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The Emperor Protects – A Survival Horror RP

“Rejoice servants of him on Terra. Today we celebrate our glorious Emperor’s ascension. Praise be to him who sits on the throne, and long may his Imperium stand firm against the darkness of the heretic, the witch, the mutant and the xenos. Rejoice, for the Emperor protects! ”

– Last transmission to the lower hive of Thessalonica, 4 hours before the ‘event’

Thessalonica is a productive Hive City, a gem in the crown that was Vanaheim, previously known as a bustling hub of industry and a place where men and women lived and died to feed the ceaseless demands of the Imperium which it belonged to. Whole generations survived in the underhive as little more than chattle to be fed into the machines that drove the production line of the Hive World. Some were sent off world but their fate was little better, doomed to die in battle far from home and likely forgotten. Truly a bleak existence, but no more so than the lives of those on a hundred other worlds.

However, the trials of the inhabitants were not to end with the wills of their overlords. Four hours into the Day of the Emperor’s Ascension, just as artificial dawn started to colour the ceiling above, power throughout the underhive died. It was not a technical glitch, or a momentary lapse in power. Nor was it a return to the artificial darkness of night where at least the hum of generators and the buzz of streetlights remained. All systems everywhere, simultaneously died. For several long minutes silence and mutters of confusion were all that could be heard.

Then the screaming started. Agonized moans of the dead and dying. Flashes of gun muzzles and las-beams briefly broke through the darkness to reveal midnight black shapes moving with murderous speed and intent. After an hour or so, a grim twilight returned to the lower hive, revealing a grizzly scene. Flayed bodies and blood sprays coated the walls. The steady tick of industry returned to the Manufactorum, but no hands came to man it. No more announcements came. The lighting never got brighter than the faint haze of artificial sunset, often plunging the city back into the darkness when the creatures had first struck.

This cataclysmic event is in the past, but how far in the past is uncertain. There is nothing to mark the definitive passage of time, and the streets once bustling with noise and life have become deceptively quite. Some have tried to return to a semblance of normality, attempting to live their lives as if the decaying bodies and aging blood did not exist. Some have used this break of order to serve their own depraved desires. Some simply wait and fortify themselves, their minds wracked with paranoia that the creatures will come again for them. Now, more than ever, the inhabitants of this vast hive are locked in a grim battle for survival, against the creatures lurking in the dark, against their fellow man and, most of all, against their own fears…

Welcome one and welcome all to my latest RP, in which we will be delving into the existential horror and despair that occupies so much of the 40k universe, but also exploring the determination of humans to survive. Our journey will be fraught with peril and is not for the faint of heart. You will face foes, both seen and unseen, as well as environmental changes as the power levels fluxuate and systems become off-line. If you are hoping to be unstoppable action heroes saving the day, you should seek another RP. There will be time for acts of heroism but, as you may discover, the line between bravery and stupidity is a thin one indeed. This RP will not be about massive battle scenes or the machinations of warlords, but rather primarily how humans, alone or as a group, face the horror around them and if they survive.

First up some housekeeping:

1. The post lengths I expect should be at least 2 paragraphs. Paragraphs should probably be 100-200 words, so about 300-400 words total is the minimum I would hope for. Of course more is allowed, but try and make it relevant to what’s happening rather than a novel on what you’re character had for breakfast.

2. At least one post per update. Usually that will be fine, but I’ll let you know if an update needs more. Alternatively, conversations or interactions may require several updates between the group of characters.

3. No God-modding. This is really important and I can’t stress this enough. We are going for survival horror here, meaning a lot of the trials you face will be challenging and many of your foes will pose a serious threat to you. In many cases, you may find the best recourse is to run and hide.

4. I won’t say no killing other players, since it is possible for the death of a player to serve you at some point, but such possibilities will have to go through me and/or be organised between the players themselves.

5. Related to the point above, if you want pre-existing relationships/vendettas with other characters, that is fine. Just be sure to work out such a relationship before posting our character(s)

6. Updates will be fortnightly usually, but if everyone updates much sooner than that I won't leave you hanging and will endeavour to get a update up ASAP. Most likely Mondays, but I’ll let you guys know if not. I also might extend it for real life of myself or the players getting in the way or other such situations.

7. PM me or post in the recruitment thread if you won’t be able to post. If you don’t, you may well find that your character has some bad luck in future. Similarly, I will let you know if real life stops me updating in a timely manner.

8. Just because you post up a character, doesn’t mean you are accepted. I can and indeed may well ask for changes to be made to character sheets or bits to have more detail added to them.

9. Finally, stay in character. This is the most important thing here. We are not playing Space Marines or even trained Guardsmen. Most of you will be random civilians like, well, I imagine most of you are in real life. If you are struggling, imagine a wall was erected around your nearest city with you in it, a large portion of people butchered or disappearing in one evening and then the sun refusing to give you more than a few hours of twilight a day before plunging you back into night and with minimal technology working, then work out how you’d respond.

Now that that stuff is out in the open, we have the bit you have all be waiting for, the character sheet!

