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The Great Alliance has fallen in ruin. The world of Kolnur has descended into chaos with the annihilation of the order it has known for so many years. The Alliance was formed 200 years ago by the great powers of the age, and has ensured a time of relative peace of prosperity. But the peace made men weak, soft, and unobservant. Few were watching for the return of darkness, and those few who were watching were unable to rouse the Alliance from its slumber in time to defend itself from the tides of darkness that washed over the land.

Now the Alliance is in shambles, and the few remaining nations of the world must somehow hold their borders against both greedy neighbours, and the Great Shadow that slew the greatest alliance this world has ever known...

*What is the Great Shadow you ask?: The answer is this. Somewhere in the world, in a location unknown to any of you, is a powerful Arch Lich, whom has raised for himself not only an immense army of undead, but also a large army of demons to do his bidding, along with other arts darker still. This will be a tool of random events; random raids/invasions will take place in addition to natural events which take place. The Shadow is also the objective in the other RP. All anyone knows is that the name of the Lich is Deknar'Thuul.

*How big can my Country be? : 30 Mil max population. UNLESS you take the "Look at all the Babies" Trait, in which case it is 60 mil.

*How small can my Country be? : As long as you have more population than you have soldiers that's fine. Whatever tickles your fancy.

*Is the bigger army always going to win?: No. I will be the final determination for any battle, but basically remember this. The fewer soldiers you have, the more elite you can claim to make them. If you have 200,000 "elite" soldiers and the enemy only has 20,000 elite soldiers, any one of his soldiers can kick the shit out of one of yours in both equipment and training. So it will come down to what KIND of battle you engage in. If you line up all your troops and face off on a traditional field of battle with traditional tools of war, then ya the bigger army has higher odds of victory. But if you use magic, technology, or terrain to alter the scales of battle, a smaller army has a chance of emerging victorious. Though I would prefer to see the two players who are fighting resolve their war between themselves, if it comes down to one side refusing and wanting my judgement on the winner I will do so an then let you resume writing my verdict in your posts.

*Can I be destroyed in this game? : Only with your permission. Even if another player manages to conquer your nation you can live on as refugees, rebels, or a number of other options. You won't ever be destroyed(Again, unless you want to be), you will just change form.

*How Many Traits do I Get? : 25 trait points, plus a max possible of two racial and two bonuses from races, for a max beginning pool of 29, plus 4 possible from flaws.

Races: Each Race can select 1 racial trait for free.

Dwarves: +1 Trait for either Lesser Earth Magic or Military Traits

Humans: +1 Trait for either Military, National, Divine, or Necromancy Traits

Orcs: +1 Trait for either Military or Necromancy Traits

Goblins: +1 Trait for either Population or Elemental Traits

Gnomes: +1 Trait for either Illusion or Technology Traits

Elves: +1 Trait for either Elemental or Mental Traits

Ogres: +1 Trait for either Military or Physical Traits

You may have up to 2 races in your country, gaining the bonus traits for each. However the following list shows which races do not coexist well.

Dwarves and Ogres
Elves and Orcs
Gnomes and Goblins

National Traits:

Bigger is Better: Your nation enjoys making everything bigger then it has to be, from government buildings to ships, everything has to be big.

Homeland Security: Your nation believes it’s best if it keeps it’s own secrets thank you very much, no need for those foreign spies to ever actually succeed in leaving the country…

I Believe you have underestimated the sneakiness sir..: Your nation has an expert spy network set up to protect it from foreign threats, not to mention planting false information…

Trade Centre: Your nation rests at the centre of a major trade road, or simply has resources everyone else wants. Either way, your rolling in the money.

Cunning Linguists: Your Nation has long been in the forefront of diplomacy, thus not only are your diplomats smooth in their speech, but they are also masters of customs and dialects of foreign nations, making foreign courts more apt to accept their proposals as coming from a kindred spirit.

Men of Honour: Your nation is noted as one who say what they mean and mean what they say, your nations honour is rarely questioned.

Shhhh, no one’s noticed us yet! : Whether you live in an isolated part of the world, or are just extraordinarily boring, no one seems to give two cents about what happens in your part of the world.

Farmhands: Your people produce a great deal of excess Grain, corn, or whatever other foodstuffs you think would grow in your area.

Ranchers: Your people are experts at wrangling cattle and breaking wild stallions. Their breeding systems make their herds the best out there, no ones horses can compare with yours.

Population Traits:

Loyal: Your populace would never dream of betraying you.

Industrious: Your working population is extremely industrious, they don’t take coffee breaks in their work day, they get stuff done.

Brave: Your people would never dream of running from a fight.

Never Back Down: You hold your ground on both the physical and the political levels.

Religious: Your population is enamoured with religion, it shapes their lives and gives them purpose, sometimes even distracting them from substandard living conditions or granting the potential for martyrdom in your soldiers.

Look at all the Babies!: Your nation has an excessive population! While this allows you to have a larger then average military, it also requires large amounts of food to keep the masses fed. The population clamours for more space, making colonization a potential priority for your nation.(You may double both the max population and max military for any army style chosen, However you must take Farmhands AND Ranchers in order to compensate for your population size, unless you are willing to be very prone to famine, civil unrest, or begin immediate expansion attempts.)

Academic Traits:

Science Academy: This school of learning is filled with whirring gears and billowing steam, and many unusual inventions. But the main plus side to having this in your nation, is that the people who experiment with technology HERE, are less likely to blow themselves up in the process, or at least to leave notes behind of how they did it.

School of Wizardry: Most wizards learn from an aged master that accepts them as an apprentice, but the downside to this is if that wizard dies prematurely, all his secrets are lost. You won’t let that happen, so you made a school for the collection and collaboration of magic.

Grand Cathedral: The epicentre of any religious nation, it’s also the centre of learning for any student of the divine forces in the universe.

Academy of War: This is the centre for all your generals to meet and share combat tactics. Future officers are trained in these halls, and benefit from the knowledge of their superiors.

Military Traits:

For King and Country!: Your nation has proud citizenry who yearn for the chance to serve in the military. As such you have a small, well trained, and superiorly equipped army to call upon, however conscripts don’t mesh well with them.
Max army size: 100,000 men, no conscripts.

Grab Yer Pitchforks and Get Marching!: Your nation believes in overwhelming numbers and doesn’t feel training is really needed. In times of war you shove basic weaponry in your soldier’s hands and point them in the direction of the enemy. Morale will be low, but so long as you outnumber your enemies you have a chance…
Max Army Size: 800,000

The Knighthood: Your nation has a small, professionally trained core of troops leading conscripts. While the core of your army is well trained and well equipped, they are far outnumbered by the conscript soldiers.
Max Army Size: 600,000 (80,000 professional troops, the rest conscripts.)

