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Someone or something had ravaged Thessalonica. Corpses still rotted in the streets of staked to building, the blood sprayed across alleyways and doorways had dried to a deep crimson that was almost brown. The hustle and bustle of the Lower Hive had died away, although the screams of the grey twilight had not entirely disappeared. The moans of the dead and dying still echoed through the streets a hab complexes. Even after the decimation, life still persisted. It is one of the most remarkable about humanity; its ability to endure. One of it most horrifying characteristics is the ways in which it can endure.

Kirai "The Rat": You are on the far western side of the Lower Hive, on the fifth floor of a habitation block. You have been there for three sleeps, although that does not necessarily imply three days. The rations you had are all spent and your small frame is struggling to cope with the lack of nutrition, limited as it was before. You must venture out to find some or perish. In the most recent hours you have heard noises echoing through the ventilation shafts. However, one thing is certain, you cannot stay here for much longer. Hunger will drive you on or it will kill you.

There is a ventilation shaft in the room you are holed up in, although you have not explored far into it. There is a double bed in the room, high enough off of the ground for you to sneak under if needs must. There are a few cupboards in the room as well as a desk. The room’s only exit leads to a corridor. Your room is at the end of a corridor of 12 rooms, 6 on either side. At the end of the corridor there is a left turn, leading to another corridor with 16 rooms, 8 on either side. There is a T-junction at the end of this corridor, right leads to a staircase allowing you to move up or down floors. Left is more corridors.

Gabriel Frost: Hunger is an issue for you. Your stomach growls loudly and you know is has been far longer it should be since you last ate. You can survive for a while longer but the longer you wait the more your awareness and your ability to act will diminish. You swig some of your water at some cross roads on the west of the Lower Hive, your shotgun held loosely in your other hand ready to act at a moment’s notice. You have been wandering one of the main streets of the Lower Hive for a few hours now and had only just passed the main munitions factory on your right.

Forward and to you right is row after of habitation blocks, likely some of them are occupied by people of varying humours. Forward and to the left is the Arbites HQ. Behind that is the main elevator that leads to the upper levels of the hive. You know from experience that it is locked somehow. Only those from the upper hive can call it. The lower denizens have to have the elevator sent down to them. Surrounding the elevator shaft is more hab blocks.

Samuel Holst: You are on the far western side of the Lower Hive, on the fifth floor of a habitation block. You have been there for three sleeps, although that does not necessarily imply three days. The rations you had are all spent. Although you could last a little while longer, you can tell Kirai is not doing well. She is sleeping more and longer than she had been when you first met her. In the most recent hours you have heard sounds echoing through the ventilation shafts. You might prefer to not move from where you are, relatively obscured, but if you do Kirai will not last long and you may soon follower her.

There is a ventilation shaft in the room you are holed up in, although you have not explored far into it. There is a double bed in the room, high enough off of the ground for Kirai to sneak under if needs must, but not high enough for you. There are a few cupboards in the room as well as a desk. The room’s only exit leads to a corridor. Your room is at the end of a corridor of 12 rooms, 6 on either side. At the end of the corridor there is a left turn, leading to another corridor with 16 rooms, 8 on either side. There is a T-junction at the end of this corridor, right leads to a staircase allowing you to move up or down floors. Left is more corridors.

Kanis Strike: In the last few hours the voices began to cause you a terrible migraine so you decided to travel back to the chapel and pray and found no one else there. The pews were overturned and most of the valuables ransacked, although some of the bodies remained decomposing silently. However, the statue venerating the Emperor still remained and kneeling in front of it and offering benedictions helped. However, your need for food compelled you to leave, and the voices began to stir again. This time it was no words, but a heightened awareness that you are being watched. You look around but cannot find any eyes spying on you and do your best to dismiss the feeling.

Something compels you to the east of town, heading down the street to your right and then taking a left at some point. You know the manufactorum that produced the majority of the food for the Lower Hive is in the North East quadrant of the city, although most of it has likely been ransacked by now. However there is a chance there may still be something there, or perhaps those who had raided the manufactorum would still be nearby, unwilling to leave what might be a prosperous source of sustenance. You start to walk this way, although there are also several habitation blocks to your left, unlikely to be as rich in resources but also far less likely to be targeted by raiders.

