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Hallo there everyone!

Been playing 40k for two years now, moved from Tau to SM, and am now gathering up some DE to paint.

I'm in the military, so it can be hard to find time, but most of my joy comes from converting models in interesting ways. I'll be sure to post some pictures for ya'll soon.

I play a DIY Chapter of Space Marines, with Trust Your Battle Brothers and Purity Above All(Once I find a cheap Apothecary converstion that I don't hate, that is.)

Here is a list of my SM models so far, my actual army list is pretty modular, so...

Company Master Johannes Theodorus
Command Squad
Chaplain *In conversion*
Jump Chaplain *In conversion*

Fast Attack:
Assault Marines X10
Mounted Marines (Counts as bikers) *In conversion*
War Chariot (Counts as attack bike) *In conversion*

Heavy Support:
Devastators X5
Predator Annihilator "Fury"

Venerable Dreadnought Byron
Terminator Squad Crovax
Techmarine *In Conversion*

Tactical Squad X2

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Very Cool... I started out in the military as well... Some Army buddies got me involved in Necromunda, WHFB, and D&D, and an Air Force bud got me into Battletech and computer games. Up until that time, I had absolutely no experience with either. Then later a Cop friend introduced me to 40K. Now, I have reason to give them all a black eye for the money they 'forced' me to spend on games! :biggrin:

Welcome aboard, mate!
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