Golden Horde: Your nation is militaristic and has a large standing army, with an equal split of well trained and conscript soldiers. Your soldiers know how to handle themselves, but aren’t all the best of the best.
Max Army Size: 200,000 professional, 200,000 Conscript

Fearless: Your soldiers don’t know the meaning of fear and will charge into overwhelming odds without flinching.

Strategists: Your army’s high command has a talented cadre of men who have studied military strategy and have good odds of being known as being among the Great Generals of their age.

Sneaky Sneaky: Your army is obsessed with stealth manoeuvres, and have perfected ways to move without attracting attention.

Superior Forging: Your weapons are forged in an extraordinary manner, whether it’s attributed to dwarven craftsmanship, magical imbuements, or technological advances in blast furnaces, your weaponry is a step above the average.

Mithril Armour: Stronger then steel, but light as a cloth shirt, Mithril armour is the best armour an army can have, but it’s rare to come by.

Longbows: Superior bows; they have longer ranges and the ability to penetrate even plate armour at closer ranges.

Masterful Cavalry: Your cavalry units work as a cohesive unit, your soldiers ride their horses (or other mounts) better than most can even dream of. You are skilled at using the mobility of your cavalry to catch your foes off guard.

Soldiers of the Line: Your infantry is the core of your army, and you know how to work them! They can march farther in a day then other soldiers, and even after marching for a week with little rest they can still fight when they reach their destination. Your formations are flawless and their shieldwalls are effective at warding off enemy archers.

Kill Them From a Distance: Your archers/crossbowmen are excellent shots, and have been heavily drilled to know how to fire in unison, set up barriers to protect them from other units, and at aiming for the weaknesses in the armour of their foes.

Military Units:
Note: By default all conscript forces are either light infantry, light cavalry, or basic archers/crossbowmen. However Conscripts are far less effective then the trained versions of these same military units.

Light Infantry: This is skirmishers, men in light armor who meet the enemy often from ambush, or attempting to slow the enemy down. Could also be common conscript spearmen with just a leather jerkin and a spear. These units are fast moving but cannot stand toe to toe with heavy infantry for long, and heavy cavalry plows right through them. However, these men are perfect for use in ambush, or to harry supply lines of the enemy, since they can’t hit what they can’t see, right?

Heavy Infantry: These are the men marching in lockstep formations. Tall shields, heavy armour, and big swords, these are the infantry that will eat through light infantry or be able to hold their line against a cavalry charge(Though they will only be able to effectively stop it if they are armed with pole-arms)

Archers: Men with bows and normally given only light armour, such as padded jerkins or boiled leather and ring mail. These men are very effective at stopping light infantry and cavalry charges, though their weapons normally don’t puncture heavy cavalry or infantries armour.

Crossbowmen: These soldiers have a slow reload time, but their bolts can puncture the armour of even heavy infantry and cavalry.

Light Cavalry: Normally armed with a sword, a lance, and a horse bow, these soldiers are armoured in light armour and meant to scout and harry the enemy. They are good for using in flanking manoeuvres or to slip around the enemy lines and attack from the rear, but against any heavily armoured unit it will not hold up long.

Heavy Cavalry: Knights in shining armour, heavy cavalry is bedecked with heavy armour and so are their horses. These men can crush through infantry formations, unless they have pole-arms to keep them at bay. They are very hard to kill.

Arquebussers: Armed with the deadly Arquebus these men let loose a hail of metal shot to devastate enemy formations. Effective against light armour at long range, and able to penetrate heavy armour at close range, these are deadly weapons. (Requires the Arquebus trait)

Artillery: Whether it’s the Ballista, the Catapult, or the Cannon(If you have the trait) These units all have one thing in common. They are meant to take down walls or devastate large areas of troop formations.

Magi: In addition to your Nations leadership, you have Magi trained for combat in the magical arts. These magi stand with your troops raining devastation in their chosen school of magic across the battlefield.

Naval Traits:

Ship Building: This trait permits your nation to build boats. You can have up to three levels in it, going from canoes, to to schooners, to caravels.

Longboats: (Requires three levels in Ship Building) Create fast, sleek boats equally at home on the high seas and in a narrow river.

Ship Artillery: (Requires the Artillery Trait) Allows you to mount catapults and Ballista(Or cannons if you have the trait) on board your ships.

Ironclad: (Requires 3 points in technology) Your boats are sheathed in steel, allowing them to take immense damage before going under.

Necromancy: (Cannot be Taken with Divine Magic)

Speak with the Darkness: You know the secrets of the grave, and fear them not. You reach past the veil to speak with the dead.

Animate Dead: Cause the dead laying in the ground to rise up once more, whether as zombies or as skeletons these forces are mindless and can follow only simple instructions. They command none of their former skills from their life, and are armed only with what they died with, or what you provide them.

The Spirits hear my Call: Ghosts, wraiths, and other fell spirits obey your command, permitting you to summon them to your will.

Plaguewalker: (Requires 3 other necromancy Traits) Disease is a useful tool when your soldiers are already dead. You have learned how to create diseases through magic, and spread them through various means.

Negative Energy: You know how to manipulate the powers of darkness and bend them to your will. You can drain life from foes, leach away their strength, and other methods of negative energy.

Greater Necromancy: (Requires all other necromancy traits be taken) The secrets of the dark arts are all known to you. You are capable of creating vampires, of bringing the dead back to a sick parody of life, and trapping their souls in their bodies, forcing them to use their skills to fulfil your will, and even turning yourself, or others, into Liches, the ultimate practitioners of the dark arts.

Divine Magic: (Cannot be Taken with Necromancy)

Angels Whisper in Your Ears: Your priesthood has the power of prayer, and receives answers. The questions they ask the higher powers receive answers, even if they don’t always make sense.

Divine Energy: The power of Christ compels you! No seriously, you area able to channel the power of your god(s) into healing energy, buffing the natural attributes of your followers.

Holy Wrath: (Requires Divine Energy) Your priesthood can not only heal with their gods magic, they can also wreak havoc with it, doling out the energy of the gods to smite your foes.

Divine Charisma: The power of the gods powers not only your arm, but your tongue. Your priesthood is able to rouse the crowds to great feats through their oratory, and are able to convince people to see your point of view with ease. Your people follow you and may even worship you as a god yourself.

There Are Angels Among Us: (Requires all other Holy traits to take) So devout are your people that the gods send their own servants down from on high to serve you and protect you.

Elemental Magic: All Greater Elemental Magics Require their Lesser Counterpart. (Cannot be Taken with Technology Traits)

Lesser Air Magic: Your people can control the winds in minor ways, creating small barriers of air to block arrows, creating fists of solidified air, creating or diverting small breezes.