Callista "Cally" Santigue: You are in the basement of one of the habitation blocks close to the ammunition manufactorum. With the auxiliary power generators humming around you and the warmth they give off, it is as close as you can get right now to the familiar surroundings of the kilns you are used to. There is a problem however. There is neither food nor water down here and despite your natural affinity with heat and machinery, the environment is taking its toll on your body. You are becoming dehydrated and if you don’t find water soon your condition will deteriorate.

You have a few options open to you. You can choose to go up into the higher levels of the habitation block of that you are in currently. The lower floor are likely ransacked by now, but the higher floors might prove fruitful. You could venture into the open and check the workers quarters of the manufactorum or raid some of the other habitation blocks. Whatever you do, your priority has to be finding food or water as without these you are unlikely to last much longer.

Pieter Hark: You have wandered to the south of the lower hive, you are currently in a 3rd floor of a habitation block which is directly opposite the Church of the God-Emperor. The weak light reflects of its gilded roof and in through the solitary window in your room, perhaps a sign of the Emperor’s favour on this position. Regardless of whether such an absent God favours this building or not, you have exhausted your supplies of food and will have to find more soon or starve.

Out of the window you see a man whose head darts left and right. A small skull bobs behind him. It’s as if he is looking for something. He appears anxious to you. He appears to have recently left the chapel and is heading to the east of the Lower Hive. Perhaps he could use some company, or perhaps you’d rather steer clear of unknown people. Alternatively you might want to call to him and get his attention. Your room leads into a corridor, at the end of which are some stairs which will allow you to ascend or descend although about an hour ago you heard several sets of feet use the stairs, whether they were coming or going you couldn’t tell.

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Kirai "The Rat": You are in the room adjacent to Dr Holst. It is largely identical to the room you were previously in. You search in drawers, in the cupboards, everywhere. Your search proves successful. Tucked underneath the bed is a full glass of water, about 500 ml. A small ration, but it will be enough to keep you from dehydrating for a little while longer. You go to take it through to Samuel when you hear footsteps coming up the staircase.

At the top of the stair is a well-muscled woman with a wrench held loosely in one hand. Her face is obscured by an Arbites helmet, although an orange jumper and beige trousers imply that it is likely looted rather than part of her original attire. She appears to be scanning the hallways, whether looking for foes or allies or merely to get a lay of her surroundings. She begins to wander down the corridor perpendicular to yours. If you wish to break for the room Samuel Holst is in, now would be a chance to do so. Or you might want to call him over to yours. Or remain where you are or maybe make a break for the staircase.

Gabriel Frost: You step out of the hab block and onto the street again, your spirits sagging. You turn right, away from the manufactorium and toward the south of the town. As you walk you see a figure disappear into a hab block to your right. Although you don’t know who they are, or even if they are particularly friendly, it at least means you are not alone. The need for companionship briefly overwhelms your caution and you chase after the figure and arrive into the opening foyer of the hab block.

The foyer considers of two corridors which peel off to your left and right with small rooms dotting the walls. There is a table with some chairs scattered around it, some more broken than others. There is one completely intact, steadily collecting a film of dust. Directly in front of you is the main reception and on either side of this medium sized booth are stairs which merge into one main staircase behind the reception desk. You hear the faint sound of footsteps from upstairs, although it occurs to you now that just because you are happy to see another person doesn’t mean they will be. You may either ascend the staircase in the hopes of finding the person you chased or remain on the ground floor and search the room for food, still a concern for you.

Samuel Holst: You are in the room adjacent to Kirai. It is largely identical to the room you were previously in. You search in drawers, in the cupboards, everywhere. Your search proves successful too. In the cupboard you find 3 tins of pre-packaged post natal food. They have not been opened, although you know that this means the occupants of this room were with or had recently had a child. Perhaps the idea of them being killed or surviving the event troubles you, perhaps it doesn’t. In any case it is good news for you and Kirai. Speed of growth was of key importance to the overlords of Thessalonica and this post natal food will likely be packed with carbs, fat and even vitamins and minerals, even if it is not the most tasty. You go to take it through to Kirai when you hear footsteps from the staircase.

At the top of the stair is a well-muscled woman with a wrench held loosely in one hand. Her face is obscured by an Arbites helmet, although an orange jumper and beige trousers imply that it is likely looted rather than part of her original attire. She appears to be scanning the hallways, whether looking for foes or allies or merely to get a lay of her surroundings. She begins to wander down the corridor perpendicular to yours. If you wish to break for the room Kirai is in, now would be a chance to do so. Or you might want to call her over to yours. Or remain where you are or maybe make a break for the staircase.