Name: Pretty obvious really. You can also feel free to include any nicknames here.

Sex: Boy or girl really. If you have a particular disposition to play a transgender person that’s fine by me too.

Age: Life expectancy for a member of the lower hive is not great. I’ll set a minimum at 13 and a maximum at 45. 13-18 is adolescent, although that still means you would have likely been expected to work before the ‘event’. 18-24 is considered a young adult. 24-34 is a regular adult. 34-45 is considered getting on in years, and few would have been expected to live this long.

Vocation: What did you do before the ‘event’? You have some broad choices:

- Munitions manufactorum worker

- Food manufactorum worker

- Air recycling plant worker

- Power station worker

- Imperial Cult abbey steward

- Nurse/Medical staff

- PDF Private/Arbites Trooper

These will determine your skill with technology, food processing, munitions production and maintenance and martial and medical training, all of which are vital to survival but none of you will possess all of them. It also may well determine your outlook on life and your demeanour. Whilst I’m not enforcing a hard and fast rule of how many we can have of each vocation, I don’t want everyone to all have the same vocation. As they say, variety is the spice of life.

Appearance: I expect a pretty detailed explanation of what your character looks like. I want to be able to imagine them in my mind’s eye. Also you should include here the clothing they are currently wearing/most frequently wear. Most will own one outfit they have chosen to live in, although they may have a few spares stock-piled where they live/hold up or in your bag/knapsack/rucksack. Feel free to add as many outfits as you like, but one is the minimum.

Personality: Bar possibly the history, this should be your longest section. Your personality dictates how you respond to situations and your fellow man. It is what will give your character life. I also want some fears/things your character is uneasy about as well as flaws in here. As a fair warning, a character that reads as flawless/fearless will not be accepted.

History: What was your life like in the lower levels of the Hive before the ‘event’. Family? Friends? Lovers? All of these things are important. The history should include some details of the ‘event’. Perhaps a scene you heard or saw in the inky blackness, or maybe that you spent it in the corner of a building crying and begging the Emperor to spare you. Also, if you are looking for any of your previous relationships or if you are only looking out for yourself.

Equipment: Obviously you have your clothes and you all have a small rucksack/knapsack/bag, but at this stage you are unlikely to have much else. You must select 4 items from the list below. Note that a piece of equipment that require a battery pack/ammo is assumed not to have any in it (unless stated otherwise). The ammo/battery packs must be selected as a separate item:

- Multi-tool (similar to a swiss army knife, but larger. Although the blade is little good offensively)

- Rations (good for at least 3 full meals. Perhaps more with smaller portions)

- Laspistol

- Laspistol ammo pack (Good for 12 shots)

- Shotgun

- Shotgun shells (6 shells)

- Medical kit (assorted bandages, plasters, antiseptic fluids and a single scalpel)

- Glow-globe (battery included. Good for 3 hours of constant light)

- Rebreather

- Purified water (2l of water)

- Arbites stun baton

- Battery pack (used to power electrical items. Good for 8 hours of power, or 16 uses depending upon the device)

- Protective vest

- Fire-starters (instant fire starters. 6 blocks which can start one fire each)

- Knife

- A frag grenade

- Insulated gloves/boots (pick one. Proof against electrical currents and providing a measure of thermal insulation)

- Copy of the Lectitio Divinitatus

Other items may be scavenged throughout the course of the RP, but to start with you will only have what you choose now. Some pieces of equipment will help you survive, some will help you gather what you need to survive and others still will help you take from others what you need to survive.

That’s it for the character sheets. I’ll add the successful characters below. I’m looking for a minimum of 5 players who are ready to commit to this RP, but if more players sign up and are accepted I can go up to 10. I look forward to seeing your characters!

Survivor roster:
1. Kirai "The Rat" - Ratvan
2. Gabriel Frost - Carrick1995
3. Samuel Holst - komanko
4. Kanis Strike - Shadow's Fury
5. Callista "Cally" Santigue - Sharukurusu
6. Pieter Hark - Asamodai
7. Angelus Mors - Robwar

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This looks very interesting. How is this for a start? I still have to flesh out History and a bit more on appearance but wanted to secure a spot!

- Name- Kirai “The Rat”
-Age – 14
- Vocation- Power Station Worker

-Appearance – Kirai is a slight slim girl with dirty brown hair and eyes so brown that they appear almost black in the grim lighting of Thessalonica. She stands about 4’8” in standard Terran height. She keeps her nails bitten down so they do not snag on clothes or flesh and make no noise when she crawls through the air vents she now calls home. Kirai has a habit of wringing her hands when stressed or scared, the results of this is that the skin on her hands appears old, red and raw on the knuckles this is made worse by constant contact to the greases and oils used in the mechanisms of most of the power stations machinery that she started to be accustomed to. A scar runs from under her nose across the left side of her lips giving her a snarling appearance as some of her teeth are permanently exposed. The soles of her exposed feet when not covered in dirt and grime show thickened and toughened skin as though her feet have been permanently exposed to high temperatures and repeatedly burned. She wears a dirty formerly white tee shirt under a dark blue boiler suit with a multitude of pockets, she has removed all the metallic items on the boiler suit to stop them making noise against the walls of the air vents that she calls home.

