre of his chest and spreading it out, becoming finer and finer and he then outlined the mark with gold, this mark is in the shape of the Imperial Aquilla.

He also has the neck and head of a Salamander engraved into his armour that runs from his waist to his neck, where it stops, it is then completed when he dons his healmet, with the head of a Salamander on the back of his helmet with fire washing over the front of it. He isn't bald like a lot of the members of Salamanders and has short cropped black hair, he also has a red mark on his cheek where his flamer was hit by a bullet and exploded in his face.

History: Sa'orn was born in Nocture but he was orphaned by his parents as they realised that he was a curse to their family, he was never going to be a salesman or a buisnessman, he always dreamed of being in the Guard, his parents abbandoned him and he trained hard in the lower levels of a Hive city, he forgets which one, knowing only that he was found by an Arbite and was not put on trial or killed but instead he was turned into a Space Marine. He was in the fourth company for a number of years and when he finnaly got the promotion to First Company he took some time to think about it, during that time another member of the fourth company Command Squad was killed and Sa'orn was requested by the Captain to join the Command Squad.

Equipment: Sa'orn favoured equipment is a pair of Lightning Claws, even thought they are disliked by the chapter

Personality: Sa'orn is an outgoing Marine, he shares stories of his exploits with fellow Marines and is known to point out faults and flaws in Marines combat styles, making him the ridicule of many recomendations to train Scouts, he dreads the day he becomes so frail he can't refuse. He is determined to win and will fight on no matter how many lives it costs in the process. Onwards for Vulkan and the Emperor is his creed and he fights by it for the rest of his years
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