Greater Air Magic: You can hurl bolts of lightning or create/redirect gale force winds. All the fury of the storm is at your beck and call.

Lesser Water Magic: You can create water from nothing, freeze it to create a shield of ice or create spears of ice to cast at your foes.

Greater Water Magic: The tides obey your call, you can raise and lower the levels of water in any area with ease. Ice storms can be conjured from thin air to pelt your foes and walls of ice can be raised upon even a desert floor, though it’s not likely to last long unless you sustain it.

Lesser Earth Magic: The ground beneath your feet lends strength to you, you can reshape rock faces to a form more pleasing to you, raise small jutts of earth in front of you to form small defensive emplacements or pick up and hurl a small rock and have it grow to a boulder in the course of it’s flight.

Greater Earth Magic: The forest speaks to you, the ground beneath your feet informs you when someone treads upon it. You can rip asunder stone walls like it was made of paper, and can create earthquakes that sunder the homes of your foes.

Lesser Fire Magic: You can start even wet wood on fire and can propel jets of flame from your hands.

Greater Fire Magic: Great balls of fire, that’s right, you sunder the earth and fill the air with the smell of burnt flesh. You make walls of flame to cordon off your foes and make people spontaneously combust.

Master of the Elements: (Requires all four Greater Magic Traits) The elements bow to your will. You are able to turn aside enemies elemental assaults with ease. None save another Master can oppose you in the realm of elemental magic.

Summon Elemental: (Requires Greater Magic in one element, this must be taken once for each desired element) You can summon forth a creature of pure fire, earth, water, or air to serve you. These creatures are extremely durable, and very deadly.

If I could talk to the animals: (Requires Greater Magic in one element, must be taken once for each desired element) You can speak with and control animals associated with the element you command. For example aeromancers(Air wizards) Could speak with birds, griffon's, and such. Pyromancers could speak with salamanders(The magical fiery version of salamanders, not the lizards), Phoenix, and such. Geomancers could speak with bears, wolves, giants, so forth. Aquamancers could speak with sharks, fishies, and Kraken.

Dragons Bow Before Me!: (Requires Greater Magic in Fire and Air and If I Could Talk To The Animals Fire or Air) Dragons of varying sorts will answer your call, serving you so long as you either convince them, or force them to.

Illusion Magic:

Master of disguise: Your magic allows you to alter your appearance, convincing those around you that you belong to a different race, or sex, then you really do.

Cloak of Invisibility: You are able to extend a blanket of illusion over a fair sized area and grant yourself and others the illusion of not being there.

Spectral Army: You are capable of forming an entire army of imaginary soldiers from the stuff of your mind. Unfortunately at the slightest knick they poof out of existence.

Imaginary Swords Cut Too: You are able to fabricate illusions so convincing that those pierced with the weapons of your imaginary attackers feel real pain, and can die from the assault.

Dreamwalker: (Requires all other Illusion traits) You are able to enter the sleeping minds of your enemies, striking when they are most vulnerable. You are able to implant illusionary memories and impulses in their minds. This will not always succeed, but even when it fails the once who suffers the attack will think it nothing more then a very strange dream. You can also pull lesser men into dreams of your creation, and attempt to drive them mad with nightmares you inflict upon them.

Technology: (Cannot be taken with any Elemental Traits)

This…is….my…BOOMSTICK!: You are able to create an Arquebus, a firearm capable of piercing plate armour at close range, but at long ranges it will only penetrate lesser armours.

Flamethrowers: That’s right, who said you need to know magic to throw magic around! With a tank of highly explosive materials strapped to your back, and a wand held in front of you, you can let loose a burst of flame! Course if someone should hit that tank…

Alchemical Alloys: (Requires Two other Technology Traits) You know the secret of combining metals to create a stronger end product. But you go further, through alchemy you can transmute them into something stronger then others would even dream!

Cannons: You have decided that if you can make a small metal ball be fired at someone, why not go with a large one? You have cannons with which to pulverize your foes!

Gyrocoptors/Gliders: You have discovered the power of flight through one of these two paths(You can only take one, unless you spend two traits, Gyrocoptors requires Steam Engine)

Steam Engine: You can create energy by boiling water! Amazing!

Trains: (Requires Steam Engine) You have learned to create large mechanical forms of transportation

Mechanical Walkers: (Requires 4 other Technology traits, one of which must be steam engine) Large metal frameworks within which warriors can mount weaponry, these machines are deadly powerful and hard to destroy. They require a large crew to keep working, and must have at least 6 legs(So no personal warrior mechs)

Mechanized Warriors: (Requires Mechanical Walkers) Slightly larger then man size, these robotic automatons are a marvel of technology. They are able to be programmed with basic instructions, and follow them through. By no means the most gifted warriors, they are nonetheless hard to kill and unswervingly loyal. (Only way to have sentient thinking mech warriors is a special trait, sorry.)

Racial Traits:


Awesome strength: No other race can compare with you for sheer brute strength. A single hit from you is enough to send a lesser race flying across the room.

Increased Fortitude: You can take a hit and keep on coming, even if that hit just ripped one of you arms off. After all, it’s just a flesh wound right?

Impaling Throw: You wield thrown weapons in a capacity feared by your foes, you are able to pierce common metals with your thrown javelins, imagine what you can do to people hit by them?


Berserk: Your warriors go berserk in battle, blind with bloodlust they ignore wounds they take and fight with a ferocity such as to set fear into your foes. Of course they rarely survive such a bout of bloodlust, since while in it they ignore threats and wounds they have taken in the name of killing as many people as they can.

War Chiefs: Your nation has a single war chief who leads the armies, and he has proven himself in battle time and again. This war chief is considered one of the Great Generals of the age.

Shamanistic Ties: Your people are close to their ancestors. The Shaman of your nation hold great authority in your nation for good reason, their elemental magic is potent enough to drive your people away from the more common arts of necromancy.(Gets one Lesser Elemental trait free)


Horde Tactics: Always fight with overwhelming numbers, that is the rule of thumb for your military. As such your conscript army is huge, numbering 200,000 more then normal.

Sneaky Lil Buggers: Masters of the ambush, your people are experts at using hidden structures to watch for incoming foes, and setting up ambushes in the terrain you know.

We’re Not Running Away, We’re Advancing To The Rear!: Your people may not be the bravest out there, but by god they know how to survive a fight! You always have a back way out of any city, or fight, prepared in advance.


Explorers by Nature: Your people have been filled with wanderlust for as long as you can remember, you have extensive maps of the world and know where most other nations lay.