-Personality – Kirai is a shy girl who much prefers to sit on the periphery of any group and watch and listen to the older men of the group looking for reassurance and a paternal figure since the loss of her parents in an industrial accident and her beloved Grandfather in “The Event”. She often appears scared and usually slinks back into a narrow space to feel safe with her eyes closed and the blade of her Multi Tool exposed. She is most comfortable in closed spaces such as air vents and within the confines of power generators where her minimal training allows her to see mechanical faults and feel of use. She has become quite found of a particular rat that she has named Kai and has managed to train the animal to a small degree by offering him small scraps and crumbs. Kirai constantly seeks a paternal figure for protection and reassurance and will willingly undertake tasks that she feels capable of completing to gain the approval of a father figure. Kirai is also deeply suspicious of any deep water that she cannot see the bottom of due to stories of her childhood of tentacled beasts that live in deep murky water to drown and devour “obnoxious little girls.” Deep inside she knows that these stories were made so she would do what she was told and most often go to bed but since “The Event” she wonders if these stories as well have some truth to them and as a result she actively avoids deep pools of liquid.

-History – Kirai only has few memories of her parents before they both died in an industrial accident, her Grandfather never told her how exactly they died apart from one time when he was very drunk he eluded that “they suffered no pain and did not know it was coming”. Kirai had only just started working with her Grandfather Lias in one of the many power plants in the hive for a few weeks slowly gaining knowledge of electricity and learning several times that Insultated Gloves were needed when dealing with circuitry, she however loved to tinker with the cogs and prop shafts that powered the large generators and turbines and would often climb deep inside these machines to fix some fault that none of the other engineers could reach gaining her the nickname “The Rat”. During “The Event, her grandfather placed her within a nearby air vent and replaced the grill much to Kirai’s displeasure, she fought against her Grandfather not wanting to leave his side until she heard the first scream, she begged for her Grandfather to hide but the man moved away from the grill and began shouting to create a distraction. His last words were “Be Still, Be Silent, Live” those words echoed through her mind like a curse. Kirai heard the screams of her fellow workers and grandfather shouting at her to stay put, she was so scared as she pressed her face close to the grill to try and gain a look at her grandfather when something sharp slashed across her mouth splitting the flesh of her lips and granting her a permanent scar across her mouth. She has so far managed to scavenge a small amount of food and fears starving and being in an open space when the darkness comes. Kirai remembers that her grandfather mentioned that her uncle worked as a Air Filtration working in another area of the Hive and she is desperate to have some of her family near her. Kirai due to her small stature has gained knowledge of air ventilation systems and frequently hides out in any vent within reach when she feels threatened, she has hid small stashes of food and water in these systems most of which have been found and devoured by rats and other vermin.

Insulated Gloves
Multi Tool
Battery Pack
Purified Water


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Well, it's been ages since I was coming up with something so I might be rusty, anyway, I'm writing a piece together with Ratso here, hopefully will have it up today :)
Been too long, finally finishing with my army service and I can get back to being an rp nerd yay :D

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Ratvan - Aye that is a good start and you are right that the history could use some fleshing out. I'd also like a bit more in the personality, at there are some bits in both the history and appearence that could use some explanation in the personality. However, the appearence is really good and I get a good idea of what this scrawny looking girl looks like. I look forward to seeing the end product!

komanko - It has been a while since I saw you around. I look forward to seeing your character too

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First one I've actually liked the background haha

Name: Gabriel Frost, know as gabe to his friends.

Sex: male

Age: 26

Vocation: PDF Private, gabe was a point man in his squad moving ahead of the unit keeping a keen eye and ear for ambushes and people in need, when the darkness fell he was separated from his squad mates he presumes them dead but wants answers.

Appearance: Gabe is 5ft 11 and quite a stocky bloke with a jet black short hair
(jarhead cut).
His face is defined and scared after many a long night on patrol in the lower hive,his piercing blue eyes cutting through the black shroud he calls home.
He also has a tribal tattoo down his left arm the tattoo consists of a sharp angular blade like design encased inside a serried of cubes triangles and barbs. (Somthing similar to a Maori tattoo)

He has black fatigue trousers and a black tank top as he lost his vest in a previous altercation.

Personality: Gabe is a cold calculating man, when it comes to survival he puts his life in his hands and will stop at nothing to survive in this hell scape gladly moving back into the shadows to wait for the danger to pass, those who do make it past his gritty exterior start to see glimpses of a good man, it's just encased in a life of grief and torment, he has a soft spot for women and children and even men of faith, he knows he's beyond redemption after a number of vile acts he under took in his teens with his previous squad that is somthing gabe has to live with but maybe he can try to save the few he considers "good people".

