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Chaos Warriors aren't that amazing anymore. Oh they're good, but they're not as earth shattering anymore, since it's now easier for most units to get more attacks.
They never were earth-shattering, but I doubt any other core infantry can boast something like "T4, 3+/5++(in CC, 6++ outside)" if they have MoT (which they should). Sure they aren't nearly as numerous as Marauders, but if you spam them, you'll end up getting casualties from every single template that doesn't backfire in one way or the other. Not to mention flanking chariots, cavalry and the like that easily cause enough damage to provoke a break test, which they will probably fail, since they aren't tough, neither offensively nor defensively, resulting in a whole unit running like hell towards the rest of your army, provoking Ld checks that could easily end up sending your whole army home with its tail between its legs. Marauders will never, ever be more than meatshield. I'm not saying that Warriors will WTFPWN everything they come across, but they will certainly be the anvil of our forces; the only difference between WoC armies will be the hammer.
Though the concept of leading an army of Conans sounds interesting. :)
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