Kanis Strike: You freeze for a few moments, wary that the owner of the knap-sack you had been pilfering may come back at any moment or that a trap may spring and leave you wounded or worse. However nothing of the sort happens. You are just about to relax when you hear footsteps pounding up the stairs. In the scant few moment you have you dive underneath the single bed in the room and pull your servo-skull close to your chest, deactivating it briefly.You push yourself a close against the wall as you can, hoping to remain unnoticed. You see a set of legs enter the room.

A figure drops down to the bag and rummages frantically to the very bottom. As the figure rummages you hear another set of footsteps, much slower and much more deliberate. The first figure pulls something from the bag and stands up, facing the doorway. He mutters to himself “Can’t go back, not there. Can’t go back. Can’t go back…” his voice trails off at the end. Another, paternal voice echoes through the room. “Come on child, don’t hide. Come out, come out wherever you are.” A moment later the footsteps stop and you hear the click of a pistol’s safety being taken off. “There you are.” A gunshot sounds and a boy no older than 15 drops to the floor with a hole in the back of his skull, blood and brain matter leaking from it. The other voice sighs, you can see his legs in the doorway. “You’ve gone and hidden again, haven’t you. Don’t worry I’ll find you. Daddy always does.” The legs disappear from the doorway but you can hear the man has not gone far. The pistol is still limp in the boy’s hand and is within reaching distance if you wanted. Or you could make a break for it, or remain exactly where you are.

Callista "Cally" Santigue: You begin to steadily make your way up into the higher levels of the habitation block, checking occasional rooms as you go. Compared the heats you are used to these higher levels are considerably colder and it makes you shiver slightly. It is not until you get to the fourth floor is it that you find anything of note. You manage to locate a communal kitchen area. On top of one of the stoves is a pan that contains some kind of broth. Although it is stone cold by this point and the gas supply to the stove is probably off or ruined, there is enough furniture in the surrounding room which you can break to make a fire. You resolve to do just that.

You journey between rooms, breaking down chairs and wardrobe doors to form kindling for your fire. As you cart several desk legs back to the kitchen area and begin to arrange your wood on a pile, you hear footsteps. You turn to face the doorway but seen no one. A moment later though an elderly man come round the corner, a pistol in his hands shaking slightly. You aren’t sure if he is afraid, nervous or the jitter in his hands is simply from age. “Who are you? What do you want?” he barks at you. Everyone is on edge since the event and if you don’t handle this properly it may end badly for you.

Pieter Hark: You got down several flights of stairs and encounter no body. Whoever the footsteps were earlier, either they have left or are in the higher levels of your habitation block. Either way, you remain alone for the time being. You step out into the grey hazy light of the street and see from the corner of the street you stand on two things.

Firstly, ahead of you in the distance you see a figure dressed in mostly black enter a hab block. He appears to be carrying something although at this distance you couldn’t make out what it was. To your right you see a young boy sprint into a hab block followed by an older man, who seems to check behind him and the boy. You can’t quite be certain if the boy is running from the man or ahead of him while the man keeps watch. You may wish to follow either of these two sets of people, perhaps relishing for a chance to interact with others and do the Emperor’s work. Alternatively, you may wish to visit the chapel near you to seek the Emperor afresh or simply let his will guide your feet and journey in whatever direction you see fit (If you chose this option, PM me and I’ll let you know what you see)

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Kirai "The Rat": Samuel tells you to hide. He has left you with the food and the water you were carrying and ventured into unknown territory. Perhaps unwilling to let another paternal figure be killed to protect you, you don’t instinctively hide as asked. Instead you wait just behind the door entrance, out of the line of sight. You hear Dr Holst repeat himself before a gunshot goes off. The noise makes you jump, sloshing the water cup about and spilling some of it on the floor.

At this point you have a few options. You do not know if Dr Holst is the one shot, but it certainly sounds like there is a scuffle going on just down the corridor so if he was shot he is likely not dead yet. You could either venture out after him, risking yourself getting attacked by whoever is still out there but at least confirming if your adoptive ‘father’ is alive. Alternatively you may now wish to hide in this room. There are several cupboards you could fit in, as well as ample space under the bed-frame and even behind the door that is ajar, although sadly no vents. Finally, you could make a break for the room you started in and escape into the vent. This has the advantage of being nearly inaccessible to those larger than you, but you will not have time to look back if you do run for it.

