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The Elevoc Conflict.

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Elevoc, a world of cold, death, and sights better than anything else on this forsaken world.

"Squad eight, company C, how are they Andrei?" Andrei replies "Very good major." The Officer turns to see Andrei. "Then test them, I want to see them for myself."

You are on patrol with the junior officer through the streets of Elevoc, the cold air burns your skin. All around you, you see bombed out building, corpses, and your squad. There is a distinct smell of death and fire in the air. You have been told to search the area for renegades. You know that you will be here for a while, looking for rebels and chaos worshipers. You see the man in front of you, Andrei, turn around and speak.

"Nothing yet, keep looking. I'm certain we'll find one."
He signals to the sergeant to keep the men in a closed formation.
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Hann walked with his on the back of his neck and his wrists resting on the ends. His mind wasn't thinking about the war, or the squad. No, he was daydreaming, he was back home, with his friends, causing trouble and acting like your average rebel teenager. Hann smiled, thinking of all the good times he'd had.
Hann snapped out of his trans because he walked into Christopher.
Damn it, he's gunna bitch at me for this. Like I just shot him...
(OOC:I like how you order us to kill something.)

Hann saw Andrei order the squad to stop, something was here. Hann slowly raised his mossberg, then renegades began charge from every where.
Hann shot one rebel in the gut, punching a fist size hole in him. Running past the dead man, Hann shot another in the hip, blowing his leg off. The man screamed and tried to drag himself away.
Hann knelt behind the ruble of a collapsed building. He looked over at the rebel, crawling towards him, Hann raised his shotgun and fired, the slug entered through the mans head and exited through his groin.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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