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The Elevoc Conflict.

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Elevoc, a world of cold, death, and sights better than anything else on this forsaken world.

"Squad eight, company C, how are they Andrei?" Andrei replies "Very good major." The Officer turns to see Andrei. "Then test them, I want to see them for myself."

You are on patrol with the junior officer through the streets of Elevoc, the cold air burns your skin. All around you, you see bombed out building, corpses, and your squad. There is a distinct smell of death and fire in the air. You have been told to search the area for renegades. You know that you will be here for a while, looking for rebels and chaos worshipers. You see the man in front of you, Andrei, turn around and speak.

"Nothing yet, keep looking. I'm certain we'll find one."
He signals to the sergeant to keep the men in a closed formation.
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Andrei Stopped in his tracks. He motioned the squad to do the same. He stood there waiting for a moment, then he yelled "REBELS! Get to cover!"

One charged him dead on, he fired his bolt pistol into his chest, the rebel was burst in chunks of meat and gore. But this one was just the first of many. A squad of them came barreling from around the corner, one out of a dumpster in the alley! Andrei ran back to cover where he could command the squad better.

I want all of you to kill one or two rebels using your ranged methods.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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