Born on a Horse: Your people have always viewed the horse as a form of wealth, and even now children seem to learn to ride a horse before they can even properly walk. Your cavalry is second to none.

Farming is in the Blood: Your people have tilled their fields for so long, that they ARE the land. Agriculture is an integral part of your nation, and you work hard at it.


Elven High Mages:Your Magi are exceedingly powerful, having studied for hundreds of years the arcane lore they have accumulated. They can weave powerful defensive enchantments over your lands, creating defenses that will dazzle foes with their intricacies.

One with the Forest: Your people are adept at living among the woods, you know when something is wrong and you know how to travel it without being noticed.

Master Archers: Your people have practiced archery since your people have existed. They are unequalled in their accuracy with a bow.


Stone Fortitude: Your people are stalwart warriors, and have long lived in harsh environments. They can take hits that would kill lesser men and keep on trucking. Poison has very little effect on your people.

Gems in the Rough: Your people are obsessed with the wealth hidden in the mountains and below the ground. You have delved long and hard, and have been rewarded with rich deposits of precious metals, gems, and other valuable commodities.

Dwarven Defences: Dwarves know how to build structures that last the ages. And when they build for defence, no one can best them. Your defences are the best out there.


Need More Boom: Your guns and cannons pack a bigger punch then others can manage. This is due in part at least to your aptitude for experimenting with things and blowing up your workshop in the course of your studies.

No One Lives Here, Honest!: Your people are masters of concealing entire communities with a shroud of illusion, making it difficult for others to find you.

To the Skies!: You are naturally inclined to take to the skies, as such your Gyrocoptors are more potent then other nations, better armor, bigger guns, just better.

Physical Traits:

Ate Their Wheaties: Your people are big and strong, they obviously ate every meal their momma gave em. (Cannot be taken with Intelligent)

Dexterous: Your people are naturally agile, with better reaction times then others.

Stylish: Your people know how to dress to impress and have a natural beauty that seems to extend to even the lowest members of your civilization. (Cannot be taken with Intimidating)

Intimidating: Your people are scary looking and they know how to use that to their advantage. (Cannot be taken with Stylish)

Mental Traits:

Intelligent: Your people are just in general smarter then others. Problem solving comes naturally to them and they are better able to bend their efforts to intellectual and willpower oriented endeavors.(Cannot be take with Ate Their Wheaties)

Magical in Nature: Your people are naturally inclined to magic, granting your spells greater potency and letting your spellcasters last longer in a spell duel.

Clockwork Mind: Your people are naturally attuned to science as a means of progress, allowing your people to solve mathematic problems and develop new sciences and technology at a speed that leaves other scientists boggled.

Gilded Tongues: Your peoples diplomats are gifted in wordplay, and can talk birds out of trees with their voices.

Logical: Your people never let emotions get in the way of proper thought, facts are what matter, not gut feelings. This can lead to a delay in answering calamitous events, unless of course you predicted and prepared for it, but when they do react it’s almost always just the right reaction.(Cannot be taken with Emotional)

Emotional: Your people follow what their heart tells them. This means they always have an answer for any event, even if it isn’t always the right one. (Cannot be taken with Logical)

Misc. Traits:

Counterspelling: (Requires 3 traits in any magical fields) Your magi have studied the arts extensively, and have learned how to counter the spells of their foes, disrupting the magic before it even takes form. Of course while they’re doing that, they are unable to cast any offensive spells of their own.

Divination: (Requires 3 traits in any magical fields) Your magi have studied the arts and have learned that it is possible to scry the world about you with magic, whether it’s looking out through an animals view, seeking premonitions of the future, or other forms of divination, your people keep an eye on their borders through a magical lens.

Telescope: A small tube of bronze with glass inside, nothing special right? WRONG! This lil device let’s you see long distances.

Naptha Grenades: (Requires 2 Technology Traits) Small jars filled with naptha and metal shards, these basic grenades have a fuse that must be lit before they are thrown, but when they land they certainly do cause some devastation.

Portals: (Requires 6 traits in any magical fields) Your people are gifted at manipulating the fabric of magic, and have discovered the means to create permenant and temporary portals connecting any two locations, so long as you have seen your destination. For a permenant Portal you need to have an anchoring item the portal is contained within, such as an archway, a wall, a stone on the ground, so on so forth. If that item is destroyed, the portal is ruined.

Immortal Ruler (Requires 4 traits in either Divine, Necromancy, or Elemental)
Whether through divine mandate or magical means, your nations founder is still ruling your nation, and he shows no signs of either dying from anything other then violence. There can be only one...

You may take a max of four flaws. Each is worth 1 trait point.

Everybody has at least ONE dirty little secret, ours is just kinda big: Your nation has a dirty secret it doesn’t want anyone to know about, and were it to get out trouble would no doubt ensue.

Technology is life!: You can take no magical traits, as your people believe science is superior to magic.

Nature will take care of me: You believe nature holds the answers to all problems. You can only take no technology, Necromancy, Divine, or Illusion magical talents.

God will care for us: Your faith in the divine has closed your mind to other magical venues. You can only take 4 traits across the Elemental, Illusion, and Technology traits.

The Dark Powers preserve us: Your people believe that Necromancy solves all problems. You can only take 3 traits across the Elemental, Illusion, and Technology traits.

Self Illusioned: Your people believe strongly in the power of illusion magic. You can only take 3 traits across the Divine, Necromancy, Elemental, and Technology traits.

Militaristic: Your people believe military might will solve things and put little trust in magic. (Limited to 3 total traits between Divine, Necromancy, Elemental, Technology, and Illusion Traits.

Honourable to a Fault: You cannot conceive of sneaking up on your enemies, honour demands that you meet upon an open field with both sides awake and ready for battle, no by all means finish your breakfast, wouldn't want you to swoon from hunger mid battle would we?

Public Outcry: Your people are upset about something you wish they would get over.

Cowards: Your people take the saying “Discretion is the better part of Valour” to the extreme, like so extreme that they just don’t fight unless they are sure to win.

Wimps: Your people are not a physically imposing people, seriously, you scare no one.

Paranoid: Those people, right over there? They’re talking about you, and you know it. Now the question is, should we watch them for awhile, or blow them up… Your people see threats in the shadows all around them and are constantly expecting a crisis. Of course just because your paranoid doesn't mean some of these threats don’t really exist.

Cult of *insert name here*: All hail Spaghetti MeatGod!

Dangerous Cult: These cultists take it beyond holding meetings with poison jello, these guys want to kill you, or your citizens, or do SOMETHING bad in the name of their freaky little club.

Trade Dependant: You NEED foreign trade to survive, if someone takes it away, your certain to perish.

