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The Fate of Elrenaa

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The hive world of Elrenaa has never been a peaceful place. Whether it be the politicking, infighting and cold war of the Upper Spires or the constant battle for survival within the Underhive, none of Elrenaa's people are ever truly safe. Now, things are only getting worse...

The mutant population of the underhives have always been restless, but there protests, rioting and terrorist attacks have always been disorganised and haphazard. Recently though, something has changed. The mutants are getting bolder and more organised, their attacks reaping an ever greater toll on the local Arbites and PDF forces. Nowhere is this felt more than in Hive Saiden, the largest of the planets great cities.

However this is just the beginning. Little do the people of Elrenaa know that events are just unfolding that will shape their world forever.

Hi guys and welcome to my RP Recruitment thread. This is my first time trying to run an RP thread but I've put a lot of planning into this and I think it has potential.

Here's the deal. You will play as a citizen of Hive Saiden on the world of Elrenaa. This can be just bout anyone you might find in the underhive, be they gang members, mercenaries, bounty hunters, enforcers, PDF guardsmen, young adventuring nobles or just ordinary people trying to go about their day. These characters will be swept up into events far larger than themselves which will eventually decide the fate of their world.


*The GM's word is final. PM me if you have any issues.

*Death is possible but won't come lightly.

*No Godmodding. That should really go without saying.

*There will be two types of posts, action and conversation. Action posts I'd like to be at least eight sentences. Conversation posts will come into effect when meeting certain characters, responses during conversation can be as little as a single sentence.

*If you start and are unable to post for any amount of time PM me.

I don't have a set number of players in mind for this so to begin with I'll leave this here about a week and see what I get.

Character Sheet
Name [Pretty easy]
Age [This is fairly open. Gang members start pretty young while other professions may go on late into life.]
Appearance [What do you look like?]
Personality [What are you like?]
Background [How are you on Elrenaa? Were you born there or have you moved there for some reason? What major events have brought you to this moment?
Weapons [With the variety of characters there's no set rules on this, just be sensible. Chances are your hive ganger won't be packing a plasma cannon.]
Equipment [What else are you carrying? Armour? Tools?]

Thanks for looking. I'm looking forward to seeing who you come up with.

Accepted Characters:

Dolsa Terulin (Baker) - unxpekted22
Kage Abbot (Ganger) - Nacho libre
Oan Larsson (Adeptus Arbites) - aherrera305
Damir Avci (Vigilante) - The Brass Lord
K. Diccardi (Arms Dealer) - Drohar
Augustus Strict (Adeptus Arbites) - DestroyerHive
Adam Bliss (PDF) - Void Raven
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Name Damir Avci
Age: 35
Appearance Damir stands 6'3, built like a bear. He has dark brown hair, and deep blue, almost black, eyes, devoid of pity. His long career in the undercity have led to him being scarred across entire body. Damir wears flak armor wherever he goes, and a worn pair of brown trousers.
Personality Damir is a loner by nature, shunning human contact if it all possible. He has a deep distrust of laws and authority, often breaking rules as he sees fit. He makes few friends, but he is utterly loyal to those he makes, often going out of his way to hunt down those who wronged his friends.
Background: Damir has lived on Elrenaa his entire life. He lost his parents when he was five years old due to gang violence, giving him a deep hatred of all criminal gangs. Damir grew up on the streets, begging, and stealing to survive. His hatred of gangs led him to reject crime, but his hatred of the Imperium, who never helped him once in his life, made him wary of having anything to do with them. So he became a hunter of sorts, tracking down gang members and killing them, sometimes for pay, sometimes for free. Damir's tendency to kill gang members outright, and his outright rejection of Imperial Law, have led to him becoming infamous among Imperial Authorities as a violent troublemaker.
Weapons Shotgun, Stub pistol, knife (20 inch, serrated)
Equipment Flak Armor (Constantly Worn), homemade tracking beacons (used to track gang members to hideouts), sheath for knife (on belt), holster for pistol (on belt)
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