Gabriel Frost: As you make your way up the stairs you hear a voice call out from about a floor up. “ Stranger? What is your doing here? My name is Dr. Holst, may I assist you somehow?” Perhaps that is true, perhaps it is a ruse to lure you into a trap set up by whoever you followed in here. You might choose to call back or not, but regardless you decide to very cautiously make your way to the bottom of the stairs leading up to the 3rd floor. As you get to the bottom, you hear a gunshot. Reflexively you recoil out of the stairwell, away from the line of sight of those above.

You look at the walls and cannot see any bullet holes in the walls and you have not been hit, so either the shooter was not aiming for you or they simply fired as a warning to you. You cannot be sure. However, from above you think you can hear the sounds of fast footsteps and heavy-breathing. You could lie low, either by exiting the building or by hiding in one of the rooms. Alternatively you could make your way up the stairs and investigate who or what is up there. (Note that if you do ascend the stairs, you will only be able to see the knife-wielding man and the Arbites helm woman you followed in there, one or neither could be the voice that spoke to you. Anyone down the corridor is obscured from your sight.)

Samuel Holst: You call out but get no response from the woman. You begin to wander further up the hallway, closer to the junction at the end, and repeat yourself. You can still hear foot-steps in the corridor, which stop as you near the end of the hall. Suddenly a gun-shot rings out, proceeded by grunts, the sound of metal striking metal and then the softer, wetter sound of metal striking flesh.

Before you can have time to wonder what or who was making the noise, a middle-aged man skids down the hallway on his back, as if thrown. He scrambles to his feet. One of his hands seems damaged, the palm concaved in an odd way. He scrabbles at his belt, finding a knife. As he does so the Arbites helmed woman, who now has a bullet-dent in her helmet, appears swinging the wrench furiously. Neither seem to acknowledge you, locked in their own private duel. The man’s eyes are wide and blood-shot, the visor of the woman hides most of her face. You have a weapon of your own and could choose to aid one of them. Alternatively you could try to defuse the situation. However there is no guarantee that either option will end well for you, and Kirai is still down the hall. Both seem to be oblivious to your presence. It’s possible that you could simple move past them and let them brutalise one another.

Kanis Strike: Your sprinting carries you past the man searching the building and down the stairs before he has time to react. Hypothetically a normal person would have been able to effectively escape their pursuer. Unfortunately, your servo-skull is pre-programmed to follow you and so diligently bobs after you. As you glance behind you see it trailing, followed by you the man. You can see that, whilst he is certainly wielding a shotgun and has a knife strapped to his belt, neither of those weapons would have caused the shot to the head the boy suffered.

You make it out of the building before he catches up to you. You expect to be stabbed or shot, but instead the man simply throws his arms around you. “Oh son, I thought I had lost you. It was all so dark, and I…” His voice trails off and he releases you. As you back away slightly, he regains his composure. “…But I’ve found you and now everything will be ok. Just like it used to be.” Clearly this man thinks you are his son, but he cannot be more than 10 years your senior so it’s unlikely you bear any genuine resemblance to the man’s child.

Before you can ask any pertinent questions or set the man straight, you hear barking. You look down the street towards the manufactorium and see a cyber-mastif in the middle of the street, staring at you and barking. The man grabs your arm “Come on son, let’s go!” he pulls you after him for a while before breaking left slightly ahead of you. You can either follow him, whilst he is clearly unstable he may have resources you can use, or take this opportunity to break right, leading you back down the street towards the chapel.

Callista "Cally" Santigue: His handle on the gun is a little shakey, the tremor seems to start in his right shoulder and work its way down his hand. He keeps it pointed at you all the while you talk and for a few moments afterwards. Slowly he lowers his weapons and grumbles “I thought you were one of those piece of shit raiders from a few hab blocks over.” He sits himself down near your growing pile of kindling, although he makes no effort to assist and does not holster his gun.