Bandits: Dangerous outlaws threaten the boundaries of your kingdom, working just outside the law and posing a threat to your nations stability.

Sea-Fearing: Your people really don’t like water, in fact they refuse to step foot near a boat. (No naval traits and you cannot ship your troops across a body of water in someone else's boats)


Recent History:

Shattered by the Shadow: Your nation was utterly demolished by the Shadows attack, and a new government has formed to try to bring order from the chaos.

Bastion of Light: One of the few nations to withstand the siege of the Shadow, your nation is a unifying example to others.

Opportunists: With the attack of the Shadow you took the opportunity to obtain some lands and riches you felt your neighbours didn't really deserve, enriching you but it's bound to make you unpopular with the neighbours.

Refugee Camps: Your nation is filled with Refugees fleeing the Shadow. You haven't yet tasted the blade of the Shadow, but your trying to find a way to help those made homeless by it.

Isolationist: You were never part of the Alliance and thus far are untouched by the Shadow, now may be a time to create a small alliance of your own, or remain solitary, but maybe take some new territories from your weaker neighbours.

The King has Fallen: The Shadow managed to murder your monarch/ruling class, leaving his successor(s) to take their place.

The Slaughter was horrible: The Shadow ravaged your nation, you survived, or at least parts of you did. Large chunks of your land are now desolate and lifeless, as scars of the war still stain your lands and your population was horribly reduced.

The Shadow Sounds like a good employer..: Your nation hasn't been harmed by the Shadow yet, and though no one has yet managed to negotiate or even parley with the Shadow, you are looking for a way, because it seems to you that if you can't beat them....

Older History:

Champions of the Alliance: Your nation has always championed the cause of the Alliance and has engaged in many wars on it's behalf.

Grudging members: You joined because you didn't see any other choices in the matter, not because you really believed in the cause.

Warlike: You have, whether on behalf of the alliance, in spite of it, or just because you want to, been engaged in warfare every time you turn around. Your people have a reputation as warmongers, which may cause others to respect, or despise you.

Pacifists: You have been a leading voice on every peace conference, constantly trying to bring all sides to a mutually beneficial agreement. This gives you a reputation as someone that does not enjoy war, making some view you as a visionary, and others see you as weak.

Show me the Money: Any agreements made at any conference you go to, and any war you engage in, seems to be involved in some way with the acquisition of more money.

Crusaders: Your people have engaged in crusades against other nations and peoples on behalf of your gods, giving you a reputation as zealots that lingers to this day.

Leave me out of it: Your nation has largely ignored other nations and has asked in turn to just be left alone in return. Sometimes this works, sometimes it seems like the lone beast without a herd is the most vulnerable.

F[B]ounding Member:[/B] Your Nation was one of the Super Powers that formed the Great Alliance. Though your power and influence is now diminished, you were once viewed as one of the mightiest nations in the world.

Ancient History:

Tribal Roots: Your people come from a tribal culture, family ties are very strong.

Divinely Mandated Rule: Your nation was founded by the will of the gods, or so your clergy tells you at least. The founding father(s) of your nation are revered as saints or gods and their descendants are incapable of being wrong, they are after all descended from perfection.

Nomads: Your people were nomads once upon a time. Whether this is still in evidence in your culture is moot, because as a result of your travels you have very accurate maps of the parts of the world you lived in, at least barring changes in the last several centuries.

Wizards in Hiding: In ancient times the Magi were a feared and reviled group, most nations would not permit them to live in their borders, let alone give them positions of power. Thus your nation was a hiding ground for a large number of Magi, they chose to band together for safety and community, eventually emerging to either take over the culture or merge with it when the people's fears had passed.

Tyranny: Your founding is written in blood, on parchments of flesh. Your nation was not founded willingly, and whether this resulted in a later rebellion, Great Alliance intercession, or whether the Tyranny goes on to this day, the fact is, your nation has a rep as an inhospitable place to live.

Common Defence: There is nothing great and noble, or frightening and vengeful, about the story of your founding. It's quite simply a group of people banding together to defend themselves against the threats of the world. Somehow, it grew from there.

Feudalistic Society: Your lands were founded by a warlord, or a wizard, who swiftly named himself ruler and set about establishing a system of lords to help him govern his newly claimed lands, granting land in exchange for service.

Republic: A nation by the people for the people, that is the dream your founding fathers had, and that is what your nation has tried to fulfil since then.



1: Be civil to everyone, participating or not.
2: Absolutely NO godmodding.
3: Don't carry grudges from this RP out into the rest of the forum.
4: Don't get all grumpy if someone attacks you. Just attack them back.
5: I have the final say in all matters.

Accepted Nations

Aleria- Malochai
Salthiusar- Septok
Anicea- YruO
Esterwynne- Santaire
The Union- Bane of Kings
The Monorealm- Son of Azurman
Caelum- flash43
Bolarcias- brendxb
Olvene- Romero's Own

The Nation Sheet.


Nation Name:
Nation Government Type:
People of Importance:


Special Trait: One free unique trait to your nation, so no copying someone else. Make something that truly makes your nation stick out as different from your neighbours.

National Traits

Population Traits

Academic Traits

Military Traits

Military Units Traits

Naval Traits

Necromancy Traits

Divine Magic Traits

Elemental Magic Traits

Illusion Magic Traits

Technology Traits

Racial Traits

Physical Traits

Mental Traits


Historical Traits

Flaws: (Maximum 4)





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Right, you've got me hooked

The other one looked alright but I couldn't get myself to write anything for it. But this looks great

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I'll probably have a sheet up in the next couple of days; I'll get started as soon as I can, but it's my 18th today, so I have things planned :D

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Happy birthday mate.

And as for questions Romero, I don't really get the nation traits system. Some fo them seem pointless or is that just me reading it wrong? And how many traits can you have per division

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Happy Birthday Mal.

And Santaire: The nation traits don't so much as benefit your nation as they do define it. And there is no limit for the amount of traits in each section

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Nation Name: The Union
Nation Government Type: The Union is nation of of Light, one of the few countries to withstand the collective assault lead by the Shadow. Acting as an alliance between Men and Dwarves, the Union is a Democratic Government based on a Republic with equal say in the Government from both Men and Dwarves. It exists as a famous boundary against the forces of darkness, and its people are famous for its honour and loyalty. It has always been a republic ever since its birth, when Men and Dwarves alike united against the Great Shadow.
People of Importance: Humans: General Abon Tsar, Prime Minister Darius Hayer.
Dwarves: General Aedu Bladebreaker, Bran Forgemaster.
Nation Population: 20 Million Citizens.
National History: The Union was initially a Republic for the People, by the People and not much has changed since the Invasion of the Shadow. When the Alliance was formed and in the years following, the Union were viewed as the proud, noble and loyal Champions of the Alliance, willing to back its cause and engage many wars on its behalf. Until the Shadows came, and the Alliance was shattered. Now, in these dark times, The Alliance remains a famous boundary against the forces of Darkness - a Bastion of Light for any Nation that follows it having been directly caught in the Path of the Shadow. It is a proud beacon of hope for all that exist within its realm, and has a huge reputation for its famous military and its distrust of all things magic, believing that technology and technology alone will carry the day.


