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Across the vast spaces of Imperial space the words 'Dread Angels' have escaped from the lips of numberless traitors, but in reference to any of the Adeptus Astartes, but not the the true Dread Angels. That is a name less than a million individuals have uttered, fewer than nearly half of the Imperiams population names have been cried aloud. There is good reason for this and none who know them would be surprised.
They are not your average Space Marine chapter. Full and utter worship of the Emperor is required, and secrecy is considered holy above all. They make war only when they believe they should, and have a unknown number of marines. Their geneseed is pure and has identified them as the only successors of the Terramarines. The Terramarines are a successor chapter of the Dark Angels, but besides a sometimes higher than 1,000 marines (they prefer to reinforce casualties before a war has even begun) and highly unusual organisation they are generally normal, and cannot explain the differences in their successor. Expect a further report soon. Inquisitor Oestarous

Stormtrooper Enermas gulped. He was told he would be following the Inquisitor for a standard check on a possible Chaos cult, not Astartes. He readied his squad to tell them the news, when further information came through.

Only the best can accompany me. You will be purging a Chaos infested city. Landing in 25 hours. Be ready or die.
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