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By Order Of His Most Holy Majesty
The God-Emperor of Terra

Sequestered Inquisitorial Dossiers
Authorised Persons Only

Case File: 114:65A:DD3:VAd

Please enter your authority code > ********


Thank You, Inquisitor. You may Proceed.

Thought For the Day: Knowledge is Power - Guard it Well

Excommunicate Traitoris: The Eternals



Chapter Master: Ancient Sapromius
Chief Librarian: Castor Andros
High Chaplain: Lucius Sidoro
Master of the Forge: Calius Rex
Renegade Possiblity: 100% Renegade. However, they have not currently embraced Chaos as a whole. It is only a matter of time.
Founding: 14th Founding, immediatly after the Dark Founding.
1st Founding Chapter / Legion: The Blood Angels

The Eternals were originally formed from the gene seed of the Blood Angels in the 14th Founding. They split from their chapter and headed to the Planet which they renamed Neo Baal, upon conquest. There, they set up a home world.

However, The Eternals quickly succumbed to the Black Rage, suffering more than most of the Blood Angles second founding chapters. Indeed, it was not long before they were declared renegade by the high lords of Terra, and driven from Neo Baal by a crusade force of Ultramarines and a Company of Blood Angles. However, instead of fleeing into the Eye of Terror like the other traitors, the Eternals remained loyal to the Imperium.

Indeed, their first sighting since they turned renegade was at the Battle of Apoah Primus, where the Blood Angles fifth Company were heavily pressed to defend against the onslaught of Iron Warriors. However, before the Blood Angles could contact or destroy The Eternals, they left Apoah Primus, only staying long enough to see the Chaos Lord Zareth cut down by Captain Sendini.

To this day, it is unknown to any outsiders where the Eternals new home world is based. Some even say that they no longer have a home world, and that they are entirely Space-born. In the end, the High Lords of Terra created a small group of specialists called the Eternal Seekers, to hunt down the Eternals new home world, if one existed.

But the Eternal Seekers are so far unlucky in their efforts, despite one occasion when the Eternals came to rescue their own hunters from certain death aboard the blasphemous Space Hulk known as The Emperor's Bane.

The Eternals are believed to be led by their chapter Master, Sapromius. Unlike most other Chapters, Sapromius is a Venerable Dreadnought and has not yet succumbed to the Black Rage, which is so strong in the Chapter that they hold two full Battle Companies of the Death Company.

There are some more files being Updated, Inquisitor. Thank you for paying attention to this important peice of detail. Please leave comments in the space below.

Closing Thought For the Day: The Emperor Protects

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wait a second I though Iron Warriors don't have Chaos Lords they have Warsmiths
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