Humans: Born on a Horse.
Military, National, Divine, or Necromancy
Dwarves: Superior Forging.
Lesser Earth Magic or Military Traits

25 Trait Points

Race Traits:

Humans: Military, Masterful Cavalry.
Dwarves: Military, Gems in the Rough.

Special Union Trait:

Due to Dwarf building, there exists a complex network of underground railroads beneath the land, rather than above the land. This allows armies to travel undetected and fast, and due to the Dwarven buildings strength, the tunnels are not likely to collapse anytime soon.

Population Traits:


Academic Traits:

Science Academy
Academy of War

Military Traits:

Kill Them From a Distance

Military Unit Traits:

For King and Country! (For the Union)! The nation has proud citizenry who yearn for the chance to serve in the military. As such, The Union has a small, well trained, and Superior equipped army to call upon, however conscripts don’t mesh well with them.

Heavy Cavalry
Light Infantry
Heavy Infantry

Naval Traits:

Shipbuilding LV2 (Start off with no Naval Units but will build some hopefully as the game progresses depending on where placed on the Map).

Divine Magic:

Divine Energy
Divine Charisma


Steam Engine
Alchemical Alloys
Mechanical Walkers
Mechanical Warriors

Mental Traits:

Clockwork Mind


Technology is life. +1 Trait

Military Units:

Total Troops: 100,000

Heavy Cavalry - 20,000
Crossbowmen - 30,000
Light Infantry - 40,000
Heavy Infantry - 30,000
Artillery - 150 Men, 15 Artillery.
Gyrocopters - 150 Men, 15 Artillery.
Flamethrowers - 5,000
Mechanical Walkers - 500 Men, 50 Walkers.
Mechanical Warriors - 250 Men, 50 Walkers.

Mechanical Walkers = 10 Men.
Mechanical Warriors = 5 Men.
Artillery = 3 Men = 1.
Gyrocopters = 3 Men. = 1.

Army/Population Positioning:

20 Million People

5 Million in Province 72
5 Million in Province 74
5 Million in Province 70
5 Million in Province 71

100,000 Army

40,000 Troops in Province 70
40,000 Troops in Province 71
5,000 Troops in Province 72
5,000 Troops in Province 74

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That was fast Bane

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Ok Bane, a few things.

One: I know i didn't make this clear but you have to choose For King and Country, Grab your pitchforks and get marching, The Knighthood or Golden Horde to determine how big your army is.

Two: Special Trait is something you can make to define your nation, something unique that only you will have.

Three: The Army and Navy sections, which you don't have, are where you say what your arm is made up of, so 10,000 Infantry and 20,000 cavalry or similar.

Apart from that i like it Bane

EDIT: Remember History as well

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Nation Name: Aleria
Nation Government Type: Monarchy (Elven-ruled society)
People of Importance:
King Fialdran Aerencout
Consort-Queen Giselle Aerencout
Ambassador Prince Lamont Aerencout
Princess Rosalind Aerencout
Magister Fialderena Delille
Marshall Goinan Elendiliin
Marshall Ineldra Elendiliin
Population: 24,000,000


Special Trait:

Aleria is a beacon of Elemental Magic, and has a much larger population of legendary creatures (such as griffons, phoenix’s and dragons) than is normal; most notably the dragon companion of King Fialdron himself. In extreme circumstances, they can field deadly formations of these creatures.

National Traits

Cunning Linquists - The peoples of Aleria have always been well-spoken, well exercised in diplomacy and able to pick up foreign languages, enabling them to place themselves in the courts of foreign powers easily
Men Of Honour (Bonus Trait - Human) - The men of Aleria have always strictly followed their own code of honourable conduct
Ranchers - The men and elves of Aleria have found ways of breaking wild stallions, allowing brilliant bloodlines to be bred; be they the lithe horses of the cavalry corps, or the rugged mountain ponies used by the semi-nomadic men of the mountains and cattle herders

Population Traits

Loyal - King Fialdran has ruled fairly and justly since the founding of Aleria, and as such his subjects would never consider rising against him, and mainly his family also gains this same trust, although there are instances where this has been revoked (i.e. Prince Tourmagon)

Academic Traits

School of Wizardry - The Accada Elemetni Mageia, or Academy of Elemental Magics, houses the greatest collection of knowledge on Elemental Magic, with a focus on that of Air and Fire, in the entirety of Kolnur, with vast, underground vaults filled with priceless, rare texts, a cathedral-sized library where the Apprenti Magei study with ruthless dedication, and beyond this, the dragon Nastradai teaches the most advanced classes

Military Traits

Golden Horde
Sneaky Sneaky - The military of Aleria have long since learnt that they cannot always compete equally with other armies, and that if they are sneaky they can help to lower their own losses - as such, they have incorporated stealth into all military manoeuvres and tactics
Long Bows - The long bows of Aleria are made of a wood unique to the country, and with the tendons of a specific breed of deer, bred in special reserves for just that purpose, which together allow the archer to shoot further
Masterful Cavalry - Due to the highly-bred horses of Aleria, and the skill of the cavalry men themselves, the corp are amazing horsemen, able to perform complex manoeuvres
Kill Them From A Distance
Mithril Armour - More commonly referred to as Dragon-Forged Armour, it is amazingly durable, more so than any other metal, and is forged to protect the dragons and their riders, the most powerful men and women of Aleria, from harm

Military Units Traits

Light Infantry
Light Cavalry

Naval Traits

Ship Building (x2)

Necromancy Traits


Divine Magic Traits


Elemental Magic Traits

Lesser Air Magic
Greater Air Magic
Lesser Fire Magic
Greater Fire Magic
If I Could Talk To The Animals (Air and Fire)
Dragons Bow Before Me - The harmony between Elves and Dragons has been almost tangible since Taningoth and the other leading members of the Pantheon granted him his immortality, and the dragons of Aleria, all commonly though to be descended from these three, work with the people of the kingdom to defend their lands

Illusion Magic Traits The Alerian's distrust the trickery of Illusion Magic and thus abandoned it long ago


Technology Traits The Alerian's refuse to use much modern technology, due to the effect it has on their Magic and offends the Pantheon of dragons they worship