History: Gabe has had a difficult life his parents died long ago leaving him alone to work in the darkness.
For a time he hid in the ventilation shafts but he knew he couldn't stay there forever he decide to sign up with the PDF to help people but after some time serving he began to realise how disgusting human nature really is and after a year or two he stopped caring about the people of the hive and looking out for number one.
He served first with a young squad no one older than 20 except the sergeant who was 30 somthing he was a sadistic man offen raping and killing those he was sworn to protect, the squad followed suit, gabe never took part but he didn't stop it either maybe this is the shame he lives with after a year or two the squad was patroling a lower sector upon coming across a group of kids the sergeant aimed and fired missing the kids just by a hair,
Gabe who was on point charged the sergeant knocking him off balance, a fight ensured the sergeant as the more experienced easily won and broke gabes arm leaving him broken on the floor he fired a shot into his gun wounding him, he left him alone in the dark of the lower sector cold and alone bleeding out with the assistance of a girl from the group of children earlier he stabalised the wound and stumbled back to base where he recovered, command transferred him to a new squad whom he has grown fond of in his later years each being a little diffrent, yet he still had an underlying feel of betrayal.
At the time before "the event " gabe was with his squad investigating a sector that went dark, upon arrival they discovered blood strewn across the walls and bodies disembowelled, gabe himself entered one of the sectors rooms and the door sealed then came the screams and fire , not knowing what happened he heard them run and some die violently but not knowing his squads status he Intends to hook back up with them ...If they live gabes squad mates have slowly earned his trust and he would at least try and find them even if to just to retrieve the dog tags but make no mistake if it's them or him he would choose himself everytime, not out of cowardice but out of a primal survival instinct.

Gabe fears not being able to act and confined spaces as it reminds him of the bad times of his life.

Equipment: Knife, shotgun, 6 shells , purified water

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Hey Carrick, like with Ratvan's first iteration, your profile is a good start. A few things that I'd like to know more about. First up, I'd like to know more about that tattoo of Gabriel's. Second the line about feeling nonredeemable is interesting and I'd like to know more about why he feels that way. Has he done something horrific to warrant that, or is it some kind of religious guilt that he feels he can never repay the Emperor, or something else entirely? Finally I'd like a bit more history.If he looks out for number 1, why does he care about his squad so much? What bound them together? And life outside the PDF.

However, you've got a good strong core to build on and I look forward to seeing more of your character.

On a related note, Karai "The Rat" is added to the survivor roster.

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Obviously will edit out what doesn't seem appropriate or is not to your liking ^^

Name: Samuel Holst

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Vocation: Medical Staff

Appearance: Samuel at first sight might seem sickly, unnaturally thin to a nearly skeletal extent making him look more like a corpse than a human being. His pale skin color doesn't help lifting the impression. He stands at 5.6 Ft, raven black shoulder length hair coming down from his head with some hairs already greening out due to taxing work shifts and the line of work itself and a pointy Van **** style beard of the same color. With one eye green and the other eye white looking at Dr. Holst was always unnerving. In general his frame seems more delicate than he really is yet he is still quite frail compared to a decent healthy human of his age. His body is nearly hairless with no marks on the skin, the arms extend to what seems a little bit longer than necessary ending with nearly skeletal fingers and closely trimmed nails. Yet the bony features shouldn't be confused with incapability, in his line of work he was unmatched in this area of the lower hive. Light fingers move quickly and precisely.

Mostly Samuel would wear the medical uniform yet since the "Event" he decided to remove them in fear that it might make him into a target. Instead he wears casual greyish clothing and an old long black trench coat over them with a pair of spectacles adorning his face as well. On his back he carries a knapsack inside stored his working kit, some extra cloths, a rebreather he scavenged from the medbay, a decent looking knife and some glow globes for when needed to operate in the dark or just light the way.

Personality: Samuel is a quite man, he isn't shy or afraid to talk but rather do it calmly and confidently. He is quite morbid, accepting that the path that opened before him is a perilous one and he might not make it out alive but although morbid he certainly doesn't have a death wish or suicidal tendencies. After all he is a doctor, he swore a duty to life and living and he was not about to break any vows he made.

Dr. Holst has a very bleak and cynical humor and it reflects on his manners of speaking, he obviously isn't afraid at the sight of blood as it is something he had practiced to block out in his line of work, he isn't rattled easily after having witnessed many gruesome accidents in the medical center.

He is very protective of his friends and the people he loves and value their lives over his, it would be very hard for him to see them come to harm and he tries not to think of what the future has in store for them. Especially the little girl he found and decided to take care of due to her being alone, later he learned her name was Kirai. As they progressed forward he began feeling like a father figure to her and decided to take it upon himself to replace her parents until she is older.

Samuels parents died a long time ago and he had nor lover and nor many friends to mourn. So Kirai now is his only friend in the bleak mazes of the lower hive. Due to that he is sometimes overprotective of her, refusing to let her go into the vents and the other small places she is so fond of crawling into, knowing he is not able to follow her and fearing for her safety.

