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Hello everyone, last week we played a mad treasure hunt with three competing armies of 750 points each on the table simultaniously! We used a hybrid 6th/7th ed. system with homebrewn armybooks for both Dark Elves and Orcs & Goblins, using the 6th ed. Hordes of Chaos book for the Chaos forces.

The Narrative
Years ago, a Sartosan pirate crew plundered a hoard of treasure from the ancient ruins that dot the coast of the Southlands. Exotic golden coins, fist-sized gems, strange silver statuettes depicting bipedal amphibians, and jewelry of jade and other such treasures were taken by greedy hands. Once brought aboard the Greyhound, the pirates sailed back to Sartosa with dreams of drink, prestige and women. However, when they finally arrived, none were keen to spend their ill-gotten wealth. It was even whispered among the other crews ashore, that the Greyhound lay still just off the harbor for a week, without anyone of her crew daring to step on land. Any who approached the vessel was fired upon, and chased away. Then, without any word, the Greyhound sailed away.
Some of the other Sartosans chased after them, believing that the crew of the Greyhound were so cautious because they held a treasure of great magnificance. Few could catch up with them however, and those that did were attacked with such fury that none were left alive. The treasure of the Southlands had cursed the men that took it, to desire nothing more than the treasure itself. Such is the malign intellect of the priests that had cursed the treasure ages ago, that they used the greed of men to bring about their own doom.

For years the Greyhound sailed the seas, fighting off any who'd dare to come near their precious hoard. However, with each fight their numbers dwindled, but the power of the curse grew. Two formidable foes they found not so easy to shake off. These were a small but mighty fleet of Dark Elf raiders, and a host of Norscan longboats. For weeks they chased the pirates, each coming more and more under the sway of the curse.
As the hold of the curse on the three groups increased, the fighting became fiercer, losses became meaningless, until only a handful of the pirates remained. Hunted by what remained of the Chaos and Dark Elf forces, they crossed the black gulf and stranded in the Badlands. Deciding to flee further on foot, they disembarked and unloaded their treasure, carrying as much of it with them as they could. For miles they trekked inland, but were still unable to shake off their pursuers. The power of the curse was now of such magnitude that even a small tribe of Orcs and Night Goblins came under its sway, without ever having laid their eyes upon the treasure. It called to them in their dreams, and drew them from their caves to join the chase.

Carrying the treasure on foot is no easy task!

Exhausted, the pirates decided to bury the treasure when they had managed to elude their pursuers for a moment, believing that they would be able to come back for it once they had dealt with them. However, when the last chests were being lowered into the ground, all three of their belligerents came into view, and had them surrounded. Gritting their teeth, the crew of the Greyhound decided then and there that they would fight to the last man before giving up their cursed gold.

Here they'll make their last stand!

This was a three-way battle with a neutral unit defending the treasure in the centre. The game would last 7 turns, at the end of which the player with the most victory points (representing dug up treasure) would be the winner! At the end of each turn, the player with an unengaged unit on top of the hill would dig up some treasure and score 1 victory point. The hill is open ground on all sides. The pirates are armed with two hand weapons and a pistol, and will not move away from the hill. They are skirmishers, immune to psychology and stubborn.

A view of the battlefield.

The Dark Elf raiding party consisted of:
1 Noble (general) with the Armour of Darkness and a Talisman of Protection
24 Dark Elf warriors with spears, shields, banner and musician
14 Corsairs with musician
6 Dark Riders with repeater handbows, spears, musician and herald
1 Reaper Bolt Thrower

The Orc & Goblin tribe consisted of:
1 Orc Big Boss (general) with Ulag's Akrit Axe, light armour, shield
1 Night Goblin Big Boss with Sneaky Skewerer, Spiteful Shield, light armour
20 Orcs with two choppa's, light armour, banner, musician and boss
20 Night Goblins with spears, light armour, shields, 2×Fanatics, banner, musician and boss
20 Night Goblins with spears, light armour, shields, 2×Fanatics, banner, musician and boss
6 Forest Goblin Spider Riders with shortbows and spears

The Chaos warband consisted of:
1 Exalted Champion with Sword of Might, Armour of Damnation and a shield
17 Warriors of Chaos Undivided with shields, banner, musician and champion
20 Marauders with light armour, shields, banner, musician and chieftain
5 Warhounds
2 Chaos Spawn

The Chaos and Dark Elf forces are arranged on opposite ends of the table. The Chaos champion is too bulky a model to fit in the unit of chaos warriors. Therefore, one of the warriors in the front rank is nominated as the champion, while the model moves with the unit for illustrative purposes only.

