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The Corleoni 56th (The Wiseguys)

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Ok a few weeks ago i mentioned that i was considering starting a small IG force to use as allies for my friend's Space marines and that i wanted to base it around 50's mobsters.
I've managed to complete the first model in the platoon and have three more sat on the Shelf of shame waiting to be finished.
These models will take some time to make thanks to my ineptitude with greenstuff but also i will be piecing them together between working on my main Chaos and ORk armies, both of which take presidence over these guys. Still the final result with my first guy is pretty good so i'll try to keep a log here of how they are doing.

Here is my first trooper Pfc Salvatore Gallo "Big Sal"

All C&C welcome. Especially if you have any hints on how to greenstuff, these hats are taking me hours.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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