There is not a single doubt about him though, Samuel Holst is a good person, he trusts others easily which is both a fault and a blessing. He is quite unsure of what to do at the current state of events but he refuses to let others see it, trying to radiate an aura of calmness and confidence in order to quite any fears in others. He hopes he can be of assistance to any poor soul they come by but it is obvious that many will be beyond help or reach but Holst will do his best and maybe with a bit of luck, they will all survive.

History: Born to the lower hive Samuel wasn't destined for greatness, nor would he ever achieve great fame or pleasure yet as his father always told him, "Do what you can with what you have in your hands. The hive smiles to those who their part". A few days later he was stabbed by some gangers in the lower hive.
Its been so long ago... Samuel barely remembers his father anymore.
Samuel was raised alone by his mother, he never had many friends due to his sickly look, yet luckily for him he only looked unlike his mother who was truly sick, prone to fits of hysteria at best and several near death experiences at worst.
A dying mother and a child's dream of happiness, his only thought was always how he could help his mother dreaming that he will grow up and save her, cure her and live with her happily until his time comes.
Unsurprisingly things did not turn out like he expected. After his 16th birthday his mothers time had come, he found out about it while studying for his medical career. A great sadness overwhelmed him, the frailty of life hit him hard in the face, sending him reeling into the hands of suicide and depression. It took him nearly a year to get his thoughts together, accepting life for what it is, a fleeting moment he set out with a new vision in his eyes, he will help those he can in remembrance of his mother who he couldn't help.

His path did not hand him many friends or lovers, he was so consumed by his work and feelings of guilt, for a long time he felt powerless even after he promised himself he will do his best, questioning his own vows was a daily ordeal... Yet he never broke, never lost faith, the emperor protects and for everything there is a reason, and if his mother's death was necessary for him to heal the wounds and scars of many it was a price he was willing to accept. One life on the scales of the entire lower hive was nothing after all.
Some years have passed, his second thoughts vanished, he was determined now. Spending days after days in the medical bay, treating any and all. He did not distinguish between good and evil, never had to, he only saw the living and the dead and did what he could to preserve each in its own domain.
Many thanked him, many hated him, sometimes lovers were reunited, sometimes his apartment was vandalized, most people did not understand that some just cannot be saved, some people just looked for someone to blame when they did not have an answer and Samuel was that. He accepted it, it was part of life and grief could end in outbursts of violence, he knew it better than most. Self harm or the opposite it did not matter, pain was the answer to many who grieved.

It was a regular day, nothing out of the ordinary, waking, trudging the filth caked road to the medical wing. The hours passed by, a wounded engineer, a sick mother, all in a days work. It was in the middle of an operation that all the lights went out, it was exactly when he was pulling a large metallic rod out of a poor factory worker's chest that what was to be called the "Event" began.
Dr. Holst kept calm, he did not need light to operate, he knew how to use manual gear as well. Quickly taking control of the situation he sent a nurse to bring him his spare mobile equipment kit. Resuming the operation like it was nothing he lighted a glow globe and kept pulling at the rod. The light fluctuated, the glow globe turned off and on erratically making the operation even harder.
It was not the sudden silence that caught him by surprise, it was not the horrified shrieks. It was the feeling of misplaced blood that caught him off guard, shocked for a moment he stopped realizing his face was dripping with blood, blood which came from one of the nurses who was now attached to the ceiling somehow.
He stumbled, dragging with him half his tools. The patient was waking up, panicking, the drugs were wearing off. For a first time in a long while Samuel Holst was losing his wits and beginning to panic.
Another yell of pain and shock brought him back to reality. It did not matter. The dead were dead. The living alive, but the patient in front of him was struggling in between the two. He had to act and act he did, he saved the life of the worker, he would live to see his family and friends. Holst exhausted sat down and drank some water offering some to the worker as well who was in great pain due to a fully awake state he was in, side effects of the drugs. After a while Holst took him outside and wished him farewell, steps were taken, legs began to walk slowly and Holst turned back into the medical wing. Suddenly the silence hit him, he turned around, a shadow passed by his eye, skeletal fingers twitched nervously, the man was gone, a torso remained where he stood before. Losing his wits completely Holst rushed in, gathered what he could and bolted out of the medical wing to the hopeful safety of his apartment.

Time passed since the "event" those who survived became paranoid, many untrusting and suspicious of Samuel's good nature. He was alone as usual, it seemed he was fated to live off his last days alone. A rat skittered by, it would be the first meal he would it in a while if he could catch it. All the empty house were ransacked quickly, lower hivers were efficient. Nothing remained unturned, at least not in these parts. He had no choice, he gave chase after the rat, following it into a collapsing ruin of a house. A squeak, skittering of tiny legs. Holst followed. Yet to his surprise it was not just the rat he found. A child, no older then 15 stood in front of him, filthy with a starved and feverish look on her face. He approached slowly the child has a split lip it seemed but the wound since long had healed scarring the face permanently. He was sure he could treat it in a better way if this child would have passed by his clinic.

It took some time but in the end the lonely medic earned the trust of the girl, they shared her last ration together. She offered him a large piece yet he refused, taking a small one instead, he could keep running on fumes for a while, the girl could not. Seeing that they both did not have much of a choice and realizing that they both could work better together they joined forces and began exploring the now grim and dark lower hive together.

