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The Emporer's Feth - IG Army

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Hey all,

I have been 'blogging' with my buddy for a couple of years as we build and paint our armies but I want to get a bit more feedback as I go and see if I can slowly build up to getting a best army nomination (which we were going for at the last 40k Doubles Tournament).

This project log will see me take the army from a four hundred points to a thousand hopefully over the next year, I am not going to be too ambitious as having played against IG for a couple of years I know what kind of units work well for me so I can take my time painting and borrow from my mates horde when we wanna play tournie sized games.

I started my IG army last November and now have a Vendetta, a Chimera and a demolisher/executioner.

I will post some pics later today of what i have so far, any comments would be gratefully received, I spent some time on doing an Aquila head and wings on the Vendetta so I will do a quick tutorial on that as there were a few people asking how to do it and it took me ages to figure it out.

Here is how the Vendetta came together...

I cant seem to write next to the images but the Vendetta project goes like this (i did the head and wings in same way):

1. Draw the design in pencil

2. Trace the design onto something you can then use as a stencil to spray over (I used my sons 'messy mat' which I thought had seen better days and was due a change)

3. Get bollocked by my wife for using son's messy mat

4. Spray the wings white (I wanted to spray the model as much as possible as you get a nice clean, flat surface - I could free hand the design but i wanted to try this and see if you got a better look from it)

5. Tape the stencil onto the model

6. Spray it grey! ( I used Tamiya German Grey - after much research this was the 'look' i was going for - an army fighting in urban areas so dirty grey was my goal)

7. Remove the stencils and check out your handywork!

You will see that I also did some bits on the tail plane - I sprayed these white and then put masking tape over before spraying grey again.

8)I then went over the edges of the fuselage where there was white and added some grey weathering

9) there will be some white 'blocks' around the stencil outline where the tape was, just a bit of brush painting with grey to do here

10) A bit more weathering, and picking out the areas that would be worn by use and its nearly done.

I will post some close up photos of the finished article later...
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I like this. I like IG and I like the darker grey you are using coupled with the white as a nice contrast. Now all you have to do is whip up the rest of your army in a super-fast-order and get 'em painted. +rep

As an aside you uploaded your images as an attachment direct from your PC (I'm assuming). If you want to put text below each one you will have to enter them as an image with a URL address (there's a pic of a mountain in a yellow box you click on) from an image hosting site. I use photobucket but people use photoshack and I would imagine there are others.
Man, you make this technique look so easy!!

I really like the finished result, it looks really good and the white stands out well. I may steal the process for the day I inevitably get a Stormraven.

very cool. I just wish I had the patience to make a stencil for my valks...
Thanks for comments piemaster, i have had a go at your photobucket suggestion and seems to have done the trick but for some reason not all the images are coming through the same size...must be the warp.
thanks reverend, i am almost tempted just to get a stormraven just so i can do some more big stencils, but am gonna have to stick to the IG programme if i am gonna be ready for the next one.
I loved the stormraven in the top ten best armies - the weathering was superb. Am gonna work my way through that Imperial Armour book to see what the trick there is.
So you did get that IA painting book then? you'll have to let us know if it's worth the dollars...
I really admire the stencil work, sir. The model looks really striking. I would say, however, that the model needs another contrast colour - but that's probably just because I'm a whore for three-colour schemes... :wink:

If it were me, I'd throw in some more banding / markings in another, contrasting colour - maybe red or blue.

Can't wait to see more from this thread. Are you planning on using stencils on the other vehicles / tanks in the army? When will you be adding some infantry?
@ reverend - nah, never picked up the book on the day, was too involved in the games to do anything sensible like thatg. Got it on order so should be arriving next week. I will do a quick review once i have had a shifty at it.

@ aquatic - thanks for the feedback, i was teamed up with my buddy for the Doubles Tourney at GW in Notts last weekend and we were trying for best army nominee, we were top twenty but didnt make the cut for top ten. I spoke to Nick Bayton to get some advice and he said he loved the look but it needed some more colour, so thanks I will definately be trying something else out to add a little more light.
Ok some 'finished' photos of the vendetta...

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My demolisher was done in the same colours as the Vendetta and i went for bold white to provide the contrast and a focus.

Fuel drum and fuel cans on the back is from a Tamiya desert WW2 set i found reduced in a hobby store.

For the sandbags I first tried to use some pre-made Tamiya ones, they were ok but didnt sit right so i did a little research and decided to get some Milliput modelling clay and try making my own - it has been a great success i think. Its cheap stuff and really nice to work with. Simply mix (like green stuff) and roll into a long cylinder, then flatten the whole cylinder out and chop it up into sand bag sized sections. Pick up each section and pinch the ends of the bag as if they are sewn up there. Then lay them down, i tried to think how they would lie and tried to make it as realistic as possible. I put a few bullet holes, and bits of damage on the bags to give em character. Paint job was a mix of graveyard earth and charadon granite with a devlan mud wash. I did a little highlighting with deneb stone also. Top fun and easy really.

If i were to do any more it would be to add a bit more colour and maybe some kind of aquila design. The white was dabbed on with sponge after i had laid down some masking tape lines.

Here you go, your thoughts/critique are really appreciated...




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That vendetta looks PIMP! Great job. +Rep

If I might add...I would suggest u get a better light source to take pictures.

I spoke to Nick Bayton to get some advice and he said he loved the look but it needed some more colour, so thanks I will definately be trying something else out to add a little more light.
What about something like the coloured bands WWII fighter aces had near their wing tips? Yellow or red would add that extra colour.
Ok so here is the last thing i managed for the tournament, a chimera with a gun nest in the back. Sandbags were done in the same way, i grabbed some belts of ammo from IG heavy bolters (which i dont think i will use in my lists), grabbed the stubber off the turret, and scattered ammo, grenades weapons about the place. Last off was the guardsman insid scanning his surroundings for enemy. In the turret is the FW commander - lovely model to paint, dead easy to get the face looking good due to its quality.

This image is some playing around to get inspiration...

And the final thing...

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@ Ezekiel - thanks and yeah - i will swap my images next time the sun comes out round these parts! I was just too impatient today to get the log started!

@ Khorne's Fist - Love the wing tip idea, i will look into that and glad to see you are supporting the right footie team!
More light nobby!!! And whats this about you nicking my army t0 play with - Get bloody painting!!!! Looking good mate, love the blog and tutorials. Nice reading them on here rather than by text!!
Mate, the weathering and overall paint job look superb on your tanks and Valkyrie, I especially like the guy in the chimera! That's excellent


Some fantastic stuff here. Puts my stuff to shame.
Love the way you added sand bags, you sir are an artist.
+ my full wack of rep
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