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ZERO HOUR- Reiksburg


Kal Volsen and his squad sprinted across the street, Volsen in the lead, followed by Viltry, Veden, Grant, Raezald, Dawson, Ignis, Thulin, and Saeras.

The building across the street was struck by a bomb and leveled, the entire four-storey building collapsing in a massive clud of brick dust.

Volsen glanced across the street sadly as Titanjaegr was enveloped by debris. It was a tough tank, it would survive.

Viltry came up beside him, her meltagun tracking hungrily.

"What's the target?"

"We had orders, all of us, the Wolves, the Guard, and us, to take out Magister Vroglan. He's the source of the cults here."

"What are we expecting?"

"Cultists, maybe a few Chaos Marines. No armored support to speak of. No artillery."

"House to House?"

"No. The cults are all centered on the main building."



0600- Day 2, Reiksburg

The Earthshakers boomed. A cloud of dust shook out of the ruined gate. Space Wolves led the charge over the rubble as nearly a regiment of Guardsmen sprang from emplacements and trenches to charge the trenches of the heretics. Titanjaegr sat silently on the man-made hill a half-klick from the palace, taking pot-shots at the very few remaining traitor tanks and vehicles.

"Yeah. This sucks." spat Viltry.

"Welcome to Armored Support, At'ika, if you can't take it, you're more than welcome to join the ground-pounders and get your guts ripped out."

At'ika. Archeron for someone who was special. Volsen noticed Ignis give him a wink. Only himself and the driver knew Archeron fluently.

Viltry gave up protesting and reluctantly replaced the headset for the vox-caster, listening to the chatter.

"Support requested, bearing zero-zero-eight-one low, possible Chaos Marine incursion, APHE rounds requested."

Veden chuckled, pulling a dangerously glowing power cell from the store next to him.

"Emperor help me, but I love APHE rounds."

He inserted the cell and pulled the triggers. The cannon lurched and a vast explosion signaled the end of the Chaos squad.

"Makes you feel wild and dangerous."

Ignis nodded his agreement.

"Magister spotted, moving in."

"Target aquired."

"Ready weapons."

Volsen heard gunfire and screams through the comm.

"Magister fleeing! North passage!"

Volsen spoke into the vox.

"Do not pursue, engagment force, we have him."

"I got a shot, Sarge."

"Then take it, by the Emperor."

Veden nodded as the final shot of the Reiksburg war was over, enveloping Magister Stephan Vroglan and utterly destroying him.

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There was no fight in the traitors after Reiksburg. The back of the rebellion had been broken by the Armor and Guard, with the help of the Space Wolves. Berek Thunderfist had sent a letter of commendation to the Archeron barracks to congradulate the Armored units who fought at Reiksburg and Kursk.

After Coronis IV, the two surviving Shadowswords of Echo Squadren replaced a few crew members and left. Andrew Veden was given command of Titanjaegr, and Jakob Quest remained the commander of The Stuff of Legend. The next deployment saw Titanjaegr upgraded to a Shadowsword XVII class, and Veden is reported to have been talking to the machine spirit, without any technical training.

The Space Wolves reclaimed a number of bodies from the heretics, and took many trophies home to Fenris.

The remainder of the Archeron regiments on Coronis IV were transferred to Grey Seer in orbit and transported to Threshold, the new war.

The records show that Sergeant Loren Viltry was KIA during Operation Market-Garden enlisted with the Elysian 343rd ODST.

The records also show that Sergeant Kal Volsen was KIA during Operation Reiksburg, enlisted with the 292nd Archeron Super-Heavy. He was awarded the rank of Lieutenant and the Macharian Cross posthumously.

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haha yet more ww2 stuff, market-garden
Yes. You'll actually notice a heck of a lot of references in my short stories.

@Jacobite: Probably. Have to think up a new crop of characters, a new planet to destroy, and a new title. I have a project in the works right now, be done soon....stay tuned.

And look out for the Black Watch.
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