Equipment: Cloths, bag, medical kit, rebreather, knife, Glow-globe (battery included. Good for 3 hours of constant light)

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Name: Horatio Duggasson

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Vocation: Medical staff

Appearance: Standing 5foot8 170cm tall for a terran male, with short cropped black hair seemingly unkept because it always looks wild & untameable by water & comb, even though most of the time a battered pdf medic cap is adorned covering his sunken grey eyes that look older than his years. His face is finished with a close cropped beard which Horatio thinks makes him look rugged. He is always in 1 of the 2 dirty burgundy medic uniforms he owns & each is accompanied by long sleeved t-shirts to cover up the heavily scarred arms which he received in the aftermath of ‘the event’ when emergency blood transfusions were needed to save the lives of his fellow pdf troopers & members of the upper echelons of the hive. Due to being a part of the pdf Horatio had to be out in the open with other members of his platoon, looking for survivors & treating the sick and injured as they found them during their searches. Horatio keeps his hands clean & the nails clipped short & manicured as they are his meal ticket to keep him alive and working. His feet are at home in the boots issued to the pdf that are kept clean & polished , also offering some insulation protection to him as they explore the hive. The backpack that lives on his back contains everything he needs from the spare uniform & a few assorted rags to clean his hands & boots whenever either is dirty. A well-used & stocked medical kit takes pride of place in the rucksack, with his pdf issued knife living in the sheath on his right hip & a fully charged glow globe stored beside the medical kit for when there is no other light at night when the shadows birth their secrets.

Personality: Horatio prefers to be in a group of people as he finds comfort surrounded by others, he does not enjoy his own company as that’s when the shakes arrive & the nightmares begin when he remembers how the dark inky black shadows swallow lone wandering people & strange parts of the ‘missing’ people are discovered a few days later in a different section of the hive. The only thing that makes Horatio’s skin crawl more than the dark shadows are the stories of strange multi limbed creatures that can climb structures by themselves & can magically hang from parts of ruined buildings or from branches in the small woods located near the merchant district. Horatio has not slept properly since ‘the event’ he doses for a few hours here & there during the more light hours during the days but has got used to being his most active during the dark nights his comfort comes during these nights to be near a glow globe or other such warming light. To Horatio his survival is paramount & he is not adverse in gaining an advantage here & there to ensure this happens. He may not be the fastest but if he can get his hands on a needle pistol he can guarantee that he will not be the slowest. Horatio does not wish to discuss with anyone the sights that he has seen during the time he spent with the pdf visiting different areas of the hive during the first days after ‘the event’. He values favours earned from merchants, his pdf colleagues or the repair crews who can ensure that Horatio’s dwelling has light when he desires & in return he will grudgingly administer medical assistance when needed. His dream is to earn enough credits to leave this hive for somewhere less dangerous & with better daylight hours. It would be safe to say that when confronted with extreme danger Horatio will not stick around & will try to convince the others there best course is to run…

History: Horatio had an unremarkable childhood growing up in the under hive of the city where his mother was a healer of sorts helping out the neighbouring families with their small medical needs in exchange for supplies. His father worked in the industrial zone repairing some electrical or air conditioning units providing the stale air & stuttering electricity for the workshops & living areas, until close to Horatio’s 12th birthday when his father & most of his colleagues disappeared mysteriously. Horatio vowed not to have the same fate & volunteered for the pdf a fortnight later, he found the pdf training very difficult & was only saved when his platoon leader learned of his healing talent learned from his mother. Horatio was transferred to the medical corps & embraced this chance to learn more about medicine & take more of a backseat to physical fighting. Horatio has a small notebook in the front pocket of his rucksack where he keeps notes of all the different medical procedures he has performed. He has not seen his mother since ‘the event’ & Horatio hopes that she is still alive…..

Insulated boots
Medical kit (assorted bandages, plasters, antiseptic fluids and a single scalpel)
Glow-globe (battery included. Good for 3 hours of constant light)

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Samuel and Gabriel are both accepted.

However, for the record the RP takes place in the Lower Hive. The Underhive is a separate level below where you guys are and its unlikely that there is much mobility between the levels. Basically if all of you could change references to Underhive to Lower Hive I'd be grateful.

Horatio, my problem is that your character reads like he still lives a normal life, interacting with merchants and stuff. The hive city has been decimated. There are, currently, mostly only isolated survivors. There are groups of a couple of people, and you might encounter larger groups later in the RP but at this stage you will be either alone or with one or two people at best. Basically I need you to rework your character to reflect that before I offer any more suggestions.