Racial Traits

Born On A Horse (Human) - The men of Aleria have always been expert horsemen, and have taught their elven neighbours and allies to be as skillful as them over the last four and half thousand years
Elven High Mages (Elves) - Magic was taught to the elves of Aleria by Ashrahin and Nastradai, the second get of Taningoth, for the last five millenium, and so the elves have a natural affinity for the intricacies of magic, attuned it almost subconciously

Physical Traits


Mental Traits

Magical In Nature
Emotional (Bonus Trait - Elves)


Immortal Ruler - King Fialdron was blessed by the Pantheon of three dragons that the Alerian's worship, on the day the country was founded. He still retains his youthful looks, and has a golden glow to his skin

Historical Traits

Bastion Of Light
Founding Member
Divinely Mandated Rule

History of Aleria - WiP

The history of Aleria is based around the coming of the Pantheon; a grouping of mythical creatures headed by three dragons, whom they worship to this day. The leader of this Pantheon is Taningoth, a black dragon the size of a large Alerian manor house, and his two drake companions are Ilyth and Iarith, the colour of ruby and sapphire respectively. Around these are arranged a group of various other dragons, Gryphons, Phoenixes and spirits of air and fire, each with their own unique temperaments and personalities, although none as prestigious in status or prodigious in size or power as the three leading member.

The Alerian Elves, a unique branch of the race, had already lived in their semi-civilised social groups in the lands which would later be formed into the monarchy which exists to this day, when Taningoth, Illyth and Iarith first descended on the lands, claiming it as their own. They were quickly followed by a number of other creatures, all of which had been nothing but myth and legend brought back by the few adventurous elves.

These three dragons settled on Iakuunda, a flat-topped mountain, and the largest in their realm, which, despite it’s lack of a top, is said to pierce the clouds and plunge to the heart of the sky, and declared themselves lords and masters of the lands which surrounded Iakuunda. They demanded small tributes from their new vassals, of gold and treasure, as well as food, and the elves could do little but acquiesce, mostly peaceful as they had been until that point.

This state of affairs continued for nearly four hundred years, with the elves still living in groups across what were vaguely defined boundaries, and only changed when there was a huge invasion force made up of orcs, goblins and ogres. Few could stand before them, and elves took massive losses as they scattered, retreating to Iakuunda. Fialdran was the leader of a small force of elite soldiers, self-trained but highly effective, and they took it upon themselves to form a rearguard, protecting their kin, and then to take a desperate last stand - they never dared to hope they could triumph, but determined to take a toll on the invaders for every step they had taken.

The battle was joined; a sea of grey and green skin surrounding an islet of silver armour and flashing weapons, in the foothills at the base of the mountain, where the terrain benefitted Fialdran. They used their bows to great effect, peppering their enemies from afar before they ran out of arrows and were forced to use their swords and spears. Orc, ogre and goblin bodies littered the floor, but it still looked as though the elves were doomed ...

That is, until a great roar sounded from above, shaking the ground and stunning all participants. The clouds above parted, and Taningoth dived for the ground, flanked by Ilyth and Iarith. The devastation they caused, with claws slashing, maws gaping and flames spewing, caused a mass retreat by the invading force, which was harried by a combined force of spirits and animals, sustained by the magic of Air and Fire.

As the fleeing force was tracked and destroyed, Taningoth turned to Fialdran and what happened next was recorded in history:-

With great glassy eyes, the stuff of fire itself, the great Dragon Taningoth turned to Fialdran, who was covered from head to foot in the black blood of his foes. The Dragons’ sides swelled, and, his jet snout merely five feet from Fialdron’s face, roared, the same earth-shattering roar as when he first descended from his perch in the Heavens. With barely a blink of his eyes, Fialdran returned the stare and yelled back - ‘Beware, Beast - this day I was willing to die, and I will still give my life for my people!’. With a snort, which was taken in derision, Taningoth turned his back on the Elf, tail whipping viciously. This angered Fialdran, who roared his own inhuman roar and lunged, slashing his sword at the mithril-like scales of the Dragon, and indeed sheared one of them right off, in the process shattering his sword.

Taningoth stopped, and turned. With not a word more, he snarled and took to the sky, Fialdran firmly between his claws, and winged his way back into the Heavens, Ilyth and Iarith once again at his side.

What happened next is the subject of much debate amongst the elves, and Fialdran himself has refused to be drawn into conversation on the matter in the 1500 years since it happened. The truth, though, is that Fialdran’s life is now bound into the very life-force of the Dragon and his Mates:-

Atop Iakuunda, on the flat plateau three miles in diameter, miles above the highest cloud, where the air is so thin that only the Pantheon can survive for any considerable time, the Dragon and his Mates stood in a triangle around the elf, growling and snarling, revealing teeth the size of sword blades. In the ancient language of their homeland, the dragons began chanting, stirring up a wind around Fialdran, akin to a tempest over a calm sea, where he stood in the eye of the storm. As they continued to chant, a roar started, and a fire ignited from Nothingness, and joined the storm so the Elf was alone in the centre of a column of fire; standing solitarily in the eye of the storm. After an indeterminable length of time, the storm suddenly stopped, dying out instantaneously, and once more Fialdran saw the Dragons. Without warning, Taningoth, Ilyth and Iarith all breathed their fire onto him, burning his skin at an immeasurably fierce temperature. It didn’t stop there, though, and the magic they had weaved around him started working; rebuilding his body and magically enhancing it. Taningoth spoke afterwards, in the same ancient language, and then outlined his plan for the land that would become Aleria.

A week after Fialdran had attacked Taningoth at the foot of Iakuunda, he returned, atop the dragon Ashrahin, pure, snow white and the first get of Taningoth and Ilyth, and declared his new title - King Fialdran Aerencout, Chosen of Taningoth and Savior of Aleria. Since that day, five thousand years ago, the elves who populated Aleria have banded together, tied together with bonds of blood and oaths of brotherhood, and this has all been presided over by the stern gaze of their immortal ruler. Ashrahin has ever been at his side, who speaks with the authority of Taningoth and works to ensure harmony between the elves and nature, and to help protect Aleria, from both inside and out.


Five hundred years after the ‘official’ founding of Aleria as a kingdom, another people came to the lands, but this time in peace, themselves fleeing an army, not of immense proportions, but more than adequate to slaughter the retreating humans, who were protected with a tiny vanguard who were barely able to hold their own against the small harrying forces sent against them.