A few more broken bits of furniture later and expending one of your fire-starters (5 left) you have a fire going. The warmth begins to spread through the room, and you set the broth on top of the fire to get it warmed up, occasionally stirring it. The man has not spoken since he sat down and is still shivering slightly. He can’t be cold, but there is likely something wrong with him. As the broth begins to boil he asks you “I lost my daughter, and my grandson. I came home and they were gutter. I’ve not seen my son since it happened.” he rummages in his pocket and takes out a faded photograph and shows it too you. “Have you seen him?” Unfortunately, the fact doesn’t look familiar, but lying might help the man hang onto whatever hope he has. You might also ask about your family, perhaps he has seen signs of them?

Pieter Hark: You sit in the front pew and stare at the statue venerating the Emperor. Surely is can be nothing short of a miracle that everything else in this chapel is damaged except for this one statue. You wait for several minutes under the shadow of the Emperor but feel no different. You are in his sight and yet feel no more direction or purpose than you did before you came in. Perhaps you expected a booming voice of direction or a soft tug of your heart strings to guide you. Whatever you expected, it doesn’t seem forth-coming.

Your focus on the Emperor is broken by a mirthless laugh from the rear of the chapel. A man, about the same age as yourself, stands in the doorway. He is wearing an officer’s coat but if does not fit him well, although it’s long flowing fabric hides whatever he keeps at his hips, if anything. “The faithful return to their thane!” He says, his voice filling the empty chapel. He walks down the central isle, easily stepping over corpses and blood pools. “But what power does an idol have, except that which we ascribe to it?”. He appears to be asking the question to you rather than rhetorically.

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“Since the ‘Event’ the Lower Hive of Thessalonica had not been governed by the regular rhythm of night and day, instead dwelling in perpetual twilight. That abrupt shift was enough to fracture the strained psyche of several of the residents, but not most. Most found other rhythms to fall into. However, even such twilight was not permanent. The lights of the Lower Hive slowly began to increase their luminescence to near blinding levels. Then, suddenly, the whole city went dark.”

Kirai "The Rat": You cower as far back in the vent as you can go. Behind you is a T-junction in the vent system, with one path leading up and the other vertically down. You can hear the slight murmur of noises and some voices, although it could equally be Dr Holst talking to the fighters as it could be them over-powering him and talking amongst themselves. It is a few minutes and Dr Holst still has not come. He may be looking for you, or he could be dead or injured and the others could be looking for you.

While you ponder, or try not to ponder as the case may be, these possibilities, the light outside of the vent begins to grow brighter and brighter. The vent grill, still in place but easily detachable if anyone tried, and the fact that you are far back in the vent shields you from the majority of the light so you are able to watch the light grow brighter than you can ever remember it being before you see it abruptly die. This situation is familiar to you; stuck inside a vent whilst your only ‘family’ is outside potentially in danger. What do you do? Do you continue to hide and preserve yourself or do you brave looking for Dr Holst? Alternatively, do you retreat further and go down the vent to escape what, if anything or anyone, is outside the vent.

Gabriel Frost: (Awaiting previous update. PM me if you return and I’ll add an update to follow on.)

Samuel Holst: What you witness is nothing short of unhinged brutality. The man drops to one knee, clutching his leg as blood leaks slowly from the wound, the knife lodged in there stemming the blood flow. He looks at you aghast and furious. Then the woman is upon him, her wrench smashing into his head with a bone-crunching smack. The force of the blow spins him onto his back. The woman pounces on his back and proceeds to repeatedly smash his skull with her heavy tool. The force of her blows cave in the back of his head but she keeps going for several blows after that, smearing his blood and brain matter into the floor. After he’s dead, she squats on-top of him still, panting from exertion. Finally she reached back and grabs your knife, now slick with arterial blood and offers it to you. “I believe this is yours, Dr Holst.” For someone you just watched cave in someone skull, she is surprisingly calm and well spoken.

Tentatively you take it from her. For a few moments words fail you, but once you have regained your composure the lights begin to glow white hot. The light becomes so intense it is almost blinding, forcing you shield your eyes. The glow of the light between your fingers dies suddenly and you find yourself in total darkness. You fumble quickly for your glow-globe and turn it on. The woman remains in much the same way as she had been before, although he wrench is slightly cleaner, her jumpsuit is not so much. “Your usefulness continues to prove itself doctor.” She says nodding at your glow globe. “We should leave. It’s not safe here.” She makes moves towards the staircase. Do you slip away, hoping to part ways with the blood-stained woman? Do you follow here? Do you try to convince her to look for Kirai with you? If you do the latter, you will find that she cocks her head quizzically, her tongue running along her teeth under her lips before saying “You aren’t worth dying for doctor. I’ll give you 10 minutes, then I’ll leave you and your child to whatever awaits you.” Then she will follow you in however you choose to look for Kirai.

