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1. Is the Empire functional if designed for a full close-combat army?
Generally no. Empire need a good diversity in order to excel. Empire nits work very well with one another if they all have differnet roles.
2. How badly does the lack of shooting actually hurt the Warriors of Chaos?
Depends on the WoC army compostion. An army of knights and hordes should be fast enough to weather it while an infantry army might need a number of screen units to get into combat.
3. Exactly how potent is the detachment system?
In the right hands it can be a real problem for the enemy. It also has a huge psychological effect whe your opponent is considering his/her options when charging
4. How strong is the Empire when it's forces are truly balanced (Shooting, Close Combat, Calvary, etc.)?
Very powerful as it can fight its enemy in all fields of combat meaning it stands a good chance against all opponents.
5. Are the Warriors of Chaos actually worth the points they cost, or could they be outmatched by something with a lower point cost?
They are if acompanied by screen units othwrwise they may not have enough numbers to break the enemy when they charge
Thanks a ton for anyone who takes the time to answer all this... :)
Hope this helps u make up your mind
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