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This seems pretty awesome! Would love to throw my hat in if you'd have me:

Kanis Strike

Sex: Male
Occupation: Imperial cult abbey steward
Age: 27

Kanis is 6ft and is incredibly muscular for one who has devoted himself to spread the word of the Holy Emperor. His body is covered from his shoulders down to his ankles in tattoos, displaying phrases from the Lectitio Diviniatus or images of holy relics. His forehead bares the mark of the Aquilia, branded onto his face the night he turned from his sinful ways. His body is shaved, giving his pale skin a shimmering effect when he passes under the remaining lights of the city. Although his face bears the wrinkles of age, his eyes burn with determination, a fire which does not seem to want to be extinguished yet. Although not noticeable at first, Kanis has had his tongue removed, meaning that he is mute.
He still wears his red abbey robes, but open so that they do not restrict his legs when running. Underneath his robes he wears a vest and (for decencies sake) combat trousers which are covered in secret compartments, a relic from his past. His thin soled shoes have been replaced with thick leather boots, a far more practical choice when traversing the dangerous terrain that makes up the last of the lower hive.

Before he was inducted into the imperial cult, Kanis was a charismatic person. Those who knew him would always remark on how friendly he was, that is until they found him rooting through their pockets. Kanis was and still is a kleptomaniac, stealing items and hording them away in his secret hiding spots around the hive. Also, those who found themselves in his company for long periods found themselves slightly unnerved by the way he would talk to himself under his breath, as if conversing with a seemingly invisible companion. He would be halfway through a sentence when suddenly he would begin muttering to himself about something completely different. Those with medical training put this down to schizophrenia, potentially in response to some unknown childhood trauma.
His time within the cult has not changed Kanis much, but the loss of his tongue indeed affected his charismatic nature. He became more solemn, not being against company as such, but not seeking it either. His kleptomania was still present however, with many of his fellows seeking him out when something of value had gone missing. And although no one now could tell, Kanis still conversed with the voices in his head, but through thought rather than words. What changed most for Kanis was that he found his humility. He found himself no longer looking down on people, and saw the value in helping others, something which he had regarded as foolish as a young adult. He found that his fears of the dark underbelly of the city melted away as he took upon himself to pass on the word of the Emperor, through the medium of pamphets and vox recordings of the prophets. This is not to say he is a man of no fear however, but the light of Emperor can banish the feeling of fear or doubt for a short period, as can the caress of a knife, which he holds close to hand when he visited those sinister places. His faith in the Emperor is strong, but not as strong as his faith in the knife. But of all things, Kanis fears not the dark, but the light. Fire has always frightened him, even as a small child. He sees no comfort in the warmth and light it brings, but sees it as a dangerous and deadly weapon who uses its allure to ensnare and feed its insatiable hunger.

The story of Kanis begins as many do in the lower Hive. His parents were merchants, scraping a living from their wares. At the age of 5 he witnessed his parent’s brutal murder at the hands of a small gang known as the “Stompers”. He watched in horror as the gang broke their legs and then set them on fire, still screaming out for help. Kanis fled the scene, hiding himself away in any nook or cranny he could find. He scavenged what he could by pickpocketing passers-by and stealing from the market stalls. Whatever he could not eat or drink he stored in his hiding spots. By the age of 7 Kanis had become a well renowned sneak thief, and was finally caught red-handed by a merchant of the name of Dagon. Before swift punishment could be dealt, Kanis struck a bargain with the merchant, he would “acquire” trinkets for him to sell in exchange for food and shelter. Impressed with the boy, Dagon accepted, and so began a 5 year partnership, the boy providing wares while the man kept them both alive. Kanis had developed a silver tongue over the years, providing him a weapon to defuse any tricky situation while being able to con anyone out of their hard earned money. This ability however came with a curse, the voices in his head. He found that he had the ability to make people do whatever he wanted simply using his words, but those same words came back to haunt him in the dark hours of night. Over time they became so strong that he could hear them during the day, just as he was about to clench a deal. They consistently pestered him, sometimes simply remarking on the person he was talking to, other times screaming that he must slaughter all those who stood before him. Eventually he learnt that the best way to stop the voices was to just keep talking. His life seemed to get increasing better, until Dagon turned on him. A gang who Kanis had dealt with realised they had been tricked, and tortured Dagon until he gave up the whereabouts of Kanis. That would have been the end of him had a priest not walked the streets that day, preaching the word of the Emperor. The gang had left Kanis to die in a puddle of his own blood, his ‘silver tongue’ removed and nailed into the wall. The priest took him back to his coven and nursed him back to health, giving him the opportunity to repent his sinful ways and to be bathed in the light of the Emperor. Having no friends and with enemies still roaming the streets, he decided that he had little choice. For the next 15 years Kanis devoted himself to the Emperor and the teachings of the Lectitio Divinitatus. Although he could not speak, it was clear to see that Kanis preached the word by his actions. The voices which had clouded his thoughts seemed to disappear into the background as he served in the abbey. Although he could not afford an operation to return his voice, he was given a servo skull with a speaker and a small dataslate. Apparently, the skull was used on days when the speaking priest had lost his voice due to illness, allowing him to still preach the word. Kanis was able to communicate through the skull by writing his words onto the screen of the dataslate, but this was far from accurate, meaning that he was never asked to speak at sermons in fear of him butchering the words.
On the eve of “the event”, Kanis had a vision. He was awoken to a blinding light. A voice unlike any he had heard spoke to him, saying that his devotion to the Emperor had not gone unnoticed. It told him of a horror which would descend upon the unfaithful, and when the time came for him to be tested, he must stand strong against the darkness. When “the event” occurred, Kanis found himself alone in the abbey, deserted by those who would call themselves the Emperors faithful. He tried to speak out through his skull, but no reply was heard. He gathered what he could scrounge and set off into the darkness, seeking to help those who remained faithful to the Emperor and await the time of ending. However, the voices have begun to stir again, and this time they shall not be silenced so easily.

