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K people so new to the whole story writing thing thought I'd give it a stab what do you think.

The Emperor Reborn

The Guardsmen surveyed the Battle Field with Awe “one Man can’t have killed all those Greenskins and then killed Warboss Az’Ruk aswell, its just not possible...its just not…only the…no…no” he seemed to be assuring him self then stood up from examining the dead warboss.
“Its nothing Corporal I’m a fool for even thinking it”
“Searg over hear!!!” The sergeant walked over to the Private still pondering “how… and all by blade hand to hand…how”. The Sergeant approached the Private who seemed some what scared.
“What is it Private”
“Over there sir”
“I can’t see anything” “other than lots of dead Orks” he thought.
“He’s there sir”
“Who… Oh just give me those Binoculars boy!” as the sergeant snatched the Binoculars from the Private, making him jump “s the bloody problem with newbie’s always so bloody jumpie”. As the sergeant looked through the binoculars he seemed to freeze.
“Get me the Vox Boy… quickly now!!!” then he looked again.
“The Vox Sir” The sergeant took the Vox and almost yelled into the mike
“This is Sergeant Arus speaking, get me Colonel Heize”
“Yes Sir” came the hurried voice.
“Colonel Heize speaking what’s the problem sergeant”
“We’re checking out area sector C, there’s tons of dead greenskins sir, and Az’Ruk is dead to”. The colonel gave a sigh of relief.
“And the rest”
“the rest sir?”
“Yes the rest of the Orks sergeant” the colonel replied impatiently
“Well they’re gone sir… retreated is my guess”
“So whats the problem?”
“Well there’s someone… something big… huge out there”
“how huge?”
“… my first thoughts were…”
“dammit sergeant what?”
“… the size of a Primarch….”

To be continued...

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WOOT! Liked a lot there ;) Seems someone decided to bring someone else back from the grave ;)

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Well here's part 2

Part 2
The line went dead
“Sir… colonel Heize sir!!!”
“Its no good searg the lines dead”
“Gather the squad tell them to prepare for a fight”
“searg… are you sure?”
“Yes boy I’m sure… we don’t know this… thing as friend or foe and vice versa”
“But sir he killed all these green skins and a Warboss”
“Regardless we shall fight him if he attacks… now go assemble the squad”
“Deale… where is that confounded corporal!!!”
“Here sir” a tall skinny man saluted the Sergeant and the Sergeant saluted back.
“I need you to go find Lieutenant Cezar tell him to bring the Platoon”
“What should I tell him searg”
“tell him we have a problem… a big Problem”
“yes Sir!!!” and with that the corporal sprinted off.
“Sir?” The sergeant turned round and looked at the squad assembled.
“Ok men there is something out there and we shall have to approach it”
“I want five men to stay back and keep a look out”
“Keys?” a Bulky man with a huge sniper rifle stepped forward.
“Yes Sir?”
“your in charge of these four men” he pointed to the to Lance corporals with the lascannon and to Privates armed with lasguns “should we be killed I want you to take no unnecessary risks… take cover and wait for the Lieutenant”
“Kreis, Felps… come with us but only provide cover fire”
“Akins” the private jumped at hearing him being address and hurriedly saluted.
“Bring the Vox and stick with me, you and I will take point” with that he drew his chainsword and Plasma pistol, and set of through the piles of dead orks. after about 5 minutes of walkingAkins stood still and spoke.
“what is it Akins” grunted the sergeant.
“what you said about the Primarch”.
“what about it”
“well is it possible?”
“I’m not sure boy” the sergeant grumbled impatiently
“But sir if it is a Primarch then we stand no chance”
The sergeant stopped, then turned around and grabbed the boy by the collar and the corporal gave a yelp of surprise.
“Do you have faith in the Emperor Boy!!!”
“Yes sir” cried Akins.
“and do you have faith in the imperium!!!”
“y..y..yes sir”
“Then do not fear death for the Emperor shall shield you from it”
The sergeant dropped the boy and started walking again the Private brushed himself of, picked up his lasgun and hurried on after the sergeant.
“you here that boy?”
“what searg?”
“you don’t hear it?”
“hear what sir?”
“he’s seen us”
“its strange I don’t feel scared but I should be” the private started spinning around wildly a strange mist had appeared without them noticing, but the sergeant could see him.
“over there boy” the private turned to where his sergeant pointed a shimmering/glowing light that seemed to hang in the air.
They walked towards it
“searg where are Kreis and Felps?” the sergeant spun round he hadn’t noticed they were gone.
“dammit get your weapon ready lad” the sergeant sheathed his chainsword and cocked his plasma pistol and they started to walk towards the light.
“Lower your weapon” said a voice which sounded familiar to the sergeant, with out a seconds thought he obeyed the command it was as if the voice had forced his mind to obey. The sergeant spoke
“I feel I know you and yet I don’t”
“You no who my Father is you do not know me” the voice sounded calm and complacent.
“your father”
“Yes my father”
“How the hell should I know who your father is”
“Because he is as much your father as mine”
the sergeant paused and considered and then said,“show yourself so that I know who I’m bloody talking to”
“fine” the mist began to lift the sergeant focused on the spot where the shimmering light had been and as the mist lifted his mouth dropped open in awe, because before him was something, someone Far greater than a Primarch.
“It…it…it is Impossible…how” exclaimed the sergeant.

