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A last stand scenario that some buddies of mine and I came up with. It makes for a VERY bloody game.

Most wars in the 41st millennium last many, many decades. When the end draws near, the final battles are often cataclysmic last stands of entire armies. Imperial Guard regiments hold out against Ork hordes, traitor humans, Hrud invasions, and countless other forces in such a manner on a regular basis, killed to the last man. Space Marines refuse to take a step back in the wake of their ancient and twisted brethren. No matter who is doomed and who is victorious, a last stand is one of the most iconic kinds of battle in the 41st millennium—the stuff of which legends are made.

Strategic Assets:
Both sides use these assets, and do not gain additional assets for additional players.

Attacker: Careful Planning, Orbital Bombardment, and Flank March (altered—see below.)

Defender: Supreme Headquarters, Hold at All Costs, Bunkers

Special Rules:
Attacker: All Troops, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support units have the Sustained Attack universal special rule as found in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. The Attacker is the victorious army in the campaign, and are delivering a crushing blow. When using the Flank March strategic asset, units may not come in from the Defender’s table edge.

Defender: Fearless. The defenders have resigned themselves to their fate. The entire Defending army is Fearless.

This scenario does not use the usual Apocalypse objectives. Instead, use the victory conditions described below.

Attacker: Wipe the enemy out to a man!

Defender: Survive with at least one scoring unit (remember, the Defending side has Hold at All Costs) for a predetermined number of turns. Six is ideal.

At least an 8x4 table, with appropriate terrain. Deployment zones are 12’’ in from the long table edge. The Defenders automatically win the bid for deployment time and may choose the table edge from which they will deploy. The Defenders MUST deploy all units on the table at the beginning of the game, and cannot utilize Strategic Reserves.
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