Knowing from his own past what it was like to defend one’s people under such desperate circumstances, Fialdran took pity on the refugees, allowing them to seek shelter in the lands beyond Iakuunda, protected by the immovable bulk of the mountain, before leading his own army, nearly five hundred thousand trained soldiers, and broke the back of the invading dwarven force in a decisive battle, losing less than a thousand of his own soldiers. The humans were granted permanent settlement rights in a single province, due to the benevolence of the King, and soon proved invaluable, for their skills complemented that of Fialdran’s people well. The humans, in turn, have always treated the Alerian elves with the utmost respect, and have accepted that they live in a land ruled by them, although there have been humans since that date who have risen to significant positions in the Dragon Court.


This was the way that Aleria ran for over four thousand years, Fialdran king and taking wives to become his Consort-Queens, and a now-professional army kept the borders safe. This prosperity allowed the Alerians to advance greatly, creating large cities and managing to become a great land; wealthy and powerful. The lands were fertile, the forests lush and the people prosperous.

Two hundred years ago, though, the entire perception of the Alerian’s changed. They had been content as they were, without the need for further expansion, and so few Alerians, be they man or elf, had left exploring, and even fewer had returned. They had trade with a few small, inconsequential nations, which all acted similarly to vassals due to Aleria’s power, but they had no notion there were any countries half as powerful as they. Wishing to avoid unnecessary conflict - the story of their founding drilled into every child from a young age, the horrors of pointless deaths taught - they joined in talks, and after long negotiations the kingdom of Aleria joined the Great Alliance, engaging in expanded trade and reaping all the benefits of knowing they were one of the most powerful countries in the world, joined together through pacts of brotherhood and friendship to the others.

This led to an age of peace unlike any Aleria had ever known; trade was good, wealth flowed and the people were happy - content. Even Fialdran himself, who had been forewarned of potential disasters by Taningoth, Ilyria and Iarith after the ritual which tied him to their very beings, grew unobservant, confident in his own powers and those of his dynasty - even the contraction of the army was authorised, something Fialdran should never have allowed.

This very real illusion was shattered when the Great Shadow, controlled by the mysterious Lich Deknar’Thuul, lapped at the borders of Aleria.

The day itself was glorious, sun high in the sky, which was sapphire blue with not a cloud in sight, but still the summit of Iakuunda was not visible to those on the ground. However, the laziness that had enveloped the country on this day was cut short when a sound, not heard in five thousand years, echoed. Taningoth’s roar pounded down valleys, fell over cliffs and skimmed the jade grass, before his prodigiously proportioned body plummeted towards Aleriana, capital of the kingdom, flanked as always by Ilyria and Iarith. When he landed in the courtyard, King Fialdran emerged from the great doors leading into the throne room, and bowed deeply.

The exact words of the Dragon were :-

‘You have grown careless and unobservant, Fialdran. Your lands ... My lands are attacked, and here you sit, at play. The people under your protection already die. Now, prepare yourself, your army, and look to the north. You join us in the fight!’ With that, the Dragon launched himself into the air and flew off, disappearing into the spreading, preternatural dusk which had begun to spread.

Days passed, but the entire military strength of Aleria was gathered, and started marching north, and before long the signs of invasion started to become more and more pronounced - fleeing citizens, human and elf alike, and small harrying forces of flying daemons and undead creatures, kept at bay only by the control of the magi over the air and the creatures that aided them.

The battle, when joined, was devastating, and only won due to the bravery of the conscripted civilians; without them, even the trained soldiers of Fialdran would have buckled. The banner of Aerencout, Fialdran’s personal banner, bearing his heraldry of four dragons, placed in a diamond shape, with the top being black, the two below that ruby and sapphire, and the bottom white, on a golden background, elaborately decorated, even when it wasn’t being moved, the material stirred in an unfelt wind, and the edges seemingly ablaze, was raised above a pile of the dead invaders, bloodied but no less impressive for it.

The borders of Aleria have since been bound with intense defences of air and fire, kept under constant vigilance by creatures of the elements and the soldiers who patrol them. Any who attempt to cross into the country without permission, they are likely to be torn asunder under tornado-like winds and infernos of white-hot fire.


Nature Will Take Care Of Me - Having seen the awesome powers of the Dragon and his Pantheon, the people of Aleria long ago abandoned any notions of using other forms of magic or technology, which inherently clashes with their magic due to it's unnatural nature



2000 Schooners

1 Schooner = 10 Men


- 45,000 Light Infantry
- 45,000 Light Cavalry
- 60,000 Archers
- 30,000 Magi
- 20,000 Navymen
- 100,000 Light Infantry
- 50,000 Light Cavalry
- 50,000 Archers

Province 54 - 4 million (max 4 mil)
Military Might (trained) - 7,500 Magi, 15,000 Archers, 11,255 Light Infantry, 11,255 Light Cavalry
Military Might (conscripts) - 25,000 Light Infantry, 12,500 Light Cavalry, 12,500 Archers

Province 55 - 4 million (max 4 mil)
Military Might (trained) - 7,500 Magi, 15,000 Archers, 11,255 Light Infantry, 11,255 Light Cavalry
Military Might (conscripts) - 25,000 Light Infantry, 12,500 Light Cavalry, 12,500 Archers

Province 58 - 8 million (max 8 mil)
Military Might (trained) - 7,500 Magi, 15,000 Archers, 11,255 Light Infantry, 11,255 Light Cavalry
Military Might (conscripts) - 25,000 Light Infantry, 12,500 Light Cavalry, 12,500 Archers

Province 59 - 8 million (max 8 mil)
Military Might (trained) - 7,500 Magi, 15,000 Archers, 11,255 Light Infantry, 11,255 Light Cavalry
Military Might (conscripts) - 25,000 Light Infantry, 12,500 Light Cavalry, 12,500 Archers

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Oh, do military units count as traits?

Edit: Sorry about all the questions but I want to make sure I have everything straight in my mind

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Ok Bane, a few things.

One: I know i didn't make this clear but you have to choose For King and Country, Grab your pitchforks and get marching, The Knighthood or Golden Horde to determine how big your army is.

Two: Special Trait is something you can make to define your nation, something unique that only you will have.

Three: The Army and Navy sections, which you don't have, are where you say what your arm is made up of, so 10,000 Infantry and 20,000 cavalry or similar.

Apart from that i like it Bane

EDIT: Remember History as well
Cool, thanks for the advice. I'll change it in the upcoming week, probably on Wednesday.

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bane i was reading through your post and i noticed that at the start you said it was a nation of men and elves then after that you said it was men and dwarves?

romero good to see you've been busy next time your back well have to talk about fleshing out the backstory for the standard rp one.

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Sorry, I've been wondering for a while and I wanted to know how these conquest RPs work. How would an RP function with running multiple empires? Surely godmodding would be a bit of an issue?
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