Kanis Strike: the barking of the cyber-mastiff disappears into the distance, obviously content that you came no further rather than feeling the need to pursue you. You and the man you have just met run for several minutes towards the East Side of the town. By the time you both stop, panting slightly, you can make out in the distance the air filtration plant slightly to your left. However, the majority of what surrounds you is hab blocks, market stalls, although there is a minor manufactorum down the street to your right. The man you have just me pants and puts his hands behind his head and begins to laugh softly. “I thought they were joking when they said we’d face the Emperor’s Justice. Still, looks like we gave them the slip! Just like old times…” He mumbles the last part, almost to himself as if trying to convince himself. Clearly he remembers your servo-skull’s threat, but whatever has damaged his psyche seems to have twisted it to allow him to maintain his delusion that you are his son.

“Come on then, time we get back. Your Mother will start to worry.” He begins to walk briskly ahead of you. As you follow, the light overhead becomes lighter, almost light midday light. Then it keeps getting brighter. Soon the man has disappeared into the light and you have to shield your eyes. “Son! Son where are you?!” You hear the man call but it sounds far away. After a few moments you tentatively un-shield your eyes and find yourself in total darkness. As your eyes struggle to adapt to the darkness, you hear footsteps leading away just ahead of you. You begin to follow them before you hear a voice to your left call out “Son!”. As your head turns to the source of this new sound, to your right you hear “Son! If you can hear me, follow my voice!” Still ahead of you, you hear footsteps leading away from you. Which, if any, of the noises do you follow? Or do you simply make a dash for the nearest hab block and hope to find a source of light or wait for the light to return on its own?

Callista "Cally" Santigue: You find several bowls in a nearby cupboard and serve yourself and your new companion a portion of the broth. Whilst it is most certainly stale, it is warm and tastes nutritious to you. The man takes several spoonfuls of his and says to you. “I doubt there’s much point. I doubt he survived, I just thought maybe…” the man’s eyes drift off into the corner of the room as he continues to shovel broth into his mouth. He finishes quickly and sets the bowl down on the floor and breaths deeply, as if trying to overcome some feeling. “I saw it.” He says abruptly. He fixes you with an intense stare. “I was in an Arbites holding cell. Drunk and disorderly conduct they said. The lights died and everyone started screaming. One tried to hide in my cell and I saw it grab him, the muzzle flair lighting it up. It…” The man begins to squint and shield his eyes, as do you.

The light-strip on the ceiling begins to glow white hot, eclipsing even the light of your fire. You cover your eyes as the light intensifies before abruptly dying, leaving you with only the light of the fire. The light of the fire illuminates the hallway and you notice that all the windows are black too. Evidently this black out is not restricted to this building but you have no idea how far it does extend. The man springs to his feet “I’ve said too much. It heard me. It’s coming for me.” He practically whimpers. He sprints out of the room and into the corridor knocking the fires slightly as he goes. What do you do? Do you stay and trust in the light of the fire to keep you safe? Do you hide in this one of the nearby rooms in a wardrobe, cupboards, locker of such thing were the light still reaches you? Do you follow the man or do you simply retreat into the shadows on your own, hoping to find safety in darkness?

Pieter Hark: You reach the street and the man is nowhere to be seen, thankfully. You take one last glance back at the statue of the God-Emperor and notice a single crimson tear rolling down his cheek. You blink and it has gone. Is it a sign? What do you make of that? You hear the sound of barking in the distance and two figures disappear quickly into the distance to your right. To your left you notice that one of the rooms of the hab blocks in the distance is brighter than the others and grey smoke is leaking slowly from it.

Before you can decide what to do or where to go, the lights overhead begin to glow light midday light. Although, it doesn’t stop there. They keep glowing brighter and eventually their intensity is too much and you are forced to shield your eyes. Eventually the blinding like dies and you are left in the street, alone and in the dark. Although its light is too weak to illuminate your street, you can still see the light in the hab block to the north. Do you follow it? Alternatively, you know that the nearest manufactorium is to the east and there is another one in a similar direction as the hab block with the light. Perhaps you should journey there and root out the mysterious stranger? Or neither. They are many hab blocks around you could take refuge in if you chose.
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