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Name: Malloc

Age: 19

Appearance: Malloc is 7 feet tall with black short cut hair, and deep brown eyes. Training has left him with tanned skin. His face has a single scar, a reminder of his past, running from his right eyebrow in a crescent shape ending just below his right eye. On his left arm he has several scars running in parallel.

Personality: In many situations Malloc keeps a Zen like cool about him. He is soft spoken and respectful. Below this exterior beats a heart of rage.

Background: Malloc was born onto a forest rich world. His early years were spent working on a family farm. This extensive plot of land was cultivated by an extended family, but was owned by a nobleman. One of his first toys was a rough carved wooden doll of a mighty warrior angel of the Emperor, an Astartes. Through much of his life he heard the stories so many others had. These stories of great warriors fueled his determination, but the curse of being a ‘peasant’ hung over him. This drove Malloc to extremes, for that is what all heroes must do is it not? He trained as best he could while trying to keep this activity a secret. At the age of eight he killed his first bandit, and left home. By the time he had reached the age of ten he had killed 12. Each one was remembered by a scar on his left arm. His travel stopped in a large town that was having a festival. In all of his years Malloc had never seen such a thing. It wasn’t until he saw one of the angel knights that he realized what it was. The trials were harsh, but he was with one of the few that survived to join the ranks of the Emperors Angels of Death as an initiate of the Angels of Repentance.

Weapons: Bolter, bolt pistol, and combat blade.

Equipement: A small first aid kit, a cartograph data-slate, ration packs, several clips of ammunition, a bolt pistol silencer and red dot sight, 2 frag grenades and a krak grenade.

[Remember, remember the rules of Heresy; the bulk of your post must be in the stock white/gray colour or else all colour gets drained. Well so much for any hope of rhyming that. - darkreever]
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