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I like it, though I think "searg" should be "Sarge" Just a thought as that is what I'm used to <.<;

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I take full credit for giving him the idea :so_happy:

( :fuck: it was copyright and you know it) :threaten: :) :taunt:

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Next Part Here for you

Part 3
Lieutenant Cezar sat in the back of the Chimera talking to Deale “but did you see anything… what did the sergeant say”
“I heard him on the Vox he said… he said” and then he stopped he looked like he was doing some serious thinking.
“What corporal… what did he say?”
“he said he’d… he’d seen a Primarch…”
“it was the Lieutenants turn to do some thinking”
“Then what happened?”
“The line went dead Sir”
“just like that” the Lieutenant muttered to himself.
“Pass me the Vox”
“Yes sir”
“I need to speak to Inquisitor Lord Malec” said the Lieutenant into the mike.
“Yes Lieutenant Sir”
“What is it Lieutenant?” came the Impatient voice of inquisitor Lord Malec
“we have a Problem in Sector C your assistance is required urgently sir”
“and can you tell me what the Problem is Lieutenant”
“a Primarch sir”
“I’ll get there do not attack I repeat do not attack unless necessary”
“Yes sir”
The chimera stopped “Sir we’re here” said one of the crew. The lieutenant picked up a glistening Power sword and walked down the access ramp with Deale following close behind. The Lieutenant stood still for a moment he looked at the other Chimera as the squad emerged with Commissar Ulsar, he studied the Huge Power fist and the glittering sword and then looked at his own Battered, bruised and Battle hardened Power sword and laughed to himself thinking “its amazing how I’d rather have my sword”.
“Lieutenant over there!!!”
The Lieutenant turned to where the Commissar pointed and saw 5 men. 2 as a lascannon team, 1 Bulky man with a Sniper Rifle who he recognised immediately as Keys, and two Privates. He walked over to them and addressed Keys.
“Keys where is Sergeant Arus?”
Keys pointed at the mist about half a mile away as the Lieutenant looked he noticed 2 men with guns pointing into the mist.
“should go after him sir” asked Deale
“No… no we have our orders”
“but sir our sergeant is in there if we don’t do something…”
The lieutenant considered it and then said
“Commissar Ulsar take these 5 men and another Squad” he seemed to be going against his better judgement. The Commissar noticed he was wrestling with his thoughts.
“Don’t worry Cezar we’ll be fine the Emperor will Protect us” he said with confidence. The Lieutenant smiled and saluted the Commissar. And every other man saluted the commissar to he was respected throughout the Platoon and all would die for him as him for them. The Commissar Saluted back and went into the Mist.


But the Cadian 93rd had more problems far more than they knew for Orbiting the Planet of Salonika was a huge force with a Daemon Prince known as Belias and a Chaos Lord who was none other than the Infamous Lucius the Eternal. Belias Spoke to Lucius to anyone else it sounded like hissing.
"He is Here I can sense him such Power"
"yes Brother I sense him, too prepare the Noise Marines, we have Finally found A challenge and it has been Provided By the Imperium... Fulgrim was right."


Sergeant Arus and Private Akins stared and then remembering themselves lifted their weapons.
“You have no need of your weapons against me, I have no intention of Harming you”
“Who Are you?” said the Sergeant feeling that he should have already asked this question.
“an interesting question and I can only say that I am An Emperor”
“Oh its very Possible even the Primarchs knew this day would come even if they chose not to believe it”
“So what do you mean by an Emperor”
I am an incarnate of him in some senses I shall be the knew Host for his soul once they have Gathered”.
“The Primarchs”
“that’s not Possible we don’t anything about the living Primarchs”
“Two things Arus one they do not have to be Living two those living with Faith in the Imperium shall Return and the same for the Dead”.
“Prove it” said the sergeant suddenly
The Man Smiled “in what form would you like Proof my son?”
“If you are the… an Emperor then you have great Powers show me them”
“soon you shall see… very soon my son”.

To Be continued…

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decent when is part 4 coming

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It not Lucious mate <.<; Lucius is his name and such :eek:k:

Very good

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Part 4

Ulsar remained silent treading carefully so as not to make to much noise he held his Gleaming Power sword, He stopped and stood still.
“The mist its lifting?”
“Isn’t that good sir?”
“I’m not sure” The Commissar studied his surroundings about Half a mile away stood the Platoon, and less then 5 metres away stood…
“S what I said” replied the Sergeant
“who… what are you”
“An Emperor… although you can call me Theius it’d be irritatingly awkward too keep calling me the Emperor as you can imagine” Smiled Theius
“and why are you here?” asked the Commissar quite calmly
“To begin a new age”
“where is your Faith?”
“and how may I ask did that happen”
“I have watched the Imperium Falter despite the most Valiant of sacrifices I served under Yarrik at Hades Hive, I served under Creed at the Battle of Tyrok fields”
“surely that should have Bolstered your faith?”
“why should it … Chaos exists the Cadian Gate Faulters, the Orks are Never ending, Tyranids threaten the Imperium on many fronts how can we survive against so many enemies?”
“because You are the Imperium you are the Justice of the Galaxy you are the true symbolism of courage and honour your faith keeps us from destruction!!!” the Commissar turned round surprised to hear the sergeant speak so Boldly.
“I think you shall soon see the Imperium rise again and it starts Today!!!”
The commissar turned Abruptly and saw his men point to the North he looked too see a huge force emblazoned in purple, he would have Mocked them but he knew better than to do so.
“Ok Men back to the Platoon!!!”
“and him?”
“we’ll have to trust him”