Copy of Lectitio Divinitatus
Medical Kit

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Name:Callista Santigue- Goes by Cally.

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Vocation: Munitions Manufactorum Worker

Appearance: Lithe, scrawny, or even effeminate didn't suit this girl well. She was of hardy build from her years of labor down in the furnace areas. Sure, some of her looks came from genetics. Cally had her mother's light blond hair, her father's gray eyes. Her general frame was liken to both of them. Standing short at five feet even and managing a healthy one hundred and sixty pounds she was suited to her work. Being a creature nearly native to the Kiln area – the massive crucibles and furnaces of molten metals kept her skin pale, thanks to the heat resistant suiting she was always in for hours upon hours.
Cally had little fat on her body, possessing a taut core, arms and legs packed with tight, corded muscle that lacked her male counter-part's bulk. She was missing half of her right pinky finger thanks to a mistake years ago. Her only decorations lay on her head, in the form of a small ring hanging from her nose in the middle, and her long hair bound up in a messy bun. The sides and back of her head were shaven close, as if someone had allowed a high and tight to go completely astray on top.
Cally typically wore a full set of fire-resistant gear issued to her by the Manufactorum. On the onset of the Event and even in the time after the first and worst of it, pieces have been lost. She holds tight to the thick pants she has left over. Suspenders attach at the waist and a clipped belt ensures they don't fall due to their weight. The heavy, matching coat was lost along the way. Her issued boots and gloves went astray as well, but she has since replaced them with inferior versions she's tracked down. On her upper body she wears a plain black long-sleeved shirt with a high neck, red suspenders sticking out like a sore thumb on the shoulders.
On her back she carries a blackened leather-esque bag. It's mostly empty right now.

Personality: Quiet, in a single word. As a child she was more talkative and bright, but this dampened down over her years of growth as her parents were never in much of a playfull mood after their own shifts in the Manufactorum. They did instill in her a sense of tradition for their collective craft. She took great pride in this before hell broke loose. Now? She uses it as a measure of solace. Quiet she may be, she is no sheep and will bite even the hand that feeds her if ends cannot be met out otherwise. Her expression is typically one of deep thoughtfulness, with lips seeming curled down at the corners more often than not. She prefers working in a team to flying solo and tends to people-seek when the situation permits. Able to react swiftly and with some bit of cunning tends to make her avoid conflict. She shows no shame in needing to run these days, as picking a fight wisely over behaving on impulse has saved her skin in the Kilns, and likely saved her up till this point.

History: As a younger child she was taught and watched enough to learn to care for herself as much as her age allowed so both parents could work. This gave her self-reliance from early on. Upon turning thirteen she was brought to the Manufactorum off and on when it was allowed to begin her training early in Metallurgy, and was passable with it. Her natural talents lay more in a control or safety capacity. While she learned and soaked up every alloy she could get her little hands on she fell so much more passionately for the force purifying these elements; the fire itself.
She was trained and assigned by sixteen and spent her long hours hearing out each story or tid-bit she could from her seniors. This got her the assignment she wanted by twenty. She tended, fed, and tamed the fires inside the massive Kilns of the Manufactorum, and took great pride in it. “The Adeptus Astartes might fire them.. But I feed the fires that birth the molten metal of their Bolter rounds.” Some thing her father said that stuck with her. She never could come up with a short-hand version to ink on her body, else she'd have done it.
Her days melted into the same pot, working with her brethren around the Kilns, able to preform complex tasks without talking to one another – everyone knew what had to be done and when. Even if a hose or gas line got out of control, measures were practiced and known. These drills were enacted mostly without true harm being done. This continued right up until the power failed and the hot glow of the Kiln remained, fed by remaining heat.
She hated remembering what evacuation – or mass exodus – happened from her area of the massive complex. Without power and feeding lines it was too dangerous to remain around the Kilns, thus she ran. Straight home to find no one there, but thankfully no corpses either. She did return to the Manufactorum after the worst seemed over, but stayed away from the Kiln area due to the possibility of lingering hazards still.

Equipment: Rebreather, Insulated Gloves and Boots, Fire-starter

[Very rusty to Forum-RP format, and I'm new to this forum and such... So I do apologize if it's derpy. :/]

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Kanis Strike is accepted. Very nice character Shadow!

Sharukurusu I'll give your character a look over. We are one more player away from being able to make a start on this. However, if there is continued interest I might delay the start of this to allow others to sign up. However, the bonus or an RP like this is that it's quite easy for individual survivors to join later on.
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