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Note; This faction is a Space Marine Chapter that i made up and use you can see the lsits i will be using HERE

The Crimson Spartans where formed as a Second founting chapter of the Ultramarines soon after the Horus Herasy. there Chapter Master was Caliban Tylon and soo aftyer there founding they where sent to deal with the Eldar of Bal-tan who where attackign a neareby Imperial colany. After arriving they set up camp planet side and held of the forces of the Eldar for many months even without orbital support. However this proved to be there undoing as the edlar surrounded them and let lose a barrage of fire power from orbit untimatly killing Chapter Master Tylon. Tho the Marines managed to flee the planet along with many soilders of the Imperiam the eldar untimatly captured the planet. It was there desided that every leader of the Crimson Spartans should be named Caliban in honor of it's founder and from there on the Crimson Sparts tactics changed tramtically.
Knowing the flaws of planet side fighting the Spartans exeled in quick sharp strikes from orbit using Thunderhawks and drop pods wo quick strikes. They became so confidend in there attacks that fleeing was deemed "Unhuman" and deserters where shot whithout trial. They also forwent a Home world and instead command one of the largest fleets know to the Imperiam with there flank ship atleast twice the size of most. Unlike most Martine Chapter they recuit alot of soilders who wish to join them rather than taking from there home world while trying to maintain there Gene seed as much as possible but many belive that there seed as changed so mcuh that they no longer are what they where for better or worse.

Please help me make some other ajustments to this factions background
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