“Ok men Defensive Positions!!!”
“We’ll hold till Inquisitor Lord Malec gets here” The 4 Chimeras were put front by front to form a wall for cover “those 4 heavy bolters should take some chunks of them too” thought Cezar.
Thieus walked up to him “any orders for me?” The Lieutenant was at a loss for words
“You can do what you want hopefully useful”

Lucius surveyed the battle field.
And then turned to Belias
“their seems to be a small Platoon down there”
“lead a party down there and crush them”


The two Lascannons Charged up as the Daemon Prince and his Force Charged over the Crest of the Hill, The Lasguns were Primed and the Heavy Bolters were aimed at the Noise Marines waiting for them to come in range. Then they Opened Fire The Lascannon shots hurtling towards the Daemon Prince. He Dodged them Both and Laughed mockingly at the Guardsmen only to be cut short by 4 Plasma gun shots slamming into his chest He paused then shrugged of the damage began to charge at the Guardsmen again with a new found Rage.
“I shall Slaughter you all!!!”
Commissar Ulsar was standing his ground and inspiring the men to fight on
“Hold your ground men!!!” The Guardsmen started opening Fire with their Lasguns most of the Lasfire just bounced of the Noise Marines but a few fell. The Commissar looked for the Champion once he’d found him he readied himself for the Onslaught the Sergeant next to him drew his Powersword and they charged into the Noise Marines shouting
“For The Emperor!!!”
The Champion decapitated a Guardsmen with his Chainsword and spun round quickly ramming his chainsword through the next, the sergeant charged him but each strike he tried to deliver was Parried then the Champion drew his Plasma Pistol and fired a shot which hit the sergeant in the head Blowing it open.
“You have killed enough!!!”
The champion whirled around to face the Commissar but too late the smashed his Power fist through the Champions chest but Ulsar didn’t stop there even as the champion fell He start hacking the Body to pieces with his Power sword.
“the Guardsmen cheered and began to fight even better than before Ramming Bayonets into the Noise marines heads repeatedly. The Commissar noticed something in the Corner of his Eye Belias tearing through the courageous guardsmen towards him. Ulsar readied himself and charged towards the Daemon Prince then their was a huge bang as one of the Lascannons hit him clean in the side he turned around, grabbed the Lascannon brandishing it like a clubsending both guardsmen flying, then there was another bang, this time from Ulsars Power Fist going clean through the Daemon Princes leg, Belias Roared in Pain and began striking Blow after Blow at the Commissar who somehow managed to parry and stay alive, but though the Commissar fought Bravely the Daemon Prince was a Far more Powerful and Deadly Adversary and with a huge punch he Knocked Ulsar to the Floor his refractor Field defending him from death the Daemon Prince Lifted his sword to Deliver the Final Blow, the Commissar closed his eyes and Smiled, he opened them again and shouted at the Daemon Prince
“I die For the Imperium, I die For the Emperor!!!”
The Daemon Prince roared Bringing his sword down towards the Commisar…

To be continued….

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you can't stop it there :shok: more plz

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Must.. Have.. More!

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Part 5

The Sword stopped in Mid air, the Daemon Prince seemed to be unable to bring his sword down upon the Commissar know matter How hard he tried he was repeatedly stopped by an invisible Forcefield. The Commissar looked aroundto find the source of this protection. He saw Theius walking towards The Daemon Preince with two Flaming fists. The Daemon Prince turned to Theius
“You are a Foolish Mortal… Do you think you can match the Powers Of Slaanesh!!!”
“Your False Gods won’t Protect you from my Wrath!!!”
They charged at each other the Daemon Prince with his sword, Theius with his fists Blazing they fought for a long time the Battle around them raged on the Guardsmen fighting on as more and more Noise Marines fell the Daemon Prince and Theius were given a wide birth as they tore into each other the Daemon Prince delivering Blows that would have instantly killed anyone else, but Theius took the Damage and fought on showing no signs of weakening delivering many mighty Blows upon the Dameon Prince. Then…
“Your time is over!!!”
And with an almighty uppercut the Daemon Prince was sent into the air and came crashing down to the ground. Theius walked towards him and prepared to deliver the Final Blow. He stopped as black smoke started appearing from Belias’ mouth it grew Larger and larger as it grew a huge cloaked Skeletal figure began to appear
The hooded Figure drew a huge Chain Scythe and struck it deep into the heart of the Daemon Prince, Belias went still the scythe was removed and the Body disintegrated.

To be comtinued…
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