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++++++Begin Transmission++++++

++++++Evaluation of 52nd Krieg Tank Commander Tiberius Lupin, Callsign "Wolfbyte"++++++​

During inspection of yearly Krieg tithes of Regiments prepared for Imperial duty, it came to my attention that a veteran group of Krieg Tank Commanders had been formed together under the command of Tank Commander Tiberius Lupin to form the Krieg 52nd Armoured Company. How this escaped my attention earlier i can only attribute to the sheer amount of able bodies originating from the death world.

In searching through datafiles, transmissions, and After-Action Reports (all properly filed by Commander Lupin), I felt it necessary to alert you to his apparent outstanding record. Beginning his tour of duty a Leman Russ Gunner then Commander in the Southern reach of the California planet system, his first combat action was in the San Diego IV system against a new resurgence of Chaos within the past two months. During that campaign, his 9 recorded kills of Xenos vehicles was the highest among his regiment (the Krieg 113th), and this earned him a place on an "Emperor's Fist" tank squadron should the need arise.

Continued competency landed him in several Apocalyptic Battles versus Xenos Revenant and corrupt Chaos Titans where he never failed to severely damage the enemy warmachines, even scoring the death blow versus one Chaos abomination called "Horus' Talon".

In the last two months he has amassed an armoured force consisting of 2 Leman Russ "Vanquishers", 2 Leman Russ "Exterminators" (one he has taken as his own that he now leads into battle in order to "keep his skills well-rounded" as he puts it), 1 Demolisher tank (my recommendation would be to equip him with 1-2 more if possible), at least 4 Leman Russ Battle Tanks, 3 Basilisks, 2 Hellhound anti-infantry vehicles, and a query to Mars (after a short-handed remark in an AAR mentioned "super-heavy support") reveals that he has a Baneblade at the ready for his use should events get dire.

Perhaps this Commander Lupin is worthy and capable enough of being placed in charge of one of the newly forming "Steel Fury" Baneblade Companys.

Your Humble Servant,
Writium Slevin
Beta Prime Record-Keeper to the Krieg homeworld

+++++++End of Transmission++++++​

Now for something non-fluffly (sorry bout the signature, not that familiar with IA:5 to get correct coordinates and whatnot).

Found this forum through a sig on warseer, been playing for almost a year now, started with Dark Eldar, moved on to Eldar, sold the eldar recently and got an Armoured Company. My best friend plays Krieg IG, so i decided my army would be Krieg too! (Might as well, have to get all the turrets off FW either way)

My name comes from way back in middle school. Wolves are my favorite animal, and Wolfbite just looked wierd, so since i was into computers and i was originally using it for MMORPG login names i decided Wolfbyte was perfect. Numbers are actually random ones that have been tacked on as other sites and games actually had other people already using "Wolfbyte".

My favorite moment in 40k was when i was playing my Dark Eldar vs my friend's IG, and his Russ got a lucky potshot on my Raider, rolled a hit on the scatter, and Ordnance Penned before i had moved, causing the Raider to explode (rolled a 6 on the Ordnance chart), killing everyone inside, which included my 200 pt Arcon (who coincidentally didnt get his 2+ Inv save) with 7 man INCUBI retinue. Man did that Russ make it's points back that game.

Other than that i love my AC and have had some good fun with it against the new Chaos and in the new Apocalypse setting. The stats in the fluff story are actually correct (aside from the part before he is in an Armoured Company), i kept track on one certain Vanquisher that consistently managed to take Structure Points off Titans, and every Apoc game it was in it always managed to do significant damage to a titan, even destroying one. The 9 kills versus Chaos is half-true as well. We were running a League that was Chaos themed for the new Codex, and during the course of 6 games it blew up 9, though not all Chaos (one fully kitted out Falcon though!!).

Oh, and my name is Chris. :) Look forward to poking around the forums!

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Welcome to Heresy mate. Enjoy your time here.
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