Turn 1:
The Orcish warlord seizes the initiative, and orders his bodyguard and goblin allies onwards. While the lure of the cursed gold is strong, it cannot overpower the Orcish instinct of battle once enemies are in sight. With stomping boots, the majority of the greenskins marches directly across open terrain towards the elven host. On the right flank however, the sly goblin boss and his own unit of night goblins decides to engage the chaos forces on the right, marching behind the rock formation that separates them from the main army. The spider riders crawl with them in support, and loose some arrows onto the pirates in vain.

The Dark Elves, wary of the treacherous greenskins, cautiously move towards them and form a line of cavalry and spearmen. The corsairs, who had a taste for ill-gotten riches even before the curse took hold of them, eagerly move to engage the pirates. Seeing the greenskins out in the open, the Reaper looses a hail of bolts at the night goblins. Many of the tiny goblins are perforated, but not enough to quell their chittering advance.

The Chaos force advances slowly towards the pirates, with seemingly malign intent. Only the warhounds, having been fed little with the supplies stretching thin in these hostile lands, race hungrily towards night goblins that had moved to engage them. As the beasts approach however, the goblins release creatures of far less intellect. Two fanatics spring towards the warhounds, who halt their advance immediately. One of the crazed goblins flies harmlessly through the pack of hounds, while the other moves far slower.

Situation at the end of turn 1.

Turn 2:
The fanatics move on, one smashing into the warhounds and smearing the howling beasts across the battlefield like butter, and another splatters the chaos spawn to pulp. The night goblins and their sly leader laugh maniacally at this destruction, turning to face the pirates, and the other unit decides to employ similar tactics. It slowly marches towards the elves, and releases two fanatics of their own, though both fall short of their intended targets. The orcs look on, somewhat bemused by this display of madness, keep the same position, while the spider riders move to support them.

The chaos spawn is slain!

The Dark Elves are unfazed by the whirling goblins in front of them, as the dark riders shoot their small crossbows and fell one of them. The Reaper again lets fly another storm of bolts at the goblins, who can do nothing but take cover behind each other. Little changes in the elven deployment, though the corsairs move further to engage the pirates.

Caring little for the death of the warhounds and chaos spawn, the warriors and marauders press on, though advancing slowly through the forested area. Only the second chaos spawn rushes towards the pirates, with arms outstretched and open maw.

Situation at the end of turn 2.

Turn 3:
The Fanatics that so marvelously destroyed some of the chaos forces now come to an end themselves. One slips on the blood-soaked ground, and is crushed by his own weapon, while the other sees the chain of his weapon snap, the sudden release of tension sending him flying into a tree. The other fanatic, engaging the dark elves, fares slightly better. He fails to reach any of the enemy units, but at least doesn't kill himself!
The orcs march forwards ignoring the pirates altogether and focusing solely on the elves, while the goblins on the right flank move to attack the pirates. The spider riders engage in a minor squabble, as one of them had fallen off his mount, and the others were laughing too hard to do anything productive.

The corsairs charge at the pirates! Shots are fired, but only a few manage to pierce the scales of the seadragon cloaks the corsairs wear. Being far superior in skill, the elves slaughter the pirates completely and immediately start digging into the hill.

The spearmen move to receive the orcs, while the dark riders maneuver to shoot the last fanatic, which eventually falls to the ground looking like a green pincushion. Another hail of bolts also slams again into the night goblins, who can't bear the onslaught no longer and run for their tiny lives!

The Chaos force now confidently marches on, seeing no longer a threat from either the orcs, elves or pirates, an threaten to take the treasure for themselves.

SCORES: DE 1, O&G 0, CH 0

Situation at the end of turn 3. The dark elves claim the hill!

Turn 4:
Both the orcs and spider riders charge the elven spearmen! Green flesh pours into the ranks of the elves, while half of the spider riders impale themselves on the wall of speartips the elves had deployed. Both sides fight bravely, but amidst the chaos of battle, the dark elf general is slain, despite al of his protective gear! Though being only narrowly outnumbered, this incident break the elven morale, and the spearmen flee with the orcs on their heels, only for them to engage the crew of the Reaper! The other goblins move warily towards the hill.

The greenskins crash onto the elven line!

Dazed by the onslaught, what remains of the spider riders stay behind, while the remnant of the goblins scatters beyond the possibility of regrouping.
Then, in a desperate attempt to aid the crew of the reaper, the dark riders valiantly charge into the flank of the orcs, but break away like water on a green, muscular rock! The orcs seem nigh unstoppable, as cleavers and axes whirl around in a destructive mayhem. A third of the dark riders lies bloody in the dirt, while the bolt thrower is pounded to splinters. What remains of the mounted elves escapes the onslaught on their fast steeds.

The light cavalry attempts to relieve the crew of the war machine!

The chaos spawn surges forwards, nearly reaching the digging elves, while the marauders prepare to take the hill for themselves. The chaos warriors move to face the night goblins, a feeble threat at most, but a good starter to sate the bloodlust of the warriors.
With the hill still uncontested, the dark elves score another point!

SCORES: DE 2, O&G 0, CH 0

Turn 5:
The remaining goblins and their leader turn to face the chaos warriors, cautious of the many enemies in front of them. The spider riders move to support them, while the Orcs, still whooping and cheering over their victory, turn around, as the hill finally grabs their attention. Not because of the cursed treasure though, but primarily because there's gitz to bash!

The dark elf corsairs continue digging like madmen, beset on two sides by enemies. They wish to grab as much of the treasure while they still can, believing that they can seize most of it if they can just hold off defeat a little longer. The dark riders, now few in number, ride to shoot at the chaos spawn. While the little projectiles of the handbows would seem not to bother the beast, two found a weak spot, and a viscous yellow fluid erupts from the holes left by the bolts.

Enraged by the pain, this spawn surges forwards, smashing into the corsairs, while the marauders follow suit! A hard-fought battle ensues, with both parties under the sway of the curse. Some of the corsairs in the rear ranks even keep digging, but to no avail. The numerical superiority and raw power of the chaos spawn pushes them from the hill, with the spawn in pusuit. The beast feasts on the elves it can catch with its greedy hands, while the rest scatter with whatever they could grab from the sand. The Chaos warriors now stand right across from the nervous goblins, ready to take them on.

The chaos forces attempting to take the hill.

With the hill now in the hands of the marauders, the Chaos warband begins its search for gold!

SCORES: DE 2, O&G 0, CH 1

Turn 6:
The Orcs charged the now sated chaos spawn, and the orcish general effortlessly cleaves the beast in twain with a powerful stroke of his magical axe. They move on, ready to engage the marauders feverishly digging on the hill. The spider riders moved to flank the chaos warriors, effortlessly crawling through the wooded area.
The night goblins cannot endure the tension any longer, and charge at the warriors of chaos. Their leader, drunk on fear-quelling mushrooms, challenges the chaos general in a bout of overconfidence. Unwilling to test his mettle against such a meager foe, he sends his champion (the unit champion) to engage the raging Goblin warlord. The ferocity of the goblins was underestimated however, and the chaos champion was sneakily skewered by the goblin warlord. Despite some goblins falling to the spiked axes of the northern warriors, they were still greater in number, and the warriors of chaos would have to do much better to hold them off!

The dark elf force now lay in tatters, with only a few of the dark riders able to commit structured actions. They made a feeble attempt to shoot at the marauders, but their bolts stuck harmlessly against the marauders' shields.

The battle between the goblins and chaos warriors raged on, with the chaos general surprised to see his champion slain, rushing to take on the victorious goblin. They fought eachother visciously, but the might of the chaos general was to much for the goblin warboss, and he perished when both his arms were lopt off.
This sight proved to be too much for the goblins, who were already struggling with the rest of the warriors, and they ran away. The chaos warriors did not give chase, as they turned their eyes towards the treasure-strewn hill, were the marauders were hauling chest after chest from the ground.

Situation just before the last round of combat of turn 6.

The hill was still in the hands of the chaos forces, allowing them to seize more of the treasure!

SCORES: DE 2, O&G 0, CH 2

Turn 7:
The goblins that escaped slaughter by spikey axe, managed to rally, and turned around to face the chaos warriors once more.
The orcs now charged the marauders, and met them in a mighty clash! Shields were splintered, and axes bit into flesh and bone! The sheer ferocity of the orcs and their leader was enough to break the morale of the northerners, who fled with whatever they could carry of the treasure. While the orcs ascend the hill victorious, it is the dark riders that hase the marauders off, eager to steal as much of their trinkets as possible.

Then, the chaos warriors engage the orcs! Charging onto the hill with thundering boots, they crash into the greenskins. Again, swords and axes bite into shields and flesh, and shields bash and push agains a press of bodies. This time though, neither side seems to be able to overcome the other. As the sun sets, the battle rages on, and those that had scattered and hid, try to slip away in the night.
The hill is contested, with no one able to dig for treasure.


The battle ends undecided, with de dark elves and chaos forces carrying off an equal amount of the treasure!

If you've read this far, thank you very much for reading! I hope you've enjoyed it, for we surely did! It may've been a small battle, but being able to play with three opposing armies was very fun. To avoid complications, we left out magic, as that is clearly designed for a two-party game.
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