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The Emporer's Feth - IG Army

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Hey all,

I have been 'blogging' with my buddy for a couple of years as we build and paint our armies but I want to get a bit more feedback as I go and see if I can slowly build up to getting a best army nomination (which we were going for at the last 40k Doubles Tournament).

This project log will see me take the army from a four hundred points to a thousand hopefully over the next year, I am not going to be too ambitious as having played against IG for a couple of years I know what kind of units work well for me so I can take my time painting and borrow from my mates horde when we wanna play tournie sized games.

I started my IG army last November and now have a Vendetta, a Chimera and a demolisher/executioner.

I will post some pics later today of what i have so far, any comments would be gratefully received, I spent some time on doing an Aquila head and wings on the Vendetta so I will do a quick tutorial on that as there were a few people asking how to do it and it took me ages to figure it out.

Here is how the Vendetta came together...

I cant seem to write next to the images but the Vendetta project goes like this (i did the head and wings in same way):

1. Draw the design in pencil

2. Trace the design onto something you can then use as a stencil to spray over (I used my sons 'messy mat' which I thought had seen better days and was due a change)

3. Get bollocked by my wife for using son's messy mat

4. Spray the wings white (I wanted to spray the model as much as possible as you get a nice clean, flat surface - I could free hand the design but i wanted to try this and see if you got a better look from it)

5. Tape the stencil onto the model

6. Spray it grey! ( I used Tamiya German Grey - after much research this was the 'look' i was going for - an army fighting in urban areas so dirty grey was my goal)

7. Remove the stencils and check out your handywork!

You will see that I also did some bits on the tail plane - I sprayed these white and then put masking tape over before spraying grey again.

8)I then went over the edges of the fuselage where there was white and added some grey weathering

9) there will be some white 'blocks' around the stencil outline where the tape was, just a bit of brush painting with grey to do here

10) A bit more weathering, and picking out the areas that would be worn by use and its nearly done.

I will post some close up photos of the finished article later...
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Outstanding work Jangalak, love the Chimera, fantastic work on the weathering! I like how the photos of your pics turned out, its like they are in some fog/mist. :grin:
@ hocky - thanks mate, will swap for some better photos next time I can get a daylight shot
@ forkmaster - cheers, the wings were a labour of love but bloody plead with em. Gotta thank Nick Bayton at GW for inspiration
@ likewise dude we will have to get the wolves and IG in a fight one day.
@ Dagmire thanks
@ sanctity - I wish I hadn't admitted the photos were taken in bad light now! They do kinda look misty cheers!
So I think I need to make some infantry to go with these tanks and it's about time I did some minis for a change. I am gonna do some basic guardsmen and some vets.
I need some help on differentiating guardsmen and vets - i am thinking of using FW cadian vets with the cool backpacks and breather unit heads. Any other models you can get for this? Any other suggestions?

My second mini project is gonna be a psyker battle squad. I am gonna play test them a little before doing the build but I have an idea for something a bit different. I am thinking of making a 'counts as' unit of psykers in a chimera. I was inspired kinda by the Ravenor stories where the psyker is confined within a life support floating chair type thing and I thought about doing a whole squad in some kind of floating vehicle. I like Dan Abnetts chair but I think it could suck as a model as it probably needs to be black and o just can't see it looking that good. My idea is for a floating disc elliptical in shape and with a central berth for the overseer and with eight more berths around him for the heads and shoulders of the psykers. They would all have wires coming out of their heads leading to a central point.

I would play it as a chimera unless it was blown up and then treat it as a 9 wound model using the psyker battle squad stats.

I would make each of the berths as small as possible, maybe even just modelling a brain or the head and shoulders. This would leave room for me to do some designs on the surface of the disc. I was thinking of something like the 'leafy runic' patterns you see on eldar vehicles sometimes but I need to think of a way to make it look imperial not eldar. I could cover it in script and some aquilas I guess but that wouldn't feel quite ao creative and fun.

I imagining the disc a bit the top of a tau gun turret, if FW made one a bit bigger I would try buying and converting.

What do you think?
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You're description about the psyker squadron makes me think about this guys conversion for a psyker battle squad:

That thread over all is amazingly inspiring for many reasons. Rulewise such a miniature would probably be a disadvantage for you when playing but wickedly cool as a miniature.

I think the biggest challenge for you would be to make it look Imperial, seeing as the vehicles of the imperium has a very particular look to them. You should probably have a look at some of the Mechanicum artwork for inspiration to get the right feel.

If you where up to it you could include magnetized components that you could remove as the squad suffers wounds (either the "psyker-bits" themselves or some kind of vital parts to the machinery).

Just tossing out ideas basically :)

I must say that I like your pictures being a bit "foggy". Gives a real nice touch to the finished pieces. If you had some scenery behind them it would look like a diorama picture taken from an IA book :grin:
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To differentiate between the vets and regs I suggest getting the FW elysian drop troops as your vets and the GW Cadians for your regulars its a really big differentiation that'll make you vets standout amongst your army.
@ xeno thanks for that link - the thread is awesome, really creative. I have been trawling FW, the spin off websites and GW for some options but am drawing blank again.

I think I will also need to consider the competetive side of my conversion as I dont want to disadantage myself too much. I am still liking the disc idea, and also mulling over a heavily converted chimera

more to follow...

@ Irish - i like the idea, however the Elysian minis are a fair bit smaller than cadians so there would be a bit of a clash there - i guess Elysians dont eat their weetabix in the morning! I do like their look though so may go down that route. I am also impressed by the cadian variants they have so may go with rebreathers, or maybe the hardened vets.

More to follow...
Last year me and my mate did some play testing with a psyker battle squad, and I must say that they kicked ass. On a side note, I backed them up with two penal legion squads, which also kicked ass but in a more random way, and made me think of some interesting conversion opportunities.

Those FW Cadian hostile environment heads do look pretty good and I think they would make excellent veterans. And the way they're painted on FW's website could makes them stand out, so you could steal the scheme?
That would probably work better that the elysians, I took a look at the Cadian Hostile Environment troops and they look pretty badass, Im thinking about doing that for my vets.
Last year me and my mate did some play testing with a psyker battle squad, and I must say that they kicked ass. On a side note, I backed them up with two penal legion squads, which also kicked ass but in a more random way, and made me think of some interesting conversion opportunities.

Those FW Cadian hostile environment heads do look pretty good and I think they would make excellent veterans. And the way they're painted on FW's website could makes them stand out, so you could steal the scheme?
They don't fit into my army so no need from my end, buuutt... Penal Legion is sooo boss... I use them for Kill Team missions. I haven't tried the Psyker Battle Squad yet...
Im just gonna go with my original idea of using the elysian drop troops heads for my vet squads and leave the rest just regular CST's
@ Rev - yeah good call on the PBS they do look good on paper and the more i research it seems like that translates to gaming too. I can only imagine that you dont see many because GW dont make the mini's for em. I love the weaken resolve power, that looks like it would help me out against heavy assault armies which is always tough for an IG gunline. And when you cant use it why not drop a S9 pieplate! With the vehicle hull add on the range is probably about 40" - not bad as a second string!

I like the FW painted vets also, that is a nice scheme, but at the same time looks a bit unfinished, i like the green - any idea what colour it is?. I may look around a bit for a new colour scheme for my troops folowing Nick Baytons comment about it all being a bit grey, that said I am going for an urban warfare look and i kinda see my troops in grey and dirt so will probably stick with that. Us squichy hummies have gotta hide a bit, we cant all stroll round in our brightly coloured power armour letting the bullets bounce off - i leave that to my Ultramarines!

I ordered some FW stuff today, hostile environment upgrades, hardened vets, meltas and plasmas, new chimera and of course the stunning IA Painting Masterclass - full review next week sometime!

@ Irish, good luck with the Elysians, i thought of that but hadnt got the balls incase the heads looked too small in the CST bodies. Let us have a look when you get them.

I have done a bit more thinking about the PBS today and I think I am gonna go with a chimera conversion, then make the PBS as a separate infantry unit. Any ideas for models to convert? I have heard Deamonhunter acolytes could work but cant seem to find the models.
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Jangalak;897447folowing Nick Baytons comment about it all being a bit grey said:
Don't play Mordians then LOL they always come to a fight nicely, brightly dressed!:grin:
The base for the vendetta looks wonderful, sir. Which pieces did you use, if you don't mind my asking?

The conversion work on your tanks is also sublime; the chimera especially...And the paint jobs are equally excellent. Have some very well deserved rep!
@ horus - its wierd, i got into Ultramarines when i started as a kid years ago and now it just doesnt seem unusual for the marines to stroll into combat wearing bright blue armour - crazy bullet magnets!

@ aquatic - thanks, the vendetta base was hurriedly put together the day before the tourney so am glad it looks ok. If you look in the GW terrain section you will see the low walls they provide. These are made of some kind of modelling clay and I had a spare one which i snapped in two and set back together on the base. You prob cant see in the photo but i left room for 4 minis to fit on the base - we had 6 snipers in our tourney list and when we laid out the army i put the snipers crouching around the walls as if the had just been dropped by an infiltrating Vendetta. Good fun but am gonna have to do better than that to get in the damn best army nominees next time as the standard was so high!
ok bit of research later and i think i have decent ideas for some of a PBS:

Tech Servitor

Renegade Psykers

Battle Wizards

Primaris Psyker

GW Sanctioned Psykers

FW Death Korp Qtrmaster & Servitors


With a bit of conversion i reckon that would be all of the PBS, am not lovin the GW Sanctioned Psykers, they are all a bit too similar with that pose. I think the FW Krieg Qtrmaster could be the overseer and the servitors could be converted into the Psykers. There are acolytes/henchmen, empire flagellants, necromunda, witchunter, daemonhunters, but they all seem a bit old skool in terms of the quality of the models - that said i have seen some awesome conversions of these, just not my thing. I was thinking of doing a bit of a Gandalf or Saruman conversion at one point - always wanted to paint those models so may come back to that.
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What about the overseer being some crazy fagin bloke and the psykers as kids? That would be freaky but you could make it kinda cool?
hahah Fagin.. yeah, use a bunch of the LOTR Hobbits like bilbo and frodo, and they could be Fagin's pickpokets and you could name one Oliver... hmm...
Fagin, Oliver, the Artful Dodger - this is a war not a musical! You'll be having me use Bill Sykes as my HQ riding in on Bulldog!!!
Haha, that would look so freaky, I don't think I could actually use them in a game!
Lovin' teh Fagin idea Hocky! that could be pretty cool, if not, at least it would throw your opponent off for half the game while they try to understand the concept :)

Jangalak, have you seen this guy? I always thought about converting him to be an Imperial psycher, and might still do so with Grey Knights coming along:

Yeah thanks Rev those two boys are on my shopping list. There are quite a few weird FW minis that can convert to psykers I think. It will be an expensive squad but should look cool. FW is gonna make a fortune from me at this rate. The IA Masterclass book is on it's way and that isn't gonna help either!
Gotta go, am off to recruit some more